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Ted Berrigan by Alex Katz

Ted Berrigan:

Remembering Leslie Scalapino:
Fanny Howe
Tim Atkins
Robert Grenier
Rob Holloway
Lisa Samuels
Caroline Bergvall
Peter Middleton
Barry Schwabsky
Stephen Ratcliffe
Carol Watts

Laura Hinton’s
How2 feature on Scalapino

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Bob Perelman & Charles Bernstein
close-reading Charles Olson

Reading William Empson
through David Markson, Italo Calvino &
of course Charles Olson

The 45th anniversary of
Olson’s unstoppable talk
at the Berkeley Poetry Conference

Olson in Berkeley

Stephen Burt:
Wake all the dead

Burt on C.K. Williams’ Whitman

Rae Armantrout on
San Diego’s “middle-American pathology”

Poetry Foundation’s iPhone app

Beat Power

Bhanu Kapil:
Notes for Ban: an infantile bank

Remembering Big Table

Edgar Allan Poe:
“Give us quietude”

Why the School of Q
is so quiet

The writing contest scam

What is a long poem?

Larry Eigner’s
corrected errata

An interview with W.S. Merwin

Catherine Meng & Thom Donovan
@ the (New) Reading Series
@ 21 Grand in Oakland

“How will I know when I make a mistake?”

Close reading flarf

Rachel Lavitsky: “Gaps and their Consequences”

Reading Pamela O’Shaugnessy

Talking with Pamela O’Shaugnessy

Some poems by O’Shaugnessy

July 29
at the Petrie Museum in London,
Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi

July 30 in Petaluma:
Rockpile & the Rabbles:
David Meltzer, Michael Rothenberg,
Clark Coolidge & more

Home & Away:
The Trans-Tasman Poetry Symposium
September 1-3 in Sydney

Partaw Naderi poetry podcast

Dalit lit

A century of obscenicons

Christopher Beach’s
Artifice & Indeterminacy:
An Anthology of New Poetics

Talking with Edward Smallfield
about Apogee Press

Gurney Halleck

Edward Sanders: Selected Poems

Tuli Kupferberg obit
in the London Telegraph

Typefaces matter

Edward Byrne: fond of fonts

Kindle e-books
are outselling hardcovers

You cannot give Kindles as gifts

The changing economy of e-books

Leveling the e-book playing field

Sharp to enter the e-reader market

The agent’s e-book editions

Publishers rage against Wylie

Authors bypass publishers

Wylie’s move is an Amazon coup

The end of publishing is near

Wylie: My kindle
is in a closet

Colin Robinson:
the trouble with Amazon

The art of slow reading

Sometimes it’s okay
to judge a book by its cover

Brian Turner’s war

Mark Young:
“A line from Ron Silliman”

55 years later, Howl still inspires

A tour through the letters
of Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac

Kerouac & Ginsberg:
Writes of passage

How Ginsberg’s photos
captured the Beats

Talking with Kyp Malone

The Kerouac School will remain intact

New York street poetry from
Frank O’Hara to Robert Samuel Snyderman

William James Austin:
Neither Ginsberg nor O’Hara

My dinner with Dubie

Lunch with Carson McCullers
(also Isak Dinesen & Marilyn Monroe)

Judge: make Kafka’s papers public

The Kafka-esque story
of Kafka’s manuscripts

You could call it The Trial

Poetry in the Genji

A profile of Ahsahta Press

Twain vs. Cooper,
Cather vs. Twain

Howard Norman’s epistolary novel

Technology & the novel
from Blake to Ballard

douche space bag

Wendell Berry’s Imagination in Place

Ideas that imprison us

Dublin: city of literature

Yet another Dickinson fantasy

The Voice of America on
Emily D.

Emily Dickinson in the Bronx

Patience & the small press

Tolstoy’s flight

The definitive Mad Men summer reading list

Don DeLillo in Yankee Stadium

Dodie Bellamy:
from Whistle While You Dixie

Kids poetry shouldn’t wimp out

The £6,000 Auden bargain

Neil Gaiman 101

The 2nd annual Maui Poetry Body Slam

The companionable presence of a book

Gangway 40: the expat edition

A brief survey of the short story

Rescuing “Pale Fire” from Pale Fire

The Vonnegut effect

The Great Gatsby video game

Daniel Nester
on amateur hour at the Paris Review

PoetryGate 2010

“The Rejectorinos


Dear Paris Review

When is an acceptance not an acceptance

The “dead poem society

It’s not the first time

The Equalizer offers to run everything

In which John Gallaher realizes
that big presses
are really small presses
with big money

Breaking “news” at the Paris Review

Jim Behrle has the comic version

arguably the first great work
of Irish poetic post-modernism

books pairing US & Kiwi authors

Vanessa Place: from The Gates

Bret Easton Ellis on David Foster Wallace

A victory for writing

Jo Shapcott:
“I’m not someone
chasing her own ambulance”

The Ivory Sweatshop

Ken Norris & Gary Thomas Morse
discuss After Jack
& the Canadian afterlife of Jack Spicer

Caroline Picard’s Wherecoyote

Joyce Carol Oates’
widowhood with literature

Philip Roth’s indignation

Yeats’ Selected Poems

Ten questions on poetry & technology:
Sandra Beasley
John Vick

Worth reading:
Roadrunner X:2

A New York Times grab-bag
of short poetry reviews

Mark Doty’s The Art of Description

Talking with Michael Kocinski

Katherine Mansfield’s “Candle”

The Charles Prize
for poems concerning health & medicine

Written in blood

Talking with Gordon Lish

Lives of the novelists:
E.M. Forster
Somerset Maugham

Yogananda &
“the prototypical hippie novel”

A history of canned laughter

Incantation by laughter

The library’s role in Inception

Old Spice & libraries

The library with a story to tell

Anne Carson + Raushan Mitchell:
making Nox dance

Tarkovsky’s films are now
free online

Conversations with Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar’s busy future

Snøhetta wins the SF MoMA competition

The “most important” buildings
of the past 30 years

Minimalism, Maximalism & what’s in between

A slideshow of great architecture

The power of The Gross Clinic

The Gross Clinic

Eakins at LACMA

75 reasons to live:
Stephen Hartman & Rudolf Frieling
on Felix Gonzales-Torres

75 reasons to live
Rex Ray & Kevin Killian
on Andy Warhol

Doug Ohlson has died

Charles Burchfield, homebody modernist

American art collectors
ripe for study

Frank Smigiel on David Hockney

Camper Contemporary

Vijay Iyer, Bill Morrison, Al Capone:
September 3
Eastern State Prison, Philadelphia

The Christgau method

Talking with Laurie Anderson

Celine, Blake & Jim Morrison

The Library is on Fire:
the band

Benedictine nuns
sign with Lady Gaga’s label

The Bible as source:
John the Revelator

The last protégé of Edward R. Murrow,
Daniel Schorr has died

What’s in Sammy Steward’s
“stud file



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