Tuesday, September 21, 2010


From David Schneider’s
forthcoming biography of
Philip Whalen
(thanks to Coyote’s Journal

Big Bridge Whalen fest

Was Oskar Pastior a spy
for the Romanian secret police?

Poetry & The Poetry Foundation
announce their 2010 prize winners
& I’m on the list

The Levinson Prize
puts me in some interesting company

Unlearning to Write

Margaret Atwood:
“On Being a Woman Writer”

Rae Armantrout in The Nation
(subscription required)

An Alli Warren Report

Vanessa Place
on poets without products

Timothy Yu:
Making the Case for
Asian American poetry

A rare stash of
the David Bromige issue of
The Difficulties
is for sale

8 books (& more)
by Jalal Toufic
available for downloading

Talking with Francisco Aragón

Sherman Alexie
banned in Missouri

Leslie Scalapino events

Peggy Willis Lyles has died

Lydia Davis:
Why a new Madame Bovary?

Eleni Sikélianòs’
“Sidelong and Uncodifiable”

Carolyn Silveira:
“How James Franco
Became My Boyfriend”

“is James Franco’s girlfriend”

the truth behind Ginsberg’s logic

Howl: “a great film”

City Lights sponsors
a trailer contest for Howl

The Allen Ginsberg Project

John Wieners
The Hotel Wentley Poems

Treasuring Hubert Selby Jr.

Is Amazon lying?

Joshua Clover & Juliana Spahr:
“No one should go into debt to study poetry”
(PS: see the last link below)

Roberto Bolaño:
“Advice on the Art of
Writing Short Stories”

3 new Bolaño books

Lindsay Hill:
Temporary Text / Time and the Dead

Harry Northup:
Beyond Baroque

Edwin Denby:
“The Street”

“Disorder, Mental, Strikes Me”

The incomplete works of Richard Krech

Kevin Killian:
Posthumously published novel fragments

The love letters of Oscar Wilde

Al Filreis
on Tony Hoagland’s attempt
to justify the School of Q
without admitting it exists

One anthology,
multiple titles

Anne Tardos “Nine, 40”

Rexroth’s elegies

A truly bookless library

Lost libraries,
including that of David Markson

The Plagiarist Codex

Mina Pam Dick’s Delinquent

Talking with Jesse Glass

A watershed reading
at the Albany Public Library

A different watershed
remembered at Rutgers

September 22 in NYC,
Peter Orlovsky memorial reading

September 22 in LA,
Rae Armantrout & Joshua Clover

September 23 in Philly,
Jonathan Franzen

September 23 in Paris,
Homage to Frank O’Hara

September 23 in Philadelphia,
Leonard Schwartz at Writers House

September 25 in Baltimore:
Doug Lang & Terence Winch

September 25 in Philly,
William Gibson

September 25 in Philadelphia,
Michelle Belluomini & Thomas Devaney

September 27 in NYC,
big group reading for VLAK,

including Pierre Joris, Eileen Myles,
Marjorie Welish, Vincent Katz,
& many more

September 29 in NYC,
Laura Moriarty & Joseph Donohue

September 30 in Chicago,
Franz Wright

October 1 in NYC:

October 4 in NYC,
Lydia Davis at the 92nd St Y

October 6 in NYC,
Anne Carson & David Shapiro

October 7 – 10,
the largest poetry event in North America
comes to Newark, NJ

October 12 in Philadelphia,
A.S. Byatt

October 12 in Ambler, PA,
Poetry Noir: Sunset Boulevard

October 13 in Philadelphia,
Slavoj Žižek
Are disasters virtual?

October 20 in NYC,
What Dickens drank

October 20 at Princeton,
CD Wright & Richard Price

October 25 in NYC,
Adonis at the 92nd St Y

November 4 in Philadelphia,
Edwidge Danticat & Linh Dinh

November 8 – 14 in Philly,
First Person Festival

November 17 in Philadelphia,
Claudia Swan
Counterfeit Chimeras

November 19 – 21 in Cherry Hill, NJ
, with Peter Beagle

Jeffrey Beam
on North Carolina Public Radio

Patti McCarty’s
“Make Mine Darjeeling”

Frost’s farm

The House of Poetry,

Banipal focuses
on Arab-American voices

Against creative writing programs

Joshua Corey
against the anti-creative writing movement

Laynie Browne:
On the Elasticity of the Sonnet &
the Usefulness of Collective Experimentation

AB Kalinov:
An Introduction to Intermedia Poetry

Elective Affinities:
A Cooperative Anthology
of Contemporary U.S. Poetry

Anselm Berrigan:
from Notes from Irrelevance

Robert Walser:
How immense can modesty be?

“The best proletarian novel ever written
(an opinion I certain share
tho not this conservative’s reasons exactly)

99 Ways into
New Zealand Poetry

Rachel Zucker’s
“An Anatomy of the Long Poem”

Writers’ residence
emerges as cultural hub

Franklin Bruno on
Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch

Aimee Nezhukumatathil
of the poetry of superstition
& supposition

Stevie Smith:
“Ridiculous and terrifying,
aunt and prophetess”

Talking with Julie Bloemeke

Jeffrey Yang, aquarium poet

John Ashbery & Paul Auster
at the Brooklyn Bookfest

A rainy day at the Brooklyn bookfest

Scenes from the fest
as seen in LA

Juvenilia” is not a dirty word

2 poems by Thom Donovan

Barbara Jane Reyes:
Teaching poetry to spoken word artists

Orhan Pamuk’s museum
comes to life

The Great American Novelist
sans penis

Jordan Davis
on Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir & Essay

Matthew Zapruder:
Don’t paraphrase

James Tate:
“The Cowboy”

Talking with Gerald Locklin

A profile of Tara Powell
from the p.o.v.
of her home town,
Elizabeth City, NC

In Elmira, NY,
poetry in the parks

Twisting newsprint into verse

Barnes & Noble
reveals its vision of the future

The battle for Barnes & Noble

All those years wasted
shopping at indie bookstores

Ottawa’s oldest indie goes bankrupt

A 57-year-old indie
in Southern Pines, NC

The Top Ten Bookstores in the US
(tho they missed both Moe’s & Woodland Pattern)

Books-bought to books-read ratio

A bookstore with an iPad lounge
in Merced, California

The sidewalk bookseller
who outlasted Barnes & Noble

Confessions of an indie book clerk

When everybody writes

The pen that never forgets

Free dictation software

I covet this desk

WSJ book review
has several conflicts

Tsutomu Yamaguchi’s
And the River Flowed
as a Raft of Corpses

Talking with
Juan Andrés García Román

Four poems by García Román

The 200th anniversary of the death of
Mir Taqi Mir
is September 21

Hanif Kureishi
wins the PEN Pinter Prize

Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation

A Laura Mullen triptych

Donald Hall’s Life Work

When Haley Joel met Dakota

Life imitates Franzen

Freedom fails

Oprah picks Franzen
in spite of his past

The Franzen circus is moving

Franzen’s Freedom hits the UK

Katha Pollitt on “Franzenfreude

Jonathan Franzen
is the Lady Gaga
of the book world”

Does Franzen really exist?

Mark Dunn Ghost Music trailer

Why you should (not) date writers

Talking with Werewolf Haiku’s
Ryan Mecum

James Wright on poetic prose

Why read books
if you can’t remember the plot?
(Hint: plots are not the important part)

Twin Twain exhibitions

An Iowa Writer’s Workshop

Literature cheat sheets

An Arsonist’s Guide
to Overrated Writers

Kathleen Graber:
How to write Quietist verse

British Library’s new Ted Hughes archive
includes 3 unpublished poems

Worst. Book. Ever

Mark Scroggins on a “savage review”

Recovering the “Delphic voice

Matthew Pennock’s
“Big Money”

Thomas Lynch reads “Euclid”

Emma Donoghue’s Room

It’s not too late
to rent Ginsberg’s apartment

Allen Ginsberg:
poet with a Kodak

Beatniks & the roots of the hip

The Academy of American Poets
finally has added a page on
Jack Kerouac

Kerouac on textile towns

Columbia acquires
Barney Rosset’s papers

The UK tradition of Public Lending Right
which pays authors for library readership
is under attack

Talking with Zvonko Karanović

10 poems by Karanović

Tweedledum & Tweedledee

Kate Chopin’sDésirée’s Baby”

Ntozake Shange, 2010

Some Sing, Some Cry

A profile of Helen Losse

Academy of American Poets awards
to Galway Kinnell & Khaled Mattawa

Ron Charles on Booker finalists

Žižek, Poiesis & Politics

George Bernard Shaw On War

David Orr on epigraphs

The parsimony principle at work

A “terminally unsophisticated yokel”
at The Paris Review
recalls discovering Bataille

Poetry & death

Joyce Maynard
on the death of J.D. Salinger

Is the signed Salinger for real?

Best (modern) poems
for any stage of relationship

Google to enter e-book market

Google threatens
idea of literature
not being a cash cow
for trade publishers

Google as muse

Poems from Stephen Cope’s
Conference of the Birds
(my favorite podcast)

Nesting boxes

The Stanford Graphic Novel Project

a visit to the cave

“A watershed
in the history of Western culture”

The Imp

Wharton Esherick
& the birth of the modern

Monika Chicoń
between chaos & order

Rob Pruit:
Pattern & Degradation

The many faces of
Giuseppe Arcimboldo

On the road
with Lee Friedlander

America by Car

Momo’s line


Talking with Takashi Murakami

Judge nixes Fisk sale of its art

Finding Corot

Public art,
public nuisance
in Providence

LA artists
fight to save murals

Junya Ishigami:
Architecture as Air

The audience for poetry,
the audience for theater

21st Century Irish Americans
respond to Eugene O’Neill

Blind Willie McTell

Subterranean homesick
manhole covers

Brian Eno’s
sound-only movies

record companies
want your first born

Baltimore erects a monument
to Frank Zappa

Dworkin & Garfunkel:
The Sounds of Silence

Ellen Fishman-Johnson
still smoldering

A Turner Prize for new music?

Yoko Ono voice art piece
with really annoying TV commercial

Drum circle & other geometries

Arthur Russell’s
1977 Ginsberg collab
has been re-released

Tom Wolfe
on “The First Tycoon of Teen”

Tony Trehy on
Inception vs. A Single Man

Lionel Rogosin’s
On the Bowery
is back

Bowery trailer

A classic docudrama

Here comes
Paradise Lost 3D

The best (by far)
short account of the implications
of the global financial crisis
has been penned by
Joshua Clover


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