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Talking with Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s sudden fictions

Talking with Rae Armantrout

What The New Yorker doesn’t publish

Jena Osman on Bern Porter

The Bern Porter website

Ken Edwards
on innovative British writing
& the lack thereof

Tim Carmody
on Lydia Davis & Edith Grossman

Lunch with Lydia

Wilde Boys

The New Grrly, Grotesque, Burlesque

Ange Mlinko:
Can a “global poet” exist?

Life on the content farm

Gustaf Sobin’s Collected Poems

Will Alexander:
Mirach Speaks to His Grammatical Transparents

Talking with Gerard Malanga

Screen Test Superstar

Eric BausBee-Stung Aviary

Andrea Cohen’s Long Division

A history of the Peter F. Yacht Club writing group

Lisa Robertson & Avra Spector on Henri Meschonnic

Susan Howe’s Souls of the Labadie Tract

Ammiel Alcalay’s Islanders

Sandra Simonds’ “Lines Written on Nursery Wall”

Simonds’ “Landscape Made from Egg and Sperm”

The EPC’s brand new John Wieners page

talking to himself

Kay Ryan’s Collected Poems

Launching Poetree

Tom Pickard’s The Ballad of Jamie Allen

Talking with Vanessa Place

Inside JG Ballard’s archives

Yosano Akiko’s On the Scented Breeze

Calvin Bedient on
Myung Mi Kim & Leland Hickman

John Bennett’s Drive By

Ugly Duckling
not only has online web-books
but is putting it’s o.p. list online

Talking with Don DeLillo

DeLillo’s love of language

Point Omega

Henry Real Bird,
Montana’s poet laureate,
is on horseback

Portland Poly-Vocal’s
YouTubes of sound poetry classics

Talking with PD James

Adam Fieled’s
Post-Modernity, Capitalism,
and the Threat to Poetry's History “

Talking with Steve Healey

Karen Volkman’s Nomina

Robert Farnsworth & Alex Lemon

Robert Pinsky’s robot pageant

Robby Burns’ last days described

Words Without Borders:
Writing from Hungary

Poetry & the Batwa

Some videos of Anne Sexton

Rick Moody’s four fingers of form

Michael Dirda on Michael Donaghy

John Olson:
Five prose poems,
and some canned tomatoes

Books against content

Taking the mashups in the other direction:
Austenizing horror tales

Viggo Mortensen & Amy Adams
join On the Road cast
as Bill & Joan Burroughs

Yet another NY Times review
of the letters of
Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac

The museum that Kerouac built

Funds for a permanent Kerouac exhibit
in Lowell, MA

Michael Horovitz
still vomiting neo-Beat texts

Nelson Algren & the Beats

Herman Munster, beat poet

César Aira’s Ghosts

In defense of “Chick Lit

Adam Strauss’ “Because I am…”

Wendell Berry: Life and Work

The house of books

Redesigned book covers

The poet as citizen:
Stephen Burt
Daisy Fried
Terrance Hayes
David Biespiel

Andrew Wiley, agent provocateur

E-book pricing draws antitrust scrutiny

Is Amazon’s 70-80% share
of e-book market

Apple & Amazon
are screwing you on e-books

E-book economics

Have you experienced Kindle prejudice?

University press e-book consortium
gets a little funding

2,000-year-old technology
still going strong today

George Herbert going digital

An expanding high-end book chain

Mass market paperback publisher
is abandoning print

Don’t write off book publishers just yet

Barnes & Noble is for sale

Opening the door at Battenkill Books

The second wave of Pittsburgh bookstores

Indie bookstores rising in NYC

2 bookstores open in the Hamptons

A bookstore dies in Plano

In LA, 105-year-old Dawson’s
holds a clearance sale

Bookstores of the living dead

Will indies be the last bookstores standing?

Saturday, August 14 in Philly,
The Urchin Series’ flash mob
poetry reading celebrates
Jonathan Williams
in Bartram’s Garden!

Saturday, August 14 in SF:
ROVA meets Estamos Ensemble!

August 19-21 in Columbus, OH
Avant Writing Symposium

August 26-28
Several great John Zorn concerts
at Yoshi’s SF

92nd St Y
2011 reading schedule

“The 15 most overrated American writers”

What is the future for
Black Elk Speaks?

Great poetry is no scandal

Marilyn Buck has died

5 recordings by Buck
on prison, exile & Cristina Peri Rossi

George Eliot:
“the hoary formula, ‘I am’”

8 years for stealing Shakespeare folio

The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project

A blog-to-book tool
for WordPress


Famous last words

The Big Read gets little

Home is where the poem is

Fiona Sampson’sSchubertiad

Superman to the rescue, literally

The © cops

Robert Duncan:
2 poèmes de Letters
traduction de l'américain et
introduction par Auxeméry

20 classics of gay lit

The August issue of
Gently Read Literature
is up

Mary Ruefle’s Selected Poems

Anne Carson’s
“Father’s Own Blue Cartigan

Francine Prose on Hans Keilson

Talking with JP Donleavy

Driving Stieg Larsson

A dark memoir of writing fiction


The odds on the Man Booker Prize

The astrology of literary rejection

Poetry & psychiatric disorders

Awful library books

A blended librarian talks

Visas get easier
for visiting artists

Nick Cave penning rewrite of The Crow

Paul Taylor @ 80

Dancing for Mark Morris

Brian Eno’s Warp Factor

Leonard Cohen’s tribute to Yeats

A stipend for “Willie

Henry Rollins & Miles Davis

Towering Tongue

The emerging arts mecca of Detroit

Dan Steinhilber, escaping definition

Alice Neel in London

The last roll of Kodachrome

The largest Picasso
(for which he outsourced the painting)

Art sales revive

Are the lost Ansel Adams works really his?

Finding Fra Angelico

Art You Can Eat

Inception’s “generation gap”

Zukofsky’s Chaplin

Groupies for the worst sci-fi film ever

Ira Glass’ intro to Denis Wood’s
Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas

This American Life
on mapping

Tony Judt has died

Judt’s work in NYR

Howard Zinn’s The Bomb

The convenient memory of
Christopher Hitchens

Hitchens’ “Tropic of Cancer”

If you live in the Charleston area,
this is one race that matters

But if you prefer college hoops

Jessa Crispin (Bookslut)
on celebrity

There is room enough
for every poet

A disturbance in the force

Wearing a black armband

controversial deletion
of major poetry archive

Lost & gone forever?

The weariness of the lunchroom monitor

A history of literary snark

Your money’s worth

ballsy badassunamused

Let’s torture Martin Benders

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