Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What Khlebnikov means

Robert Grenier on Robert Creeley

Talking with Ana Božičević

Ange Mlinko’s Shoulder Season

The first form of
voice recognition software
was women

Vanessa Place’s
Tragodía – 1: Statement of Facts

Flarf may have Belarus
but Conceptualism claims Finland

Tweeting Gone with the Wind

Vote for Rae Armantrout
in Library of Congress’
“favorite author” poll

A KickStarter page for
Robert Kelly’s Oedipus After Colonus

Mamet’s doctrine

Talking with Chimalum Nwankwo

Reading The New Sentence

Vehicle nicknames as public discourse

The plastic poetics of Ian Finch

The Jack Kerouac 5K

Who’s who in On the Road

Kerouac as nomad & writer

“We are fam-il-y,” stammers Garrett Hedlund

The Howl website is up

Talking with James Davies

Franz Wright’s “Wheeling Motel”

Avant Writing Symposium’s

A history of literary blogging
by Heriberto Yepez
(in Spanish)

A preview of John Norton’s
Air Transmigra

Eating out with Tan Lin

Maureen Thorson on Tan Lin

Toi Derricotte:
“We are not post-racial”

Edwin Torres’ “Mirror Meteor”

CFP: Poets Theater 2011

Robert HassIssa

Talking with Don DeLillo

Talking with Harry Northup

Pynchon in Poland

Applied flarf
(close out password request)

What’s in a (pen)name?


Who needs publishers?

E-books force change @ B&N

An Espresso Book Machine
comes to McNally Jackson
(but there are still less than 40
in the world)

What, in 2010, is a book?

Brian Teare’s Albion Books

Robert Pinsky on
“the humanist mythology of print”

Are e-books good for poetry?

Your own adventure book
there’s an app for that

Pete Hamill,
the “patriarch of print,”
goes digital

Ditto Halvard Johnson

& David Meltzer

What about marginalia?

What happens to the home library?

& David Meltzer

What about marginalia?

What happens to the home library?

Philadelphia Center for the Book

A unique library in Colorado

Word rejects

&: ampersand food groups

Bookstore vs. bookstore

August 28 in Berkeley,
4 hours only & not online:
SPD’s annual sidewalk sale

October 1 – 3,
Black Mountain comes to
Rochester, NY

October is festival month

January 9 – 11
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
US Poets in Mexico

A.D. Winans’
Billie Holiday Me and the Blues

Proust’s Overcoat

Tolkien & Dickens join forces, sorta

The fate of William Hazlitt

Talking with John Waters

Tillie Olsen:
One Woman, Many Riddles

Zbigniew Herbert, “Leonardo’s Disquiet”

Cover boy Jonathan Franzen

& in Vogue as well

Franzen “picks up the torch
for US literary tradition”

Franzen’s Freedom:
“a kind of 19th-century realist

Why celebrate Jonathan Franzen?

Anthony Trollope,
the original literary mash-up

Jack Gilbert’s “holy curse”

The poetry drop box

Poetry & the English imagination

A Wordsworth treasure is donated to Tynwald

Talking with Jean-Dany Joachim

Marilyn Krysl on Marilyn Hacker

Poems celebrating Ramadan

A New Theory for American Poetry:
Democracy, the Environment &
the Future of the Imagination

The tragic history of Chelsea’s wedding poem

Wendy Lesser on Henry James

If aliens come, it will be for the poetry

Yeats’ “The Sorrow of Love”

Hilary Mantel’s “Comma”

Anne Carson’s translation
of Sophocles

The “Grotto of Catullus

Albert Cossery in English

Geoffrey Hill: “antiquated and hubristic”

The passion & power of John Keats

Writing viruses

Another way to separate wannabe writers
from their money

At the Norman Mailer Writers Colony

Stanley Fish:
Plagiarism is not a big moral deal

Kundera’s essays

Conflicts at an academic journal
don’t end with suicide

What killed Kevin Morrissey?

10 things you don’t know
about Ray Bradbury

For the first time in a decade
the Booker long list is selling well

Talking with MRB Chelko

Rick Moody on Vonnegut et al

David Antin: On Narrative
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

A novel of a memoir

The University of Scranton Press
is shutting down

“Favorite” punctuation:
unnecessary quotation marks

An anthology of the accessible from Penguin

17 quietist journals
that might survive the internet

50 “great” American poets
no Pound or Crane,
but hey Mark L. Danielewski

Thinking realistically about fiction

Can Lorin Stein make the Paris Review relevant?

Cage & the art of nonintention

The art world name game

Carol Ann Duffy’s
The Sculpture of Language

hegemony of the banal

Beatrix Potter’s paintings,
which can only be displayed once a decade,
are on view at Mottisfont Abbey

Was Julio Galán
the best painter of the 1980s?

The Gao brothers are heading to LA

Uplifted in Detroit
(Hint: this mural is the best painting in the USA)

Remembering Biala

The Ansel Adams mystery deepens

Talking design with Zandra Rhodes

A gallery of Rhodes work

China’s Warhol” gets dirty

When Constructivism crumbles

Doug Hall’s photos of Moscow

Protecting the archives of
Frank Lloyd Wright

Theaters adapt
Confederacy of Dunces

Douglas Messerli’s
USTheater blog
has really taken off

Rethinking the Brownings for the stage

Bruno S. has died

Charlie Chan finds his Boswell in Yunte Huang

Susan Schultz on Charlie Chan

Chan, the man

Librarians save the day!

A master class with Natalie Merchant

Claire Donato on Joanna Newsom

The Dave Carter Song Circle
at Falcon Ridge Folk Fest last July

Wilco takes over Mass MoCA

Stompin’ at the Savoy

Trey McIntyre in Boise

Channeling Don Draper
(Great 1950s ads for Twitter,
YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

Christopher Hitchens:
I’m dying

Not going gently

Slavoj Žižek, neocon

Top 10 failed celebrity political campaigns

Imagination seizes power

William James on “mental effects”
of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

The visual representation
of statistical information
by Florence Nightingale

The first PhD in Facebook

Confessions of a “class worrier

Of Anis Shivani’s
“over-rated” honey pot
& other “London era Victorian garbage”

Is Shivani’s list sexist?

So who is “criminally underrated”?

Another “underrated” list

Better Book Titles

the American id
in all its snaggletoothed, pustulent (sic) glory”

if the art is to survive,
it will do so in the hands of readers,
not paparazzi

Silliman’s comment monster
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

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