Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Delirious Hem’s
Tribute to Leslie Scalapino
(day 1) (day 2)
(day 3) (day 4)

Leslie Scalapino leaves
a scholarship at Reed

The New Hybridity:
Thalia Field & Leslie Scalapino

Steve Benson:
3 videos for Leslie Scalapino

Eigner’s Rimbaud

What is the state of American poetry?
Clayton Eshleman, Annie Finch,
moi & Danielle Pafunda
start the debate

Clayton Eshleman’s “For the Night Poem 8 Aug 2010”
Annie Finch’s “Earth That Our Forest Looks Back For”
RS: “from Revelator
Danielle Pafunda’s “The Dead Girls Speak in Unison”

Every literary magazine in Canada
gets defunded

Steve Evans’
Attention Span 2010
has just begun

Irony in Samuel Greenberg

Paper-based hyperlinks?

Brenda Cárdenas:
“Purity is an illusion”

Robert Kelly’s
Oedipus after Colonus

An obit of Mark Linenthal

Ange Mlinko’s “The Owl”

Mlinko’s “Bluer Rather than Pinker”

The problem with Tao Lin

William Burroughs’
“lost graphic novel” is coming in 2011

Ah Pook is Here

Talking with Burroughs collaborator
Malcolm McNeill

Kerouac doesn’t live
on Desolation Peak

Kerouac inspires spring fashions

The smell of Baudelaire

Broadway’s Poetry Pulverizer

Living at Frank O’Hara’s old place
will cost you twice as much
as living at Allen Ginsberg’s

Allen Ginsberg
wasn’t just ahead of his time,
he created it

Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky,
the “perfect pair”

Allen Ginsberg & Paul McCartney:
“The Ballad of the Skeletons”

Poetry isn’t a competitive sport

Neon in daylight

Brautigan Meets Bukowski

Thomas Guinzburg has died

William Archila
& the art of exile

Poetry LA
a video showcase
of the SoCal scene

Helen Vendler & Rae Armantrout
decode Dickinson

Dirda on Vendler on Dickinson

The New York Times’
“shameful” treatment of women

The New York Times
will abandon print

NYT to adopt
metered paywall

Wall Street Journal
to launch book review section

CA Conrad
on the impact poetry
had on Anne Sexton
& vice versa

CA Conrad:
Talking Anne Sexton blues

Elizabeth Bishop’s house

Frank Samperi:
letters to Cid Corman

Just how viable is e-publishing?

The trouble with Google books

How not to digitize a book

Google Instant & Google Scribe:
what will you write next?

At Google,
who owns the alphabet

Google Instant censor

The Ubuweb Anthology of Conceptual Writing

Drunken Boat’s anthology of conceptual fiction

Robert Hass,
smeared with the juice of cherries

The Letters of Sylvia Beach

Frank Delaney
is video blogging
Re: Joyce

(F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre)
has died

Ed Roberson’s “Peregrine
(sub required)

Belatedly noting
belated obits
of David Chaloner

The provisional poetics of
Mark Weiss

Charles Bernstein:
avant magnetic north

Obit mag: when languages die

John Morse:
haiku in the streets!

Yusef Kumonyakaa:
Songs of rage & tenderness

David Shapiro’s
“Gold and Cardboard”

Do you enjoy telling young poets
what they ought to do?

Nazi “intellectuals”

Minna Pam Dick’s
“First Person of Truth”

Haiti’s first Nobel laureate?

The Great Book Glut of 2010

The fallen status of books

World’s most expensive book
is up for sale (again)

Why indie bookstores matter

Bookstore at the end of the world

Ellen Hopkins’ verse novels

Talking with Carl Phillips

Haiku Academia

Talking with Jed Rasula

Javier Marias as translator

Deleting Kasey Mohammad

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann’s
Some Very Popular Songs

Talking with Horacio Castellanos Moya

A novel from Linh Dinh
in the fall book forecast

A headline even Glenn Beck wouldn’t use
concerning reading in Africa

Who is Sihle Khumalo?

BC art attack

Orphan works & OCR

Talking with Robert Pinsky

Remembering 9/11 thru poetry

What is the audience for
The Art of the Sonnet?

Doug Holder:
How “I” write a poem

Your Mina Loy portal

John Koethe
wins the Lenore Marshall Prize

Ahmad Hammad’s
Shaam Baichain Hai

Finding a long lost poem by
Sir Walter Scott

Kinds of Quietism

Tony Hoagland:
the tribes of poetry
(how to talk about schools
without acknowledging their existence)

In Westchester County,
a Quietist series is going silent

David Foster Wallace
archive set to open
with live webcast September 14

September 15 in NYC,
How obscene is this
The “decency” clause turns 20

September 16 in NYC:
Current trends in ecopoetics

September 23 in Paris,
Homage to Frank O’Hara

September 23 in Philadelphia,
Leonard Schwartz at Writers House

September 25 in Philadelphia,
Michelle Belluomini & Thomas Devaney

September 30 in Chicago,
Franz Wright

October 1 in NYC:

October 4 in NYC,
Lydia Davis at the 92nd St Y

October 7 – 10,
the largest poetry event in North America
comes to Newark, NJ

October 12 in Ambler, PA,
Poetry Noir: Sunset Boulevard

October 20 in NYC,
What Dickens drank

October 25 in NYC,
Adonis at the 92nd St Y

November 8 – 14 in Philly,
First Person Festival

The Washington Post
rehashes the suicide of
VQR managing editor
Kevin Morrisey

The NY Times
shows more interest
in the fate of the journal

James Baldwin’s
Cross of Redemption

A reading by Seamus Heaney

Poetry with puppets

Portland’s poetry peddlers

The Romance Writer’s Phrase Book

A verse chronicle by Clive James

Garrison Keillor to pick
May Swenson prize

Daniel Pritchard on Ben Lerner

Talking with Pritchard

William Gibson on
made-to-order books

William Gibson’s Zero History

William Gibson & the fate of casual menswear

John Grisham
in the underwear department

Frank Kermode
wrote nearly 250 articles for
The London Review of Books

Sam Willetts New Light for the Old Dark

Trial & eros

Is Dr. Johnson right about Lycidas?

Sympathy for the (Miltonic) devil

Barthes’ hand

Tain’t theft
if you steal from Wikipedia,
Houellebecq claims

The ultimate apparatchik

David Lehman
on Kent Johnson’s attempt
to rewrite literary history

One reading
of Frank O’Hara’s & Kenneth Koch’s
friends & family’s
attempts to protect their work

The refutation of Tony Towle

More free legal advice

Mark Scroggins seems bemused

The “critical novella” in question

Kent Johnson is the author of Beowulf”

This is Mark Twain

Raymond Carver’s “Kindling”

Disturb the Universe:
The Collected Essays of Adam Fieled

The problem with American poetry

A list of “top ten British memoirs
that includes David Jones

Statements about poetry

Rediscovering Vonnegut

Talking with Tim Waterstone

Dan Wyke’s Waiting for the Sky to Fall

Pride and Prejudice & queer theory

Andrew Motion
defends the Booker Man shortlist

Jerome Rothenberg:
“Je est un autre

What is at the heart of writing?

Product placement
in 19th-century British novels

Emperor Quianlong wrote 40,000 poems

Talking with Stephen Ellis

What’s inside your Kindle?

Best Buy to sell Kindle

One view of the litcrit digital world

to develop a new e-book reader

what a librarian wants

The DEA’s search for
Black English expertise

A Novel Bookstore

The trailer for
The Word Made Flesh

2 Irish poets in Omaha

Matthew Dickman & a hot tomato

Save the arts!

Maya Lin at Storm King

DIY Paradise: Detroit

Lital Doran & Eyal Perry
n SF thru October 6: Glasshouse

You can’t get there from here,
but you can get here from there
@ Apex Art in NYC
September 15 – October 30

Dan Colen at Gagosian, NYC
September 10 – October 16

Kenneth Baker on Rauschenberg’s materials

Rescue of Watts Towers stalls

September 11 on the wall

Art that’s as hot as Haiti

Tennessee may confiscate O’Keeffes
to keep Fisk from selling them

In France, a castle is selling its Poussin

Texas Southern paints over murals

The Uranian Phalanstery is moving

Sonny Rollins:
Saxophone Colossus

The sax king

September 17 – 19
Lake George, NY
David Amran turns 80

Elliot Carter at Tanglewood

R. Luke DuBois: A Year in MP3s

Irwin Silber has died

Sean Wilentz’
Bob Dylan in America

Like Dylan, Sean Wilentz
defies expectations

Janet Maslin
on Wilentz’ Dylan

Wilentz on the Village
in the 1950s & ‘60s

Talking with Sean Wilentz,
the historian from Eighth Street Books

My Allen Ginsberg:
James Franco at an inflection point

James Franco
on portraying gay men

Franco’s interview in The Advocate

An international tour of the films of
Warren Sonbert
begins September 15 in Paris

Jean-Luc Godard & Oscar le fou

Claude Chabrol has died

Ingmar Bergman’s archives

Stan Brakhage’s 23rd Psalm Branch

The architecture of social engagement

Talking with John Pawson

Experimental philosophy

Will the humanities survive the 21st century?

Why hard copy is truth

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