Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ron Padgett
on the letters from
Ted to Sandy Berrigan

Alfred Starr Hamilton
& the law

Brian Salchert has died

Anxiety in Whitman’s yawp

Kathy Acker’s
last published work

Concerning Cid Corman’s
“little books”

Close-reading Bruce Andrews
with Al Filreis, Sarah Dowling,
Chris Funkhouser & Tan Lin

Natasha Trethewey
on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Mark Wallace on
Elisa Gabbert, John Cotter, Chris McCreary
& Laura Moriarty

Jordan Davis on
Michael Gottlieb’s
Memoir and Essay

Lydia Davis in Playboy

Four visual poems by Jennifer Scappettone

Kimberly Lyon’s Abracadabra

Talking with Raúl Zurita

Talking with Amy King

More on The New Sentence

Aaron Belz
on Ange Mlinko & Rae Armantrout

Stephen Burt’s
Close Calls with Nonsense

Remembering George Hitchcock’s Kayak

Two prose poems by Richard Meier

Baldwin’s uncollected

Adam Fieled’s
“The Conspiracy Against Poems”

Joel Chace’s Cleaning the Mirror

Kate Hall reading

Gillian Conoley’s “New Pathologies”

Lisa Brackmann on Ursula K. LeGuin

Crag Hill, James Yeary & mIEKAL aND in Madison

Videos of Tom Beckett & Geof Huth
at the Avant Writing Symposium

Geof Huth:
What Word Once Was

Geof Huth at the Avant Writing Symposium:
Before, during, enduring & after

Linh Dinh: Plugged stupid

Charles Bernstein
lost in the West Edmonton Mall

Rachel Blau DuPlessis Pitch: Drafts 77 – 95

Reading Ibadan

A great profile of Néstor Perlongher

Revaluating The New American Poetry

W.S. Merwin, green laureate

A hospice for publishers

The next flash mob reading in Philadelphia
will be of the work of
Richard Brautigan,
in Chinatown, September 9

The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010

Also here, here & here

August 27 September 19
Sawako Nakayasu at Not Content

September 11 in SF,
celebrating the life of Larry Eigner

September 11 & 12 in Philly,
Michael Heller & Ellen Fishman-Johnson:
This Art Burning

September 12,
The Brooklyn Book Festival

September 13 in Seattle:
Norman Fischer & Emily Warn

September 21 in Harrisonburg, VA
A celebration of Lucille Clifton

KGB’s Monday night series for the fall

November 5 7,
The NY Art Book Fair

Feb 2 5 in DC:
The AWP lineup for 2011

Dennis Cooper on Robert Glück’s
Jack the Modernist

Diane DiPrima scheduled for Olson centennial

The New York Times discovers
the Whorf Hypothesis

Radiolab: Words

The associated video,
lush with visual cliché

English as the language of empire

Joe Drabyak,
Chester County bookseller,
has died

Talking with Jonathan Lethem

Talking with Ben Fama

On John Simon

John Simon on Milan Kundera

Philip Lopate on Kundera

Kundera’s Encounter (excerpt)

Remembering James Dickey

Talking with Montgomery Maxton

Ruth Padel on Fiona Sampson

Little Black Sambo

The Kent Johnson conspiracy theory

Kent Johnson
on the Frank O’Hara
authorship discussion

How I learned to stop worrying
& love Frank O’Hara

Poetry and/or stand-up comedy?

Quietist mags
charging now for online submissions

Pathos & form in Don DeLillo

UK authors fight to keep
payments for library lending

Edwin Morgan’s funeral

Remembering Edwin Morgan

Katha Pollitt’s
American Book Award for
Lifetime Achievement

Rap & David Foster Wallace

Sincerity & David Foster Wallace

Franzen’s Freedom
is all the rage
even before it’s sold

The novel of the century
(all ten years)

Jonathan Franzen and poo”

The Franzen roadshow

Talking with Jonathan Franzen

Franzen frenzy is not amusing

The Great American Novel
has a penis

Franzen reviews stir backlash

Here’s to literary bad girls

Telling Franzen to fly away home

When is a feud not a feud?

An “old-timey literary novel”

Franzen’s “American life”

Beyond the Freedom hype

Obama gets Freedom ARC
at a bookstore
& all hell breaks loose

Freedom’s just another book
for nothing left to lose

Next: the cover of Vogue

the Great American Novel

The novel makes an impact

Franzen & the future
(with a side dis of modernism)

Scott Rudin options Freedom

The triumphs & failures of Freedom

What Oprah sez, or doesn’t

Booksellers brace for Mockingjay

Mockingjay’s midnight launch

Lee’s Mockingbird still sings

Emory’s new bookstore boasts
largest on-campus Starbucks
in the nation

Novelist Nancy Freedman has died

NYC’s only secular Yiddish bookstore
is losing its home

Carlin Romano:
Will the book survive?

Exclusive Amazon e- book deal collapses

It’s a truce

Or giving in to Random House

Poetry publishers & e-books

E-reading = more reading?

E-book price war heats up

E-book price war absurd

Color comes to the e-reader

The next e-book trend: advertising

Better yet:
literary product placement

Kindle clobbering the iPad

Is fear of the iPad
stunting B&N in-store sales?

Indie bookstores
north of Manhattan

Judging home owners by their books

Young Twain, gone east

Things to look for
in contemporary poetry criticism

Brian Turner’s Phantom Noise

Nabokov & the short story

Imagining Joseph Massey
as Curtis Faville gone wrong
(by, in fact, Curtis Faville)

Curtis Faville
on Jessica Smith & the “Silenced Generation”

Jim Behrle’s video satire of the above

Talking with Julie Strand

Evolution & literary criticism

AS Byatt:
“I don’t believe in God”

Mo better book titles

Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Brooch”

How to swear in English

Naming & immigration

Take this question out back

3 New Zealand poets

The poems of
René Van Vackenborch

Remembering Frank Kermode

Günter Grass:
My last autobiography

Naipaul’s Africa

Leave it to Proust

The “distinguished ranks of the overlooked

The silliness of source texting

Marathi poet Narayan Surve has died

Dancing to Marathi poems

Dog writers vs. cat writers

Michael Dickman
wins the James Laughlin Award

When a poetry book
that hasn’t been released yet
wins an award
for having been published last year

What William Gibson really wants


Poetry in Wales

“12 favorite non-book
literary oddities on Ebay
(I have still have my Gertrude Stein)

Lorin Stein: How Not to Write a Poem

Best magazine articles ever

New World, New Art


Christoph Schlingensief has died

German provocateur was 49

The other side of Gil Scott-Heron

Johnny Otis
“at the center of American music”

Lorin Stein discovers music

The jazz photography of
Herman Leonard

Another Leonard obit & slide show

The poet-photographer of Prague

Ten death artists

Outsider art comes to Turin

The murals of Philadelphia

Hotel as art gallery

For sale: Lennon’s loo

The integrity of the art market

Curtis Faville on the Ansel Adams hoopla

The Ansel Adams Trust sues

Marlene Dumas & the right of resale

The illustrator
who is never there

Frank Gehry’s fish lamps

Barry Schwabsky on Rafael Ferrar

Satoshi Kon has died

Glenn Beck, art critic

Politically incorrect cartoons

Dostoyevsky’s Batman

Art Spiegelman on Lynd Ward

Alex Carnevale on Fairfield Porter

Michael Dirda on Yunte Huang’s Charlie Chan

a scintillating, provocative work of discovery”

Edward Kean wrote more than 2,000 episodes
of Howdy Dowdy

Guillermo del Toro & James Cameron
tackle H.P. Lovecraft

Bum rap for The Golden Mean

Too graphic for FrightFest?

The Supreme Court on
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Plato

The Word Made Flesh
trailer shoot

On the set of Atlas Shrugged

Reviewing the audience
instead of the film

When text met art in advertising


Another realism altogether

The high cost of free art

Art & politics:
the deafening silence

Saving art in times of crisis

Derrida paranoia

The idea that will govern
the next decade

Man from the future
tries to stop Large Hadron Collider

Howard Zinn’s FBI files

How to win
rock paper scissors
every time

Things seen from Google Earth

Where dead computers go

While the university president
is making major system-wide cutbacks…


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