Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Juliana Spahr:
Rethinking poetics

John Keene:
A Poem-Report

Rebecca Wolf:
The personal vs. “social poetics”

Stephanie Young’s “Repoport”

Marjorie Perloff’s response to Stephanie Young

K. Silem Mohammad’s post-conference thoughts

Nada Gordon:
“you can’t rethink poetics…very well…
in the same old theatre of power”

Joshua Clover:
“where all dialectical thought begins –
with Silliman’s blog”
(reg. req.)

Josh Corey:
on not rethinking poetics

On really not rethinking poetics:
the Oxford Poetry Professorship goes to Geoffrey Hill

After a rough campaign, a new professor

A year of campaigning
complete with dirty tricks

Michael Horovitz: Roger Lewis is unqualified

Hill is no scandal

Lone female candidate quits

Paula Claire withdraws

A bitter battle for poetry prof

When titans (cough) clash

I wuz robbed

Inside the circus

Why couldn’t it at least have been
Bette Davis eyes?


From bad to verse

Is Flarf corrosive?
(close reading Sharon Mesmer)

Slow readers of the world, unite!

These are the sounds of silence

Toronto bookstore threatened with closure

Portugal bids an emotional farewell
to José Saramago

NPR obit on José Saramago

Talking with José Saramago

RIP Saramago

BBC obit

Businessweek obit

Saramago’s blog
(in Portuguese)

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Celebrating Dallas Wiebe

Susan Orlean:

Orlean’s list

Real time:
(reg. req.)

Natasha Trethewey, reading

Robin Tremblay-McGaw on Mahmoud Darwish

The women who begat modernism

William Burroughs: How to write a best seller

The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative

Tangier Cut-Up

Defining the New:
Experiments & Innovations in English Studies,
October @ Ohio State

In the Land of Invented Languages

rob mclennan on New American Writing

Rita Dove, reading

Talking with Jason Koo

From a collaboration between
Dan Beachy-Quick & Srikanth Reddy

The first poet to understand brand:
Walt Whitman

John Olson’s The Nothing That Is

You mean we don’t?

Discussing the turn

David Foster Wallace:
“The point of books
is to combat loneliness”

The New Bohemians

Poetry, politics, the Post Office

Kerouac’s bridge to be torn down

Following Kerouac’s map

Kerouac’s last typewriter is for sale

The apartments where O’Hara once lived

Robert Pinsky: Modernism & memory

The Trillium Book Award finalists

The picture of Our Poets

Tom Clark: 11 poems

Don Paterson on the future of poetry

Self-published books swamp the trades

Eileen Myles’ The Importance of Being Iceland

4 new poetry anthologies

Kay Ryan in Key West

Street corner poets in San Francisco

Nadine Gordimer’s nonfiction

20 more under 40

Hardback sales rose 49% year-to-year in April

Jill Magi on mentoring

Vincent Katz on Ann Lauterbach

Ange Mlinko on Jimmy Schuyler

Cynthia Hogue on Laura Hinton

Robert Grenier on Larry Eigner

Henry Gould on Gabriel Gudding

On N.H. Pritchard

Rusty Morrison’s Whethering

Dutch novel wins the IMPAC award

Chalk Editions’ free ebooks

Scholarly publishers
struggle with ebooks

Tina Chang, reading

Wallpapering the world

Talking with Elizabeth Spires

Some summer reading
(from the Scottish Poetry Library)

Turn your favorite book
into a really stupid necklace

Two poems by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann

John M. Bennett’s Neolipic

John Gallaher’s Cake for the Groom

Lisa Jarnot’s Some Other Kind of Mission

Paolo Javier, Poet Laureate of Queens

Reading Anis Shivani backwards

William Logan:
6 Quietists

8 “essential” Quietists, UK edition

Billy Collins, reading in Key West

John Latta:
“To Stupidity” & 4 other poems

Who are the contemporary surrealists?

Gibran & the counterculture of the 60s

The Tao of Wendell Berry

Robert Creeley’s best work
is now available in French

On the Road Around the World

Protecting the world from Emily Dickinson

Many, many photos
of Emily Dickinson’s house

Burt Kimmelman’s As If Free

Matthea Harvey, reading

What Terry Pratchett’s writing

Punching a hole in reality

A profile of Carlos Ávila

Dale Herd & David Schaff

Bobbi Lurie on Amy King

Live, from City Lights

Selling literary letters

A Twain manuscript goes for $242,000

Paul Muldoon, reading

A digital variorum edition
of Ezra Pound’s Cantos

e-readers & poetry

Whatever happened to the e-reader tsunami?

Do you like your e-reader?
6 takes

Consumer Reports on e-readers:
simpler is better

A profile of Visant Abaji Dahake

A profile of Giovanni’s Room

Hub City Bookshop

Normal’s Books is anything but…

Boswell Books of Milwaukee

Simply Books of Pocklington, UK

Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path

Blog of Poetry International 2010

A profile of Abraham Lincoln Gillespie, Jr.

Talking with Dani Couture

Pablo Medina on The Moe Green Poetry Show

Between translation & interpretation

Andrew Duncan on the School of London

Anatole Knotek’s Rotated Alphabet

How to survive as an independent bookshop

Will BP kill indie bookstores on the Gulf Coast?

BP Wants Twitter to Shut Down:
A Flarf in 22 Tweets

3 of Rane Arroyo’s last poems

An obit in the Guardian for David Chaloner

Ten poems read by David Chaloner

A profile of Harry Crosby

On John Clare

The secret archive of J.G. Ballard

only poetry can counter
the Big Lie of power

A profile of Peter Cater

Textism & English

Talking with Howard Norman

Launching the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Two books by Ben Mazer

A profile of Håkan Sandell

Talking with Laressa Dickey

The Writers Union of Canada
seeks Executive Director
(reg. req.)

John Kinsella’s Post-Colonial

John Kinsella’s Divine Comedy:
Journeys Through a Regional Geography

A profile of Stefan Hertmans

June 26 in Brooklyn,
Linebreak: Poetics of Iran

June 28 thru July 31,
Battery Park, Manhattan,
the 18th annual Poets House Showcase

June 30 in Berkeley,
Stephen Ratcliffe & Robert Grenier

Talking with Eric of Pimp My Novel

The 15th annual Poets Walk
over the Brooklyn Bridge
is a big fundraiser for Poets House

Deborah Poe on Matthew Klane

A profile of Anne Shaw

2 essays by Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Book apps get curiouser & curiouser

Apple reverses Ulysses
censorship ruling

The Jewish Ulysses

Jeanette Winterson
on her favorite picture of a woman reading
(note: it’s the Molly Bloom chapter!)

on competing with coffee conglomerates

Reading Ulysses
one word at a time
(just keep clicking on the word)

What happens on Bloomsday

Why the manuscript for Ulysses
resides in Philadelphia

Joyce as Ulysses

Poetry’s Ulysses:
All the Whiskey in Heaven

Charles Bernstein’s Experimental Writing Seminar:
Syllabus & Class Projects

Bernstein in Banff

Bernstein down under

Interview & reading in Australia

JBunce on Bernstein & the Obama anthology

Deconstructing Bernstein (in French)

A 24-hour read-in to protest library cuts

Volunteers shouldn’t run libraries

The plagiarism tariff

A profile of Robin Fulton

Talking with Elmore Leonard

2 new movies from the novels of
Philip K. Dick

Or perhaps Jim Thompson

Talking with Michael Winterbottom
about The Killer Inside Me

Will film of Atlas Shrugged
be even worse than the book?

A profile of Michael Riley

California says no
to publisher rip-offs

3 graves for Anthony Burgess

Tony Judt on words

Confessions of a first-edition junky

A profile of Allyssa Wolf

Justice Dept. to look at
use of surveillance of reading
in counter terror measures

Melville on surfing

Gulliver goes to Prague

A Gatsby sequel in Nicaragua

Jonathan Monroe’s Demosthenes’ Legacy

Jonathan Franzen on fiction’s neglectorinos

Rereading The Man Who Loved Children

War with the Newts

C.S. Perez on Reb Livingston

Book titles if they were written today

SPD’s summer fiction sale

Charlie Simic on
John Koethe, Rae Armantrout & Tony Hoagland
(subscription required)

Steinbeck’s papers up for sale

Derek Motion
(perfect name for a poet of a certain type)
has won the 2009 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize

Nicole Mauro’s The Contortions

Book thief with a “shopping list

Man accused of stealing rare books
says they were left to rot

Wacko plot to steal a First Folio

Thief comes to court
in a silver limo

Contested Will:
Who Wrote Shakespeare?

And the one who faked him

Alan Loney’s Day’s Eye

Ernest Farrés’ Edward Hopper

Talking with John McPhee

A profile of George Stanley

On the essays of Grace Schulman

J.H. Prynne to Ken Edwards: in re Futures

Do book trailers sell books?

Stieg Larsson trailers

The quest for Nord noir

Stieg Larsson in pictures

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,
chapter 1

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Settle

Steinbeck archive to be sold

Young Sherlock Holmes

First verse from Wimbledon laureate: thwok

Heather McHugh: Upgraded to Serious

Fictional characters, real diagnoses

Letters to fictional characters

Terry Eagleton on Craig Raine: Count the commas

Joshua Cohen on summer reading

A profile of Kathleen Fraser

In praise of tough criticism

What’s your favorite
underused software feature?

A BEA report

University presses:
surviving 2010

The death spiral at Borders

The latest from bookshelf porn

Was Kipling racist?

Eamon Grennan papers
go to Emory

Updike at work

The Updike archive

The Odd Couple:
John Updike & Christopher Lasch

Folger director set to retire

Grammar pet peeves

Why longform journalism?

At Oxford, most professors
don’t opt for open access publishing

Frances Williams’ “The Descent” beckons

Can novels have “director’s cuts”?

Alexandra Mullen on Slater’s Dickens

Former Penguin Canada chief
accused of sexual harassment

Reinventing Penguin’s penguin

Ekphrastic poetry is by definition

Anna Karenina survives the train

Greendale, illustrated

Walther Koenig Books in Berlin

Voyeurism, surveillance & the camera

Museum populism doesn’t work

The Northern Art Prize shortlist

David Levi Strauss:
From Head to Hand:
Art and the Manual
(reg. req.)

It’s Da Vinci’s world we’re visiting

Painterly tricks in the latest cameras

The Written Sea

Caravaggio’s bones

The photos of Alexandr Hackenschmied
in its last days in Prague

Jenny Holzer in South Africa

The Paris Review interviews R. Crumb

On first viewing David Salle

Amidst all the budget cutting,
Philadelphia City Hall

adds an art gallery

Fabrications, in New Hampshire

Unmasking Banksy, Onion-style

Eric Fischl’s America Here & Now

First Rothko, now Tina Modotti

Gutenberg: The Musical

Talking with John Adams

Nat Hentoff: Still going

Bill Dixon has died

Natalie Merchant in West Chester

STNNNG leadman tries to be a poet

Librarians do Gaga

David Byrne:
architecture & music

LEGO Falling Water

Reconstructing Windsor

Jonathan Wolken of Pilobolus has died

Mamet on Colbert:
“Theater is always dying”

How YouTube thinks of ©

Why video games matter

Some thought on male culture

The importance of being wrong

Gramsci & the Tea Party

A spectre is haunting neoliberalism

So Facebook is dead,
but what comes next?

The Grice Club

If you were waiting for a sign