Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jennifer Moxley:
Fragments of a Broken Poetics

Poetry, language & the visual arts

Innovative Women’s Poetry at Greenwich

Dorothea Lasky’s Poetry is Not a Project

Talking with Norman Fischer

Marthe Reed & Chris McCreary
& interview one another

Talking with Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout
vs. the velvet rope line of ellipticism

Obamas & Armantrout
at the National Book Festival

Designing a page
fit for a winner of the Pulitzer

Reading John Wieners

Chris Tysh, from Molloy, the Flip Side

Talking with Ken Edwards

Tagore turns 150

Wayne Montecalvo: 4 performance videos

Rethinking Lucia Joyce

Steve Fama on Garrett Caples

Ange Mlinko
on Anne Finch,

Countess of Winchilsea

Talking with Marie Ponsot

Chris Stroffolino’s Light as a Fetter

Remembering Antonio Giarraputo

If the Royals (KC, that is) were poets

Seth Abramson’s School of Quietude:
poems (if not poetry) at the end of history

& furthermore

Todd Swift:
This is really about the lyric Self

Are we smart enough for contemporary art?

Charlie Rose by Samuel Beckett

John Latta on New Poetry 1963

Basil King @ 75

Ugly Duckling turns into digital swan

Talking with Robert Hass

Yeats vs. Millay

14 first editions that sold big at auctions

Tin House-gate?

Poetry, publishing & the internet

A Kickstarter page for
Fiona Templeton’s Bluebeard
(working title)

The Gloucester Writers Center
has raised $84k
toward purchasing Vincent Ferrini’s house

Little Charlie Goes to Gloucester

Is Charles Olson postmodern?

Michael McClure’s Mysteriosos

An Australian obit for Peter Orlovsky

2 new poems from Phillip Foss

A profile of Eugene Ostashevsky

6 poems by Dan Gerber

CFP: The Alphabet

Guillevic’s Geometries

The official Scarriet poetry test

I’m not the only poet
who gets trash talked on the web

The poet is a scarecrow

Reinventing the library

Anything is possible
when you’re in the library

Libraries spared
in Philly budget cuts

UCLA’s rare-book library
located in Jefferson Park

The fastest bookmobile ever

The book case you will want to live in

The lure of writers’ houses

Luxury lit: books for $75K

e-books don’t handle poetry well

The E-book Ugly Stick

Will poems ever work in e-books?

Harriet checks it out

Hamlet’s Blackberry

An excerpt
in an exacerbating format


Making e-texts easier to teach

Tiny books in Edinburgh

A case for prefacing poetry

New York’s street corner poets

Teaching poetry to passers-by

Why the Tea Party has no poets

Talking with Matt Hart

A senryu group in Los Angeles

Did Emily Dickinson have epilepsy?

David Buuck & Juliana Spahr:
from an ongoing collaboration

Wendell Berry’s Imagination in Place

The threat as a literary form

Mark Scroggins on Charles Bernstein

Joyce Carol Oates, the critic

The state of your colon

Which words disturb you?

Did JG Ballard predict Facebook?

I Write Like goes viral

I write like
David Foster Wallace

I Write Like

Tan Lin’s Appendix
is free as a download

Allen Ginsberg’s
best writing tips ever

Bill Morgan’s Beat franchise

Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsberg: The Letters

John Ashbery’s best quotes

W.S. Merwin’s Hawaiian ties

Chicago Park District
prevents man from
giving away free books

A dog days’ reading list

Wordsworth on polytunnels

William Wordsworth’s newest fan

William Faulkner goes online

Faulkner at Virginia: An Audio Archive

Scary old Poe

How to write Sapphics

How to survive as a small publisher

Robert Binks’ illustrations for Ogden Nash

What is the best bookstore
left in Long Beach?

Jake Berry & Chris Mansel in conversation

From Toothpaste Press to Coffee House Books

Mark Twain: “Concerning the Interview”

Willa Cather: “Mark Twain is a Slob”

Can Mark Twain revive Granta?

Flarf in Minnesota

Jhon Baker would be against flarf
if he could figure out what it is

Canadian laureates
gather in Halifax

One laureate
who takes the role totally seriously

Peggy Heinrich’s Santa Cruz haiku

Haiku elevator

A history of the “slush pile

Auden’s page on Vicipædia

Jo Shapcott’s Of Mutability

Conrad Diodato on Ed Baker

A profile of Bob Hicock

The Letters of Louis MacNeice

Karl Kempton on the visual poems of
Alexander Jorgensen

James Wood on David Mitchell

Billy Collins on Emily Dickinson

Ange Mlinko: The Everyday Oblique

Books as mirrors

Who remembers Shirley Jackson?

The Old Girls’ Club

Harry Northup’s “Friendships in Market”

Lawyers open Kafka’s vault

Rewriting the lives of the Brontës

Who is Sergey Mikhaylov?

Yevtushenko gives house & art to Russia

Denis Johnson’s papers go to Texas

John Oliver Simon:
translating Alberto Blanco

Translating Santoka

William T. Vollmann, Miles Davis,
Jean-Luc Godard
& Jack Kerouac

walked into a bar…

Unfolding Anne Carson’s Nox

Thomas Lynch:
“The Life of Fiction”

Celebrating AC Bradley

The difficult texts bin

Neruda’sArs Magnetica

Ernest Hemingway,
the shoe

Douglas Coupland,
the jacket

July 27 in Manhattan,
James Sherry reads at SEA

July 31 in Ancram, NY:
John Ashbery’s
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

for six voices

August 17 in Berkeley,
A Tonalists @ Moe’s

What the FCC?
(Somewhere George Carlin is smiling)

Louis Bury, Subway Poems

Paul Harding’s post-Pulitzer life

John Palattella
on Sylvia Beach & G
ünter Eich
(subscription required)

Best literary criticism of a Twitter feed

Digging Shakespeare

Reduced Shakespeare

A profile of James R. O’Gara

Howard Norman’s What is Left the Daughter

Howard Norman
at the intersection of two endangered forms:
the letter & the novel

More changes for poetry at The Paris Review

& a response from unhappy
former contributors

Wall Street Journal columnist
recommends shorting Amazon

What the British trades think
is the “hot list” of new lit mags

Buying local invests in the community

Will short-sellers sink for-profit colleges?

The Karl Rove Book Club

Here comes
The LA Review of Books

Making a Granta cover

80 years of book covers
at Faber & Faber

Harvey Pekar’s “last wish”

Mornings like this

Tom Clark on Pekar

Christopher Nolan’s latest dreamscape

Michael Winterbottom & the uses of violence

Hopi wisdom, womanist poetry & grizzly bears

Urban art smackdown:
Eye vs. The Bean

America’s best street photographer,
Zoe Strauss,
is On the Beach

Barry Schwabsky:
The Changinge Light at Craneway

To whom do the films of
Emma Tamburlini belong?

Mona Lisa & her 30 layers

Why Caravaggio?

A new Caravaggio

Talking with Barry Schwabsky

Radical Matisse

Bathers by a River

The School of Quietude in paint”

Stephen Kanner has died

Roger Ebert:
The image of a man you do not see

Over the River:
the first Environmental Impact Report
just for a work of art

Fred Lerdahl:
Cognitive Constraints on Compositional Systems

Daniel Johnston & the archive of pain

Wolfgang Thompson’s Anne
sets Sexton to music

Laurie Anderson, performing Homeland

A Blakean Year

Lou Reed spoofing Bob Dylan

It’s not dark yet,
but it’s getting there

Paoli, PA’s most famous resident
celebrates 50th anniversary of
The Twist

Who was Derrida?

Growing up Cajun & the uses of the exotic

Is that a Higgs boson?

The ship at Ground Zero

Tenure, RIP

You could have
The Museum of Science & Industry
as your roommate?