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Who’s that on the cover of Poetry this month?

Iamb What Iamb

After decades as one of Chicago’s signature poets,
Paul Hoover finally appears in Poetry

Area Sneaks’ Visual Poetry Forum

Talking with Bevery Dahlen

Bev Dahlen & the Writing of the Real

the different body
& “the ideal landscape
from which to write a poetry that is
broken, disjointed or fragmented”

Ange Mlinko: my poetry illiberalism

The American Peacock

Lara Glenum:
Welcome to the Gurlesque

Abigail Child:
Form & Content

Lynn Behrendt:
For Leslie Scalapino

SPD remembers Leslie Scalapino

NY Times obit of Andrei Voznesensky

Jean Toomer & Our Poets

The Charles Olson Conference in Vancouver
is this week!!

Charles Olson Facebook page

Little Charlie Goes to Gloucester

An investigative poetics of West Bromwich

Laura Elrick’s Stalk & the poetics of spatial practice

Rodrigo Toscano & Natalie Knight:
Conditions of Poetic Production & Reception
(Parts 1 & 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

LA Times obit of Peter Orlovsky

David Amram remembering Orlovsky

Poetry is not all “tosh & twaddle

The Wall Street Journal discovers flarf

Jim Behrle on flarf in the WSJ

Sharon Mesmer: Hello to the apocalypse

Flarf: the computer is the horizon

Flarf vs. hip-hop:
What’s the racial subtext?

Flarf Canto 9: Chicken Wit

Rob’s Word Shop comes to a close

10 questions on poetry & technology:
Chris Hamilton-Emery
Ren Powell
Collin Kelly
Amy King

Alan Davies on the need for negative criticism

Nick Piombino on the negativity
of Alan Davies

How language writing got its period.

Pedro Alvarez on John Ashbery

Talking with Harryette Mullen

Vanessa Place’s Allegory & the Archive

San Wei released from prison in Burma

Donald Sheehan has died

Remembering Rane Arroyo

Elliott Bay Books
has survived the move
from Pioneer Square

The 2010 Poets House Showcase is coming up
(hint: your book[s] should be there!)

31 new poemfilms
from Rabbit Light Movies
from Donald Revell (97 seconds)
to Lisa Robertson (11+ minutes)

Steve Benson:
Medium & Margin:
Multiplying Methodologies & Proliferating Poetics

Talking with Alice Notley

Rodrigo Toscano: “Great Awakening”

Openned News Zine 2

Eshleman’s energy

Peter Middleton:
The Longing of the Long Poem

John Wiener’s A New Book from Rome

A profile (with poems) of Richard Krech

The latest from
the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre
includes lots on NZ-Australia collaboration

So who are the young British poets?

Pam Brown’s True Thoughts

Logan Ryan Smith: In a State

Trying to save vanishing languages

how fast can a word become a word?

Chantez-vous français?

Fady Joudah: “Who Has No Land Has No Sea”

Ron Slate: “Questionnaire to the Dead”

Swedish author Henning Mankell
was on the Gaza flotilla

More on radical poetics & secular Jewish culture

Reactionary poetics & secular Jewish culture
(Harvard v. Yale)

Talking with Jennifer Moxley

Anarchy & Derivative Poetics
in John Cage & Robert Duncan

The “working-class avant-garde

Art & the modeling of a Commons
(“Corporations are people too”)

Michael McClure’s Mysterioso

Talking with Dan Beachy-Quick

Talking with rob mclennan

Wendell Berry: poisoning Kentucky

Tom Pow & Europe’s disappearing villages

Talking with Susan Wicks

John Gallaher:
From the Notebooks
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Ben Lerner & Aaron Kunin in conversation

Mark Scroggins:
What I saw at the American Literature Association

Talking with Millicent Borges Accardi

Alice’s lost chapter

For $250, you can walk across
the Brooklyn Bridge
in the 15th annual Poets House Bridge Walk

Revisiting the Chicago school

Photos from the symposium

Adjectival poetry

Things to do in Coimbra

June 4 in Sussex,
Beckett, Blanchot & Philosophy

June 8, between Philly & Camden,
Lorine Niedecker over tidal water

June 14, Bloomsbury, London:
Michael Horovitz on
Allen Ginsberg, Kathleen Raine &
Frances Horovitz:

Spiritual Partners

August 8 – 13, Björklunden, Wisconsin,
Niedecker in the woods

Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day

Kathy. Ack.

Illustrating Blood Meridian

Retranslating Simone de Beauvoir

Judith Thurman’s introduction

The Second Sex, chapter 1

A whole new meaning to
poetry slam

Scarriet’s latest “Po-Biz Hot 100
is 67% male

Top ten literary “guys with issues”:
Peter Pan, Holden Caufield, Dean Moriarty
& Frank Delsa?

Kingsley Amis on John Keats

The dangers of depicting the living

“It’s all fiction!”

Freedom of speech, the Governator
& the future of video games

Talking with Dan Chiasson

Geof Huth’s letter poems:
one per day for one year

Talking with Susan Deer Cloud

Adapting Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman speaking fee: $45,000

But Sarah Palin gets $75K from Cal State

Palin vs. Frost vs. Andrew Sullivan

Frost’s Relationship with Nature”

Really bad book titles

“I told the poet there were clichés
in my poem…”

Literacy as a specialization

The squeeze on libraries
is a squeeze on literacy

Tricking the kids into reading

Oxford ends the one-word essay

Talking with Christian Bök

Why the past is past

Terrance Hayes is hardly Lightheaded

Shadow Selves (Conjunctions)

Silliman sightings on Al Filreis’ blog

Huidobro / Silliman

Norman Fischer: “Silliman Pass Song”

Silliman Pass

Emily Dickinson’s Garden

Franz Wright:
“If the Catastrophe Goes On”

Jonathan Mayhew’s apartment has burned

Poetics of Colour
(Clark’s Rimbaud)

Ed Baker on Albert Huffstickler

The Nepostist

The Rumpus Book Club
has some lively choices,
including Tao Lin

Upcoming workshops at the Millay Colony

CA Conrad’s inimitable Somatic Poetry Workshop
July 11 in Philadelphia

Harvey Shapiro on the Poets of World War 2

Pritish Nandy:
Everyone should write poems

Poetry & Cultural Studies

Why Richard Greene should win
the Griffin Poetry Prize

Who will win the Griffins?

The Griffin turns 10

And the Lambdas go to….

The Trillium short lists

Allen Ginsberg Tips for Writers

Carol Ann Duffy to judge
the John Lennon Poetry Contest

Celebrating Josef Brodsky

Poets apologizing for Cuba

A poetry fest in Oslo

Poems about literary festivals?

Openned’s book table at London’s Café 1001

Paul Green: “Escape from Radial City”

Paul Ruffin’s New & Selected Poems

Why Les Murray doesn’t want the Nobel Prize
(As if…)

“My father’s first cousin, Vita Sackville-West…”

Post-Bolaño Mexican noir fiction

World’s smallest bookstore?

A profile of Ottowa’s Collected Works

People Reading – the blog

Curling up with a good e-reader?

As important as the e-reader
is the e-bookstore attached

The Texas AG is looking at e-book pricing

Brazos Bookstore owner
seeks to defeat the Texas AG

Publishers pine for a universal e-book format
(Hint: it’s called PDF)

How come all e-books are ugly?

Nadine Gordimer:
Books beat screens

Micawber vs. the Visigoths

Steve Jobs meets Shakespeare

15 journalists have been murdered
in the first five months of 2010

A syllabus for a course on
Rethinking the 20th Century Ukranian Canon

A prettier front end to Gutenberg

Major papers all believe
they have built their last printing plant

The Pandigital Novel,
the Android e-reading that could

The iPad arrives in the UK

If Globish were an e-book

Speaking through verse

It’s a book, Jackass

In the UK, children are more likely
to own phones
than books

Book thieves go for the good stuff

At BEA, anxiety amid the chatter

The BEA on PBS

The new BEA

BEA welcomes e- books

Scott McLemee’s BEA report

ABA membership actually climbs for once

Functional hyperlinks in printed books

Debating the future of publishing

For some in publishing,
digital is just too much

Publishing & university prestige

For sale:
signed copy of first Sherlock Holmes novel

Charles Tomlinson making hay

Shopping for books at the Hay Festival

Poetry International & the Poetry Foundation
create a joint venture

Sean Haldane:
Poetry has more capacity to change people
than psychotherapy

The Secret Lives of Someset Maugham

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man:
Anne Carson’s agent

The lives of Jack London

Nico Vassilakis’ latest visual poems are alive!

“America’s Most Prominent Emerging Poets
Respond to the Obama Administration”

The Girl with the Personal Pronoun

Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Larsson’s Sweden

50th anniversary for Harper Lee’s
one-hit wonder

Talking with Madison Smartt Bell

David Foster Wallace: Wish you were here

Reading David Foster Wallace’s “John Billy”

Justin Cronin’s The Passage

Wolgast had been to the Compound only once…”

Novelist James Fogle revisits an old plot

Break-up poetry from Melissa Etheridge’s ex-

Kermode’s Forster

Garrison’s Keillor’s “latest twaddle”
is not everyone’s cup o’ tea

Up for auction:
The James S. Copley Library: Arts & Sciences,
including the Mark Twain Collection

Waiting 100 years for Twain’s autobiography

The Pope’s private library

Having tea with the censors

Can poetry save your relationship?

Emily Kendal Frey & Zachary Schomberg’s
OK, Goodnight

An American at the Bolshoi

The joy of rigor

Talking with Joel Forrester
of the Microscopic Septet

The Stanford Laptop Orchestra

Busting Stravinsky

Glyn Maxwell:
writing an opera about dementia

The Lion’s Face

Springsteen on Pinsky,
Pinsky on Springsteen

Neil Young
is singing the new stuff

Frank Zappa, classical composer

Pete Seeger TV

When musicians boycott countries

Best Screenplay at Cannes goes to Poetry

The perfect motion picture for a character
named Seamus Muldoon

Talking with John Waters

Mr. Common Sense

RIP, Dennis Hopper

Talking (for 87 minutes) with Patti Smith
(available in multiple formats)

Vaclev Havel: back to playwriting

A healthy time for UK art

Go figure

Contemporary artist action figures

Is Mr. Brainwash visual flarf?

John Yau on Ann Mikolowski’s pocket portraits

Yves Klein at the Hirshhorn

Mira Schor on Louise Bourgeois

NY Times obit of Bourgeois
with the standard slide show

Louise Bourgeois
brought nudity to Seattle

Sitting with Marina Abramovic

Site-specific art installations
at the San Francisco Presidio

Students needed at the Whitney
to recreate Baldessari’s
I Will Not…

On the poetry & art writing of Eileen Myles

London arts editors:
get out more!

RIP, Deborah Remington

I saw the best minds of my generation
& took photos

Remember the Polaroid!

A caption poetics

Peter Schjeldahl:
How Leo Castelli changed the world

Aboriginal paintings may be 40,000 years old

Sculpture in Chelsea now

Banksy’s poisoned valentine to street art

Detroit gallery hides Banksy work after threats

Urs Fischer in Greenwich, CT

A new Whitney for downtown Manhattan

The Inky’s monument
to the Barnes Foundation heist

Voyeurism at the Tate

The museums of Turkey

Poets in collage
in Manhattan thru June 27

Governors Island as artists’ space

The godfather of American architecture

My dress, my text

© law & the world of fashion

Who owns Mendel’s manuscript?

Martine Bellin: “Visioning Red:
After Seeing C.G. Jung’s The Red Book”

Frege’s Philosophy of Language

Frege & the Logic of Sense & Reference

Husserl’s Phenomenology

Heidegger & a poetics of matter

On Becoming Aware:
A Pragmatics of Experiencing

The humanities go Google

Text, context, subtext
of a Washington “scoop”

For-profit college prez fired
over handling of language incident

17 Reasons!

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