Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Photo by Alan Bernheimer

An interview with Rae Armantrout

6 new poems by Armantrout

Contextualizing Gerardo Diego’s
Handbook of Foams

Leslie Scalapino’s plural time

Lyric selfhood & Alzheimers

Pain & sentience

Susan M. Schultz at PennSound

Rachel Blau DuPlessis and the poetry of textual reverence

The Lemon Hound Literary Rule

Delmore Schwartz, reading

Stephen Burt
on poetry as political narcissism
in a time of real political need

Jordan Scott:
Flub and Utter

Jerome Rothenberg:
the anthology as manifesto

Tao Lin:
Interview questions I feel
interested / less interested
in answering

Dennis Cooper’s critical prose

Charles Bernstein’s “All the Whiskey in Heaven”

Doug Holder on Poets House

The relics of a poetic year

John Ashbery’s “Puff Piece”

Francisco Aragón’s
Glow of Our Sweat

The author in the age of the internet:
an LRB symposium online

Sexually abusing Emily Dickinson

In which certain silly critics
are taught to read

Gary Sullivan
is selling the original art
to his New Life poetry comics

Stephanie Strickland’s digital poetics

The electronic poetics of
Millie Niss & Martha Deed

Writers are getting
screwed in e-book deals

Will tablets render e-readers obsolete?

Tom Clark’s Vallejo

Clive James on Dunstan Thompson

Neeli Cherkovski at 65

The poetry of Gunnar Ekelöf

3 new translations of Ekelöf

Ed Sanders:
10 Glyphs for 2010

NY Times obit of Tuli Kupferberg

Associated Press:
Anti-war rocker dies

CLMP’s Lit Mag Adoption program
for creative writing classes

What if Lee Siegel is right?

Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom
will be the Big Hoo-Haw @ Xmas

Anti-imperial Twain

Twain’s autobiography
doesn’t disappoint

Twain on PBS Newshour

Bishop in love

Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie
on Harper Lee

The other tales
of Monroeville, Alabama

A late start for Borders e-books

Audiobooks – lend me your ears

What kind of laureate will Merwin be?

Merwin’s DC roots
can be found at St. Elizabeths

Merwin “is the right choice”

Robert Parker &
the ballad of the sad chair

Derek Walcott reading

No easy answers in © debate

The man who wrote Lord of the Flies

Barbara Ras’ The Last Skin

This one’s fun
to read aloud

Michael Walsh’s The Dirt Riddles

Stieg Larsson’s fourth manuscript

The role of poetry
in religious knowledge

Charles Simic on the death penalty

CNN gets culture: Icon

A Washington Post series
on Baltimore’s art scene

Russians convicted, fined
over “forbidden art” show

Larry Rivers’ daughter
wants archives to return
private pictures

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski:
“riveting but retro”

Eleanor Morse,
founder of the Dalí Museum,
has died

Harvey Pekar has died

The art scene: Leaving Los Vegas

More signs of a troubled art market

Rouge awakening in Hyde Park

The Fisher collection previewed at SF MoMA

Oldenburg’s paintbrush
coming to Philadelphia

Jack Goldstein in the OC

fiber optic tapestry

Math busking as performance art

Dennis Hopper’s “Double Standard” –
what might have been

Leonard E. Jones’
AACM Photobook

Dorothea Lasky on Stevie Nicks

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercise:
AIDS snow family

Welcome to the Slavoj Žižek Show

On the occasion of Don Share
not seeing the big deal about
Slavoj Žižek
but loving to see him host SNL

George Lakoff:
disaster messaging

Does gravity exist?

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