Tuesday, September 07, 2010


The Autobiography of Larry Eigner

Joseph Mosconi’s Word Search

Recordings of most of
Oakland’s Labor Day extravaganza

Bhanu Kapil on “duplicate territory”

David Wolach featured on PhillySound

Kate Greenstreet’s
“notes for Called”

Rodger Kamenetz:
introducing Kafka to Rabbi Nachman

Kamenetz discusses Burnt Books

Talking with Harry Northup

Talking with Tyrone Williams

Ease awes

Talking with 55 Words

What causes language?

Pierre Joris
is blogging all of
Claude Pelieu’s novel
Kali Yug Express,
starting here

Mairéad Byrne’s
The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven

Margaret Christakos’ Welling

Faculty poetry night at UC Berkeley

Talking with Cynthia Reeser

David Arnold’s
Poetry and Language Writing

Jayne Pupek has died

George Hitchcock
dies at 96

Stephen Kessler on George Hitchcock

A well-researched obit

NY Times obit of Hitchcock

From Kayak to HUAC

Talking with Glass Coin

Making a magazine
in 48 hours

Tan Lin’s EPC page

Tao Lin keep its real (or not)

Tao Lin:
It Boy for the internet

John Tranter’s “Perfume”

Talking the walk

SPD’s poetry best sellers

Ken Chen’s Juvenilia

Marianne Moore
on the dangers of professionalism

Robert Hass’ Buson

Ana Božičević on Amy King

Esque is rrific

The sincerest form of ridicule

Joyce, Wallace &
the problems of scale

Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi reading
with translations by Sarah Maguire

4 translations of Charles Bernstein’s
“Catabolism” into German

Charles Bernstein’s
All the Whiskey in Heaven

Allen Ginsberg’s apartment
is up for rent

September 8 in Milwaukee,
Tony Trigilio
on Allen Ginsberg’s Buddhist poetics

Howl: The Graphic Novel

September 9 in LA,
The Zapotec Bukowski

September 9 & 11,
Eastern Penitentiary, Philadelphia,
Vijay Iyer

September 10 in Brooklyn,
Tao Lin @ Spoonbill & Sugartown

September 11 in Philadelphia,
Rachel Blau DuPlessis

September 11 & 12 in Philly,
Michael Heller & Ellen Fishman-Johnson:
This Art Burning

September 12 in Philly
Bang on a Can Marathon

(2:00 PM Midnight)

September 16
@ Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee
Marilyn Crispell
with both a workshop & a concert

September 19 in Oakland,
Stephen Farmer & Nathalie Stephens

September 20 & 21 in Dublin,
Séamus Cain’s The Prairie Gaeltacht

September 25 26,
Pittsburgh’s Small Press Festival

Sept. 30 Oct. 3:
Lowell celebrates Kerouac

CFP: Defining the New:
Experiments & Innovations in English Studies

Oct. 22
23, Athens, OH

Poe in the projects

Why do e-books cost so much?

The Chicago Manual of Style
changes yet again

“will not be printed again”

Which online dictionary is best?

Of 2 minds about books

Nobody knew what to do with books either

Here comes
product placement

in books

Sony & Borders
shift e-reader strategies

Sony’s next generation
of e-readers

E-books can make you less “bookish”

E-research & methodological innovation
in Dutch literary studies

Love in the time of
indie bookstores

the perfect bookstore

Borders to sell
as readers move to e-books
(we’re not making this up!)

B&N will shut down
its store @ Broadway & 66th St
in NYC

Borders shuts SF store

Illinois bookshop turns 20

Another university press
bites the dust

The USB typewriter

Manga Shakespeare

Dick and Jane and Vampires

The Library of Congress
Poet & the Poem Webcasts
(perhaps the best collection
of quietist recordings
in the country)

World Book Capital

Franco Moretti:
What is “world literature”?

“Literature + Illness = Illness”

The New York Review of Books

2010 PEN USA Literary Award
winners & finalists

Ich Spreche Nur Amerikanisch

Urdu fiction from India

Jeffrey Beam’s Gospel Earth

Over 150 Lolita covers

Haitian educator turns to poetry

Talking with Gabriel Gudding
in teeny tiny type

Matthew Zapruder’s “Pocket”

Rereading Gatsby

The DEA’s problems with Ebonics

Talking with Jim Behrle

Franz Kafka International Airport

David Markson,
as he might have written the obit

Talking with James Ellroy

Mina Loy’s “Lunar Baedeker”

Robert Wrigley:
“a considerable wind”

Poetry on demand

Jeni Olin’s Hold Tight:
The Truck Darling Poems

Talking with Kyle Hemmings

William J. Harris:
“A Guy in a Black SUV”

“Even in Kyoto…
I long for Kyoto

Bei Dao’s “Travel”

Neal Stephenson
unveils his digital novel

The Mongoliad

The Imperfectionists:
What is a novel?

Write a nasty book
& get a girly cover

Robert Bolaño’s The Return

Quoth John Cusak, “Nevermore!”

Talking with Susan Tepper & Gary Percesepe

The fiction of Ingo Schulze

71% of the fiction reviewed
by the NY Times
is written by men

Feminist “Franzenfreude over
book’s reviews

The Franzen feud

Does it have to be Franzen?

Judge the book, not the person

The Flight of Jonathan Franzen

Franzen’s characters compel

Has Franzen learned
to cope with fame?

4 books you must read

Ted Berrigan
on Kerouac’s notoriety

Bill Berkson, Ron Padgett, Jordan Davis, and Tony Towle
all are strongly convinced that
this publication is a malicious hoax”

Ed Baker:
Full moon pointing

Moira Egan’s Bar Napkin Sonnets

Richard Brautigan
looking out at the reader

Pynchon on plagiarism

Barry Gifford’s “The Age of Fable”

Ed Coletti’s swan song

Lois Roma-Deeley’s High Notes

Talking with Sean Ferrell

Writer’s block & self-censorship

The best poem about the British countryside?

VQR cancels issue
& shuts its office

Another version
of the events at VQR

LA’s Lit Crawl:
the view from the stage

Reginald Dwayne Betts’
Shahid Reads His Own Palm

Howard Junker’s future past

H.L. Mencken
against “boobus Americanus

Richard Hugo House is kaput!

A writers center in Mississippi
shuts down

The Lizard Lounge slam team

Stephen Burt on
Steve McLaughlin on the road

McLaughlin’s The American Scene

Recreating Kerouac’s vision
in Hull (pronounced ‘Ull)

Can the Apostrophe Song
save this wayward mark?

Don Share on the major minors

Griffin Poetry Prize judges announced

Grand Theft Auto:
Emily Dickinson

Save the Warburg Library!

Laura Crozier’s
The Blue Hour of the Day

Plath fans call for fitting memorial

John Ashbery on poetry in prose

Whitman’s funeral

What Whitman did for Ashbery

Brooklyn Bookfest
to honor

Richard Krech:
“Playing the Game”

Baldwin’s cross

The Poetry Bomb

Poetry bombs of a different sort

Jackie Kay
for Scotland’s “national poet”

Saramago’s elephant

Business cards for fictional characters

Jonathan Lethem’s imagined metropolis

10 classic tales
of suburban ennui

Dickens comes to Des Moines

The Modern Dickens Project

Talking with Chris Draper

Daniel Swift’s Bomber Country

The Great Ape Language Lab

P&W’s 2011 “top 50 MFA School” rankings

The Booker Man Prize
has its own app

& its own evil twin

Ts & Cs for
Not the Booker

Ian Hocking:
stopping writing

No ideas but in donuts

Frank Kermode
on loving poetry

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann’s popular “songs”

Trying very hard to promote your book
without really saying anything

Claire Keegan
on the constraints of short fiction

Michael Sledge:
ventriloquism for Elizabeth Bishop

a persistent muddler

The poetics of
Hot Tub Time Machine

The obscurity of popular poetry

Reading Vona Groarke’s “Pier”

Was the real reason for Germany’s
industrial expansion
the absence of ©?

The problem of falling
for Seamus Heaney’s bull

simple twists

the onset of old age

Heaney’s first book
since his stroke

A look at Irish poetry
from down under

Young poets share rhymes

Felix Dennis: This much I know

September poets

Why poetry exists

Jan Bradley’s “Shaving the Lions”

Close reading literary tatts

Kurt Vonnegut Sr.’s
tobacco pipe cleaner

Does a book’s popularity
guarantee movie success?

Ayn Rand fanboy’s
really big ad

Thurston Moore, publisher

Penguin radio

William Gibson:
What do we want from Google Earth?

Chris Milk’s The Wilderness Downtown
with Arcade Fire & your house
(requires Google Chrome but well worth it)

Some samba from Chucky B


Troilus & Satchmo

Talking with Sean Wilentz
about Bob Dylan

“I came out of the wilderness

How Dylan wrecked
Tin Pan Alley

“Bringing it all back home

The Plastic Ono Band
recruits Lady Gaga,
Nels Cline, Thurston Moore,
Iggy Pop, the RZA & more

Lucinda Childs comes to Philadelphia

On the Road
fan site for the forthcoming film

More dish
on who’s in the film

Where is Jean-Luc Godard?

Short films from the Arab world

Charlie Chan has it both ways

“No. 1 Sleuth

Basquiat: Radiant Child

Are artist’s statements really necessary?

Virtual Public Art

How to Study Art Worlds

Who owns Michelangelo’s David?

Can selling O’Keeffe’s art
save a university?

Lou Reed: photographer

Late Dalí:
it’s not over till it’s over

Swapping out Gainsborough
in Cape Town

Alfred Leslie’s
100 Views Along the Road

Co-owner of missing painting
ID’d as art thief

I’m the victim, says he

The Pangolin dream foundry

Fluxibition #4

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman
is coming to TV

Henri Lefebvre:
Space, Times & Everyday Life

What are words worth?

The end of tenure

Walter Mosley:
Ten things the past can teach us

Simon Singh:
fighting the anti-science mob

the new oil or the new soil?

No knowledge but through information

Stephen Hawking:
God is unnecessary

Auggie down under

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