Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Kerouac students organize
to save the writing program at Naropa

Anne Waldman & Lisa Birman on the situation at Naropa

Twitter stream in solidarity with Naropa’s writing program

Austerity in literature

Emma Cocker: “Open City”

Why isn’t a short poem considered ambitious?

Rob Fitterman’s Collective Task

Joan Retallack’s Fourth of July

Retallack on alternative poetries,
alternative pedagogies

Retallack on Leslie Scalapino

Laura Hinton on Scalapino

Camille Martin:
Remembering remembering
Leslie Scalapino

Embracing interplay
of life and time”

Rachel Levitsky on Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino’s Rhythmic Intensities

Rae Armantrout: “Errands”

Kenneth Rexroth’s columns for the San Francisco Examiner

Approaching Roy Fisher

Introducing Michael Gottlieb

Richard Krech on IBM cut-ups in 1966

Brandon Brown:
Poetry, art & the transformation of social space

The rise of Dalit Lit

Bay Area scene report:
Mrs Dalloway’s

Donald Wellman:
“My Life, Tangent to the Charles Olson Circle”

This year’s Pew Fellows
(click on the pix to see videos of their work)

The Poets House Showcase

Book bloggers catch on with publishers

Arthur Nussbaum’s Third Mind Books

This Ain’t the Rosedale Library
ain’t a sustainable bookstore either

A sweet obit of Peter Orlovsky

Weird mis-conceptions about poetry

You’re a poet, you say?

Dickens’ doc collar, Jane Austen’s hair

Susan Stewart on Borges’ poems

Learning from WCW

How a Jeremy Larner novel
led a motion picture directed by Jack Nicholson
to takes its title from a poem by
Robert Creeley

Introducing Michael S. Hennessey

Traveling with the romantics

Saramago’s cantankerous blog

Jimmy Schuyler: Me, me, me

Opium as De Quincey’s competitive advantage

Literary references in Lost

David Trinidad: The Patty Duke Show:
The Complete First Season

Unexpected literary references

London, July 7,
translation workshop with Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi
(Other events involving African poetry in London here)

July 7 – September 11,
Poems & Pictures: A Renaissance
in the Art of the Book

(1946 – 1981)

July 17 in Vancouver
Louis Cabri:
Negotiating the social bond of poetics
(plus a reading, same location, the night before)

The Wooster Group & Seamus Heaney
will be at this year’s
Edinburgh Fringe Fest,
August 4 – 29

October 8 – 10,
Olson in Gloucester
(scroll down)

Introducing Kristin Prevallet


Ish Klein: Counting People

Where improv leads

Zukofsky & the violence of objects

Zukofsky & modernism

Allegedly difficult books: Delany’s Dhalgren

Language (about) poetry:
a 3,612-word apologia

D.A. Powell on symmetry

Donna Stonecipher’s “White Mouth”

A PBS interview with W.S. Merwin

Sirious’ Poetry from New Laureate”

Curtis Faville on Merwin

Margaret Diehl on W.S. Merwin

On Merwin & Paul Carroll

& more on Paul Carroll

Louise Gl├╝ck’s A Village Life

Plans for a poetry plaza
in Lancaster, PA

10 questions on poetry & technology:
Dave Bonta

Pascale Petit’s Frida Kahlo poems

Harry E. Northup’s Red Snow Fence

The death of the Paris Review

The Louisville-Prague connection

Matterhorn Peak’s Mt. Whitney Poem:
a collaboration of sorts

Maybe they should have scaled Mt. Silliman
(the Google route is a masterpiece of indirectness)

Introducing Dorothea Lasky

Looking for Larkin

Ray Bradbury in LA

Nabokov in Berlin

Fox News attacks Chicago libraries

Libraries have a novel idea:
e-books of o.p. classics

Stores see Google as ally
in e-book market

In the world of e-books,
how to define success

Older readers
driving e-book adoption

The ink / pixel divide

Karyna McGlynn’s
I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl

Asher Ghaffar’s Wasps in a Golden Dream
Hum a Strange Music

Kids Can Learn the Power of Poetry

Helen Vendler on C.K. Williams’ On Whitman
(a true neophobe, she declares herself against the Sixties)

C.K. Williams: “The Music”

Music brings life to Big Sur doc

Talking with Jennifer Egan

Andrew Motion on Anne Carson

Introducing Jake Levine

2 haiku by Buson

Peter Didsbury’s “A Fire Shared”

15 feisty small presses

Sharon Doubiago’s My Father’s Love

Adam O’Riordan In the Flesh

Best pianos in literature

Music of the spheres

2 books by Nick Lantz

Fiction is dead!

Long live fiction!

It’s the American novel that’s died

Harper Lee talks to a reporter,
just not about you-know-what

Rick Moody’s salute to Kurt Vonnegut

Rereading The Broom of the System

Neil Gaiman forgets that
every sentence is a narrative

A novel about a poet’s daughter

Is believability important?

12 worst book titles ever

Alfred Kazin on William & Henry James

Poetry critics: professionals vs. amateurs

The lives of Jack London

Age is more than a number in literature

The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut

Why are novelists such bad playwrights?

Death of the trade-press literati

Radio play + Poets Theatre = Emma Thompson
& Alan Rickman doing Christopher Reid on the BBC

Kate Durbin’s The Ravenous Audience

Susan Tichy’s Gallowglass

Mary Jo Bang’s The Bride of E

Recent Irish verse

Tim Waterstone’s novel
recounts book world treachery

Books in the age
of digital reproduction

Talking with Lance Olsen

Bad poetry can sustain you
when read aloud by Morgan Freeman

Frederick Seidel’s “Downtown”

Talking with Ginny Lowe Connors

Magnificent Maps at the British Library

Talking with Czeslaw Milosz

“My hero Robert Lowell

Benny Powell has died

The sex life of Andy Warhol

Giorgione’s clouds at 500

The Sleeping Venus

Talking with Chuck Close

James Rosenquist on painting

Peter Schjeldahl: mystical realism

The prison photography of Deborah Luster

Early women filmmakers

The Bechdel Test

Jean-Luc Nancy’s The Fall of Sleep

A specter is haunting Europe

Laurel & Hardy meet Santana