Friday, June 18, 2010


This weekend in New York City

Two performances of
Flow-Winged Crocodile: A Noh Play
by Leslie Scalapino

Directed by Fiona Templeton,
with Katie Brown, Stephanie Silver and Julie Troost.

Dance by Molissa Fenley.
Music by Joan Jeanrenaud.
Projected drawings by Eve Biddle.
Technical director: Ray Roy III.

& Monday @ the Poetry Project,
A memorial reading for Leslie
with Petah Coyne, Simone Fattal, Joan Retallack,
Charles Bernstein, Susan Bee, Ann Lauterbach,
Susan Howe, Paolo Javier, Molissa Foley,
Fiona Templeton, Laura Elrick, Rodrigo Toscano,
Steve Clay, Rachel Levitsky, Susan Landers,
James Sherry, Brenda Iijima, Pierre Joris,
Judith Goldman, E. Tracy Grinnell & Tom White


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