Monday, September 27, 2010


Now – October 9 in NYC,
Sandow Birk: American Qur’an

September 27 & 28 in Harare, Zimbabwe,
Poetry Africa Festival

September 28 in NYC,
Robert Grenier

September 28 in NYC & Chicago,

September 28 in Philadelphia,
12 perishable writing events

September 29 in NYC,
Laura Moriarty & Joseph Donohue

September 29 in NYC,
special screening of Howl

with a panel including
Eileen Myles, Anne Waldman & Mark Doty
(discount coupon on link)

September 29 in NYC,
In Comparison

4 resident artists from Apexart
discuss their experiences

September 30 in Chicago,
Franz Wright

September 30 in Berkeley,
Harryette Mullen

September 30 in Philadelphia,
Mark Weiss
on 6 decades of Cuban poetry

September 30 in NYC,
a discussion with Matthew Zapruder

October 1 in NYC,
Women in the Literary Arts
with Danielle Pafunda, Amy King, Cate Marvin,
Erin Belieu, Ann Townsend & more

October 1 – 3 in Rochester, NY:
Black Mountain North

October 1 – 9 in SF:

October 2 in LA,
Writing the Future
with Christine Wertheim, Heriberto Yépez,
Juliana Spahr, Matias Viegener,
John Keene, Mark McGurl & Jodi Dean

October 2 in Philadelphia,
celebrating CAConrad’s The Book of Frank

October 4 in NYC,
Lydia Davis at the 92nd St Y

October 4 – November 8
in Tucson
a course on hybrid writing
Arianne Zwartjes

October 5 31 in NYC:
Sylvia Plath’s Three Women

October 5 in Philadelphia,
Raquel Albarrán & Carlos Soto Román

October 6 in NYC,
Anne Carson & David Shapiro

October 6 in Philadelphia,
Swedish poets Jorgen Gassilewski & Anna Hallberg
with Charles Bernstein

October 7 in Philadelphia,
Kristen Prevallet

October 7 in SF,
Lizzie Acker & Marisa Crawford

Abstraction Revisited
Chelsea Art Museum
Oct 7 – Nov 27

October 7 – 10,
the largest poetry event in North America
comes to Newark, NJ

October 9 in SF,
Urdu poet Afzal Ahmed Syed

October 12 in Philadelphia,
A.S. Byatt

October 12 in Ambler, PA,
Poetry Noir: Sunset Boulevard

October 13 in Philly,
Eileen Myles on Inferno

(lunchtime event)

October 13 in Philadelphia,
Slavoj Žižek:
Are disasters virtual?

October 14 in SF,
Paul Vangelisti & Dennis Phillips

October 14 – November 13,
Bo Bartlett in NYC

October 20 in NYC,
What Dickens drank

October 20 at Princeton,
CD Wright & Richard Price

October 25 in NYC,
Adonis at the 92nd St Y

October 26 in Philadelphia,
Burt Kimmelman

October 28 in SF,
a celebration of Barbara Guest
with Eileen Tabios

October 28 in Philadelphia,
Fred Moten

October 30 in Philadelphia,
Kelly Writers House 15th Anniversary celebration

November 3 in Philadelphia,
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko

November 4 in Philadelphia,
Edwidge Danticat & Linh Dinh

November 8 – 14 in Philly,
First Person Festival

November 12 in NYC,
Ezra Pound poetry reading

with Eliot Weinberger, Kristen Prevallet, Rosmarie Waldrop,
Richard Sieburth, Mathew Rohrer, Sam Anderson
& Ian MacNiven

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Claudia Swan:
Counterfeit Chimeras

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Ammiel Alcalay

November 18 in SF,
Cedar Sigo & Simon Pettet

December 11 in SF,
Rob Halpern gives
the George Oppen Memorial Lecture

December 18 in SF,
4 films by Nathaniel Dorsky


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