Monday, August 23, 2010

Leslie Scalapino on
The Dihedrons Gazelle
Dihedrals Zoom

George Bowering,
“bullshit artist”

Best UK poetry site
I’ve yet seen

Talking with Elisa Gabbert
in an incredibly small font

Talking with Natasha Trethewey

Susan M. Schultz’
Old Women Look Like This

On grief
& dying without finishing
your book

Talking with Ken Edwards

The Bowery Poetry Club Live!

Who wrote the poems of Frank O’Hara?

Tony Towle’s “true account”

Flânerie ending with oi

The Personism moment

The Ghost of Frank O’Hara

From Ray DiPalma’s
“Obloquium & Committer of Tidings
(plus a second set)

Remembering Edwin Morgan

Tao Lin will have the scallops

Greying Ghost’s
chapbooks & miscellany

Jane Austen’s
problems with punctuation

James Baldwin’s
The Cross of Redemption

white male literary darlings
at the NY Times

Jonathan Franzen “comes alive”

Franzen’s Freedom
is a novel of 9/11

A taste of Freedom

a masterpiece of American fiction”

Franzen ponders our freedom

Why quietists continue to live
in the 19th century

Want to buy Salinger’s toilet?

AS Byatt: The Orange Prize is sexist

A biography of Muriel Spark

Carmen Bramly,
France’s hot new novelist,
is 15

“Epileptic” Dickinson

Dickinson’s DVD

The “sham” of
The Ted Hughes Prize

James Franco on playing Allen Ginsberg

Lunacy & enlightenment in Beat letters

Bob Dylan & the Beats

Talking with Sean Wilentz about Dylan & the Beats

Filming On the Road outside Ottawa

Book cover design disaster:
Kerouac’s Tristessa

Has poetry destroyed the language?

Glam grammar

Why glam?

Excerpts from
The Glamour of Grammar

Talking with Günter Grass:
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Talking with Daniil Kharms

3 new Kharms translations

Can you win elections with poetry in Berkeley?

Groundbreaking books
from Phyllis Wheatley to Lyn Hejinian

Suzanne Frischkorn’s American Flamingo

Leigh Davis flag poems
on display in
Kingsland, NZ
until March 2011

Saturday, August 28 in Philly:
Jennifer Karmin, Pattie McCarthy, Carlos Soto Roman

September 18 in Salem, MA,
Elyssa East reads from Dogtown

John Gallaher on Matthew Zapruder

The Gitmo best-seller list

Grim mystery in “Peter Pan’s” trunk

Nancy Drew accessories

Finding the right desk

Vonnegut Library to open in Indy

KC library’s epic parking garage

How to build furniture
out of books

Poetry apps for iPhones

The first reading revolution

Fighting for control
of Barnes & Noble

The lonesome death of B&N

The Little Shop’s revenge

The Hamptons Bookstore battle

Literary journals
in the age of the net

Seth Godin:
farewell to print

Online lit mags

E-book price war in the UK

David Pogue’s intern
reviews a smartpen

Early instances of text-speak,
from 1828

Shelf Unbound
will cover
small presses
for PCs, iPods, etc

New words for the OED

The problem of the book thief
in the age of digital reproduction

Appreciating Andrew Wylie

Bookstores raise funds
to fight censorship

John Taggart’s Pyramid Canon

Rachel Zucker’s
“Anatomy of the Long Poem”

Burying Molière again

Kundera’s Encounter

Mipoesias 23:3
has been edited by Bob Hicok

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s untold tale

An alternative history of the novel

Anthony Doerr’s Memory Wall

The Ipswich truffle:
H.P. Lovecraft’s writing
for Whitman’s chocolates

More details emerge
in the suicide of VQR editor
Kevin Morrisey

The University of Virginia
will review allegations
of bullying

Frank Kermode has died

Sir Frank dead at 90

Remembering Frank Kermode

Frank Kermode
& the origins of
The London Review of Books

Daniel Swift’s Bomber County

Generations vs. schools

A critical volume on
Irish writing

Sinéad Morrissey’s
Through the Square Window

Poets & pols

Longfellow’s Dante

Edward Hirsch & Rita Dove
on political poetry

On translation

Simon Cutts
Some Forms of Availability

Stanley Fish:
The Ontology of Plagiarism (cont.)

CK Williams’ Whitman

Mark Doty: Why Poetry Matters Now

Converting Arthur Conan Doyle’s home
into apartments

The Brave Escape of
Edith Wharton

Adam Fieled’s Returns

200 authors at Brooklyn Book Fest

Getting seasick with Somerset Maugham

The Capilano Review
is all about poet’s theater
(check out the link)

William Howard Cohen’s
To Walk in Seasons

Haiku U

McGonagall’s dilemma

Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain

Using literature
(but not your own?)
to seduce men

Michael Snediker’s “Golden Bowl”

Here come the Wankhs

The right way to read
Billy Collins

Calling bad poets

Mickey Hess:
“I’ll blurb any book in 24 hours”

Searching for Richard Hugo

Kevin Young’s The Art of Losing

How to organize a book of poems

The world’s highest paid author
is NOT JK Rowling

Michael Rosen: Books that made me

More ridiculous things
overheard in bookstores

The new U of Toronto Quarterly
is all about text-music interactions

The 10 rules of rock-n-roll

What Arcade Fire @ Madison Square Garden
means to the music industry

Swell Season’s swell session

What’s the worst thing
that ever happened
at one of your gigs?

Well, it could be worse

Rufus Wainwright:
the importance of being unpopular

Retooling the Philly Folk Fest
for the 21st century

Free that tenor sax
(from ©)

Classical music’s new golden age

Is a delusion, says Greg Sandow

Is not, replies Heather Mac Donald

The fierce music of
Estonia, Latvia

Close-reading “Mercy Street

The 5-time Oscar nominee
at NY’s Fringe Fest

Sean O’Casey’s
The Silver Tassie

After Kubrick

Talking with Truffaut

Talking of Truffaut

Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

Mariano Light

Al Hirschfeld,
“The Line King,”
& his heirs

Talking with Steve Roden

Isabelle Sorrell’s responses to Bill Berkson

The Work of Art
reaches a conclusion in
a glorified broom closet

Revolution, art & ownership

An exhibit commemorating
@ White Columns in NYC
with a reading series curated by
Sarah Schulman

Judge rejects deal
to permit Fisk University to sell
its Georgia O’Keeffe collection

One block from the birthplace
of Alice B.
(for Babette) Toklas,
goes from garage to gallery

The boy who bit Picasso

Enrique Chagoya’s
at Galería de la Raza
thru Aug. 28

Matthew Barney @ Schlaulager Basel

Graphic novels
go to biz school

Thomas Pynchon,
the comic strip

13 classic books
turned into “breath-taking”
graphic novels

Forms & functions

Gorlizki at the Berggruen

How not to save the arts

Happy B ‘day, Specs

So what are you going to be
when you grow up?

Meritocrats” by Tony Judt

Talking with Tony Judt

Tony Judt:

Adam Kirsch
on writing and/or leadership

Mario Obledo,
who in 1977 appointed me to the
California State Task Force
on Health Conditions
in Local Detention Facilities,
has died

Is the Pope gay?

Anti-tech teachers fight back

Best license-free pixel fonts

I haven’t said thanks lately
to Don Wentworth & Lynn Behrendt
for the help they give me –
the mistakes are entirely my own!