Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Recently Received

Books (Poetry)

Wendy Babiak, Conspiracy of Leaves, Plainview Press, Austin, 2010

Tada Chimako, Forest of Eyes, translated by Jeffrey Angles, University of California Press, Berkeley, 2010

Carrie Etter, Divinations, Punch Press, Buffalo, 2010

Andy Frazee, That the World Should Never Again Be Destroyed By Flood, New American Press, Fort Collins, CO, 2010

Whit Griffin, Pentateuch: The First Five Books, Skysill Press, Nottingham, UK 2010

Amy Holman, Wrens Fly Through This Opened Window, Somondoco Press, Shepherdstown, WV, 2010

Andrew Joron, Force Fields, art by Brian Lucas, Hooke Press, Oakland, 2010

Eileen Malone, I Should Have Given Them Water, Ragged Sky Press, Princeton, 2010

Nick-e Melville, Selections and Dissections, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia, 2010

Marianne Morris, So Few Richards, So Many Dicks, Punch Press, Buffalo, 2010


Books (Other)

Stephen Fredman, Contextual Practice: Assemblage and the Erotic in Postwar Poetry and Art, Stanford UP, Palo Alto, 2010

Henry Gould, The Well is Always There, self-published, Providence 2010



Damn the Caesars, vol. n (sic), Buffalo, 2010. Includes Michael Basinski & Ginny O'Brien, Chris Goode, Keston Sutherland, Justin Katko, Emily Critchley, Luke Roberts, Francesca Lisette, Dale Smith, Geoffrey Gatza, Josh Stanley, Frances Kruk, David Hadbawnik, Lisa Forrest, Carrie Etter, Francis Crot, Rosa Alcal√°, Allen Fisher, Pierre Joris, Dennis Tedlock, Steve McCaffery & Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi (translated by Rick London & Omnia Amin)

Milk, vol. 1, no. 1, Los Angeles, Summer 2010. Includes David Barker, Lisa Birman, Dave Donovan, Dan Fante, Nathan Graziano, Andrew Hilbert, Stephen Hines, Jordan Hurder, Justin Hyde, Richard Krech, Linda Lerner, Lyn Lifshin, Ellaraine Lockie, Gerald Locklin, Hosho McCreesh, Brian McGettrick, Brown Miller, Jack Moxie, Michael Phillips, Charles Plymell, M.P. Powers, William Taylor, Jr. and A.D. Winans


Other Media & Formats

Stacy Blint, 13 Golden Hooks, Saint Earl Press, Bellevue, KY, 2010. Chapbook in a vellum envelope with vellum overlays for many of the poems, ranging from drawings to holographs of the poem to unrelated (to my eye) vispo.

Mashinka Firunts, Semiospectacle, Includes Vaginal Davis, Lord Whimsy, Dr. Lucky, Jeremy J.F. Thomposn, Daniel Scott Snelson, Paolo Javier, Shonni Enelow, Steno Pool, Codexkammer, Grandpa Musselman & his Syncopators, the Minsky Sisters & a series of one-minute curatorial micro-lectures by Firunts. Catalog with CD (CD contains a press kit including a PDF of the book)


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