Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The Dwelling Place

Plus I have a new bibliography

Anne Tardos:
from “The Nines”

Fanny Howe:
Documenting the secret self

Openned Eyes


Viva Lamantia!

Talking with Paul Auster

Paris Review
makes all of its interviews
available online

Arundhati Roy faces arrest

Barbara Henning, Charles Bernstein
& Tenney Nathanson
, reading & talking

The Practice of the Wild trailer

Remembering Jack Powers

NaNoWriMo is coming!

One page a day

Reading is theft

Talking with W.S. Merwin

Talking with James Prosek
about Elizabeth Bishop

Bill Barich & the roads less traveled

Chinua Achebe & the Gish Prize

Talking with Primož Čučnik

The Equalizer

Oscar Wilde, classics scholar

Magic, mystery & politics in poetry

The economic argument

Stirring the cauldron
with Zukofsky’s “I”

Henry Gould’s Lanthanum 4

Reading Lanthanum

Precision poetics

Some responses to
Marcella Durand’s
Traffic & Weather

Talking with Jenny Boully

Tao Lin’s salad days

99 ways into New Zealand poetry

Remembering Titsian Tibidze

Tulalip Lushootseed

Reading Dorothy Parker

Emily Dickinson’s
gingerbread cake
Emily Dickinson’s
chamber pot

Working Words

Emeryville’s new laureate:
you are growing sleepy

Carol Muske Duke’s
“To a Soldier”

We remember to sell
the Chelsea Hotel

Ernest J. Gaines,
tending the land
where his ancestors were slaves

Turkish publisher
charged with publishing Apollinaire
is given award

Jibanananda Das:
Defining 20th Century Bengali poetry

Elena Fanailova’s The Russian Version

Middle-East focus
at international poetry fest

Pairing poetry & painting

T.S. Eliot
between reason & experience

Eliot’s 4 Quartets

Dean Young:
“The New Optimism”

Talking with April Bernard

Issa’s Sam Hamill

Talking with David Lehman

The question mark above Kent Johnson

From John Gallaher’s notebooks

Poetry absent again
at the SoCal independent booksellers

How can poetry that doesn’t rhyme
be so pleasing to the ear?
(Burning issues of the 19th century)

when big crowds do gather for poetry,
the results are not always pretty”

The genre of toasts

Jonathan Franzen visits the White House

Big new print run for
The Finkler Question

the Jewish Jane Austen

Pride, prejudice
& her own punctuation

Why the Man Booker
is best

The Governor General’s shortlist

Poetry-professor named NBA finalist

Canadian novel
banned in Mumbai

Ireland’s wealth lies in its writing

What they are reading in New York subways

Confessions of a graphic novel convert

Early versions of Hammett & Hemingway

Thomas McGuane,
rancher with the wrong knees

A NY Times roundup
of recent books of poetry

In awe of Aleksandr Blok

Talking with Elizabeth Alexander

Jazz poetry in Pittsburgh
(in Burmese)

Block that adjective

Censoring the alphabet?

The first information revolution

Students still like
their books on paper

The Adderall Diaries:
halfway between a book & an app

Free e-books at Starbucks

E-book restrictions
are locking libraries out

The prison librarian

Culling the library to save space

What really pays the bills
at a lot of bookstores

Shakespeare & Co.:
The bookstore that thinks
it’s a hotel

Former Duthie’s manager
opens own shop

Chicago’s best used bookstores

A trailer for a documentary on
Larry Levis

Philip Larkin’s Letters to Monica

What happened to the Beats

Waiting for Jack

Franco’s celebrity
hangs like an unspoken rebuke
over every word of
Palo Alto

Franco’s next project?
A biopic of Hart Crane

Can books be compared
with works of art?

Trap rooms, trap streets, traps

Where was
Where’s Muhammad?”

An arts colony in China

The collection of Dennis Hopper

The Baldessari Variations

Talking with Eric Drooker
about animating Howl

William Burroughs & Jimmy Page:
Stairway to Heaven

Angels in America
changed more than just theater

Fisk’s new plan
to sell off its art

Martina Arroyo, David DiChiera,
Philip Glass & Eve Queler

The rise of minimalism
(available only thru Friday)

Remembrance of things Keith

Ari Up has died

So has Marion Brown

Talking with Laurie Anderson

Mike Scott
amid dead poets
& has-been punks

Bart on Barthes

Barthes by Barthes by Bart

What brain injuries
can teach us
about creativity

Top 10 corporations
that support the arts

experienced 11% drop in donations
in 2010

Genocide in the neighborhood

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