Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Generosity & Tom Raworth

Christine Hume’s Shot

Maryrose Larkin’s Marrowing

Chris McCreary’s Apocrypha

Elisa Gabbert:
Is poetry boring?

Is the reading giving way to vaudeville?

Ray DiPalma’s House of Keys

Learning that Leslie Scalapino has died

Carol Mirakove’s Wall

Dante’s Inferno for Dummies

Eileen Myles’ Inferno

Remembering Robert Trammell

From the other (original) Milk Magazine:
A Tangiers Journal for Paul Bowles,
Thomas Rain Crowe interviews Philip Lamantia,
Vincent Katz on
Yvonne Jacquette & Rudy Burckhardt,
George Wallace
on Mary Beach & Claude Pelieu,
& much more

the most substantial body of criticism
in English this century”
(tho the author has been dead for 69 years)

Michael Dirda on the letters of
Ginsberg & Kerouac

Edmund White
on the photographs of Allen Ginsberg

Small Press Suicide?

Clarifying difficulty

The Difficulty Manifesto

JH Prynne on difficulty

Does experimental fiction have a future?

Jean-Christophe Valtat’s 03

Criticism’s permanent crisis

Ricardo Domeneck:
“The Poor Poet (after Carl Spitzweig)”

70 days into Geof Huth’s
365 ltrs project

Salt turns 10

Who needs a publisher?

The 7CV project:
Tan Lin with Danny Snelson
& numerous co-conspirators

& from Tao Lin,
an account of being arrested
for “trespassing” NYU Bookstore

Terminal boredom:
reading Tao Lin

Lydia Davis:
“My style is a reaction to Proust’s
long sentences”

Bill Bissett:
th swans uv etobicoke

Eleksographia: The French Issue

Pynchon’s Vineland at 20

Novels of the Pacific Northwest

Talking Borges with translator
Suzanne Jill Levine

Joan Retallack’s
Procedural Elegies / Western Civ Cont’d

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Sharing an apartment with WCW

Kevin Killian: 3 new poems

Michael Gottlieb
face-slapping the greenhorns

Francis Ponge’s Le Parti Pris de Choses

First translation,
favorite (if not really best) translation

Siri Hustvedt’s The Shaking Woman

British fiction is
“a poor relation”
to the masterworks of modernism

Schools of poetry


Have books, will travel

Some indies thrive, others struggle
in the electronic world

The e-book cliché drinking game

Poems are ill-suited to e-readers

Kindle e-book sales “stun” Bezos

Multimedia e-books

In Lexington,
Kennedy Books turns 60

Tree House Books will close

A profile of Kamal Kumar Tanti

Bolaño’s The Return

Jo Shapcott’s Of Mutability

Pritish Nandy’s Again

10 questions on poetry & technology:
Eric Elshtain

The Book Depository map

Elizabeth Robinson
is the latest Fact-Simile trading card

An Iranian poet
articulating loss

August 5 in Philly:
Andrea Brady & Amy De’Ath

Labor Day Weekend in Oakland:
an all-star Labor Day event

Starting September 9,
an Olson study group in Gloucester

The Brooklyn Book Festival
will be September 12

Talking with Brian Clements

Benjamin Zephaniah in China

Does language influence culture?

Haiku as a way

Keetje Kuiper’s Beautiful in the Mouth

How sex disappeared from British fiction

Talking sex with Alice Fulton


William Golding:
“the name of our God is Random”

William Golding & Pearl Buck

20 attempts to answer one question:
a life of Montaigne

Vonnegut Library gets a grant
from the Lily Endowment

Talking with Marco Kunz

Kunz: 3 poems

How the Boston Poetry Marathon morphed
when it moved to SF

An account of this year’s Boston (Poetry) Marathon

An alternate history to the Marathon

A dissent to that alternate history

The importance of looking Ernest

The collector with 700 books,
all the same book

Robert Burlingame’s
Some Recognition of the Joshua Lizard

Women’s memoirs
in the wake of
Candace Bushnell

Talking with Adam Zdrodowski

5 poems by Zdrodowski

Anthony Doerr’s Memory Wall

Keeping the spirit of William Meredith alive

Don Paterson’s Rain

Charles Simic: Losing

Henri Cole: a quietist, selected

4 quietists look back on early work

Was Shakespeare Jewish?

Jeff Buckley & William Shakespeare,
together again

Chekov & his brother

Christopher Hitchens on J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger puts on his socks

Is the Booker a barometer
of the best writing?

The 15 biggest best-sellers ever
after the Bible

An email parody of Lorin Stein

Allen Fisher: The Art of Flight

Dennis Cooper is a charming man

Learn to swear like Jesus

Rick Moody: So it goes

The Booker Prize long list

Jonas Mekas on Peter Orlovsky, 1960

Talking with Krystalli Glyniadakis

Glyniadakis: 5 poems

Stieg Larsson:
Kindle’s first million seller

Who (& what) is an author
in the age of cut-&-paste?

Troy Jollimore on Gary Shteyngart

Sandra Doller, David Mills, Maureen McLane


book art in Walnut Creek

The Philadelphia Art Hotel

Only 246 days
to prepare for PIFA!

Talking with Michael Govan about LACMA

Here come the planes

Leonard Nimoy’s photographs

The Ansel Adams garage sale

The Gross Clinic restored

Currently in Barcelona,
Signs and Writing

Theater for one

Architecture of the sun

When less stopped being more

Nathaniel Ayers @ the White House

Nominate the next
NEA Jazz Masters

Djivan Gasparyan

Greil Marcus:
My Van Morrison

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats

A Mountain Goats sampler

Edith Piaf & the score for Inception

Merle Haggard:
Learning to Live with Myself

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Anne Rice has a revelation

Varieties of philosophical experience

The important thing

All of Derrida in 3 ¶s

an embittered, paranoid crank

Haoles in Hawaii

Are poets really this immature?

The death of Silliman’s comments section
is the end of civilization as we know it”

How to cultivate
valuable discussion online

Jennifer L. Knox on Comment Field Bullies

Shanna Compton on
Internet Disinhibition Disorder

Close-reading a troll

The comment cops

A sad day for trolls

The diminishment of “free speech”

I wish I had spoken up more

A civil tongue?

What’s up with Silliman’s Blog?:

All is not well in the comments stream

If you don’t think
there is hate speech in poetry . . .

Or this


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