Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ellen Davis on Fanny Howe

Mary Manning Howe reads Finnegans Wake
(& much much more!)

Eating & drinking through Bloomsday

What happened to the Black Literary Canon?

Mary Ponsot’s stroke

Joan Retallack’s Rethinking Poetics Log

Wendell Berry takes back his papers
from the University of Kentucky

Talking with Wendell Berry

Joseph Massey’s Exit North

Gustaf Sobin’s Collected Poems

Poets in the garden

Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters

POET: the world’s largest ethanol producer

Aram Saroyan on Jim Carroll in Bolinas

Previously on Poetry Daily
(while, in fact, my lights were out,
not to mention AC & internet connections)

Edward Byrne,
unveiling the work in progress

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk

Remembering Robert Peters

José Saramago’s The Notebook

Jacket’s A Tonalist poetry feature

What is A Tonalism?

The anti-group group

Marianne Ware has died

Richard Greenfield’s Tracer

Ray DiPalma: 7 poems

2 poems by Ben Lerner

A e-book from John Wieners

Videos of Henry Miller & Albert Huffstickler

For sale: Trevor Winkfield’s
Ian Hamilton Finlay collection

The Steinbeck market crashes

The “famous typewriter” market, however,
is doing quite well

& the Faulkner market is soaring

Abe Lincoln, poet

Emily Dickinson’s “secret love”

Formatting poetry on the web

Paul Auster reads from “Sunset Park”

Norma Cole: “More Facts”

Andrew Schelling:
from The Arapaho Songbook

Translating The Second Sex

Getting around to inaugural poetics
just in time for the mid-term

The top 50 book covers of 2009

Percy Dovetonsils, poet laureate

“My lunch with Terry Southern

Stephen Dunn in Camden

Atque in perpetuum, Anne Carson

Tyrone Williams: TB

Dear Melmoth…”

A pen for writing well

Ten questions on poetry & technology:
January O’Neil

David Hernandez’ “On Aggression”

David Mitchell & the humility topos

From The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

The next chapter for
Politics & Prose

A profile of the Paoli Library
which I am alleged to have maligned

Book thief jailed again

The world’s longest literary remix

Anna Rabinowitz’ “Primer”

Annie Ernaux tells all

The Betamax of printing

Typesetting in the digital age

Shifter 16: Pluripotential

Wimbledon laureate commemorates
longest tennis match ever
with a haiku

A bookfest at Shakespeare & Co., Paris

Milan Kundera as sex ed

Charles Simic in the dark

Past the Cemetery

A new poetry editor at the Paris Review

Borges on Pleasure Island

The early poems of Gerald Stern

Paul Foster Johnson: 7 poems

How did the British mind shrink to this?

The Google book case
goes on & on

But wins a case over © infringement
on YouTube

2 poems by Maureen N. McLane

Slush Pile Hell

“Sexed-up” Anne Frank?

Roberto Tejada’s “Lost Continent”

Tom Clark: “Rimbaud in Africa”

Look at the melody

Making music from Philip Levine

Henry Threadgill’s Zooid

Why we love Anthony Braxton

Judah Magnes Museum
to become a part of
the University of California

Photos by Bruce Davidson

John Baldessari: Pure Beauty

Joe Deal is dead

A Sense of Place

Nikolai Polissky & his friends

Reviving Isadora Duncan

Cutting out the “middle man” in education

Talking with Slavoj Žižek

The Transborder Immigrant Tool

Crossing Borders? There’s an app for that

The Runaway General

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