Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Tolerance Project

Susan Gevirtz & Eileen Tabios

Gevirtz’ “Orion”

Joanne Kyger’s notational noetics

Erica Hunt’s oppositional poetics

Feminist sentences

Interviewing Rae Armantrout

Dan Chiasson’s “goosechase of supposition”

John Latta on Chiasson’s
“post-trajectory hooey coming unstuck”

The Jim Brodey buried manuscript myth

Jim Brodey’s “Jack Kerouac”

Charles Olson
& the Nature of Destructive Humanism

Ray DiPalma & Michael Lally
@ the Poetry Project

Lally’s take on the same reading

Jerome Sala on Michael Lally

6 months after brain surgery

Nick Piombino at the Zinc Bar

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
talks with Piombino

John Olson on
Alvaro Cordona-Hine & George Kalamaras

Aram Saroyan recalls the 1960s

Art Beck on Neeli Cherkovski

Jimmy Schuyler’s Other Flowers

“I read for aesthetic pleasure

Toward the new novel yet again

Plots are for dead people

Top online book trailers: the finalists

Chaim Grade: the archives open

A bookstore foregrounds translations

Translating covers, esp. in France

Rem Koolhaas rearchitects the book

Yang Lian, dream weaver

The Konrath Effect

Konrath himself

Too soon to write off the paperback

Language, nationalism & your URL

Xu-Bing’s A Book of the Sky

Ghérasim Luca’s Inventor of Love

Sarojini Sahoo’s The Dark Above

Tonight, May 19,
Amir Parsa,
live & streaming
from the Bowery Poetry Club

May 20th in London:
Voiceworks goes live!

May 21 – June 27 in Manhattan:
Waltzing in Quicksand: Poets in Collage

May 21 & 22 in Brooklyn
Translating French & American Poetry Today

May 23 in Brooklyn,
Andrew Levy & Charles Borkhuis

May 24 @ the 92nd Street Y in NYC,
channeling Bishop & Lowell

May 27 – 30 in Paris,
Festival de Poésie Sonore

June 17:
power breakfast in Portland
with the owners of Powell’s

Is the iPad
driving ebook piracy

& does it matter?

Circling the wagons,
bookseller associations
agree to merge

Bookseller Association prez
warns of bookstores
becoming irrelevant

China’s e-bookstore

Censors without borders

Wikipedia books?

Lit quiz: how bad can it get?

Writing the book is the easy part

Shaggy Poetics

Rob the Plagiarist

Kevin Killian
won the SPD Spelling Bee
(not for the first time)
because he can spell “contrapposto

Emily D: the outlaw of Amherst

her dire grammar
and her violent abuse
of prepositions, verbs
and apparently hanging subjects”

Grammar Nazi

Women poets of Venezuela

Argentina aims to rediscover
its love of books

Old wives tales

Literature as information

Flaubert & Florence Nightingale

The return of the Nightingale Museum

Talking with Carmen Gillespie

Tiziano Fratus’ Creaturing

Robert Hass’ The Apples Trees at Olema

Bertolt Brecht on the current economy

Talking with Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Alastair Johnston on Serendipity Books

Gerald Nicosia’s Jan Kerouac: A Life in Memory

An early story by Don DeLillo

James Meetze wins Ahsahta’s Sawtooth Prize

Living in thrall to the 1920s

Geoffrey Hill’s Selected Poems

C.K. Williams exhausted

Sir Philip Sidney’s “Ring Out Your Belles”

National Book Award judges announced

What’s scary about “scare quotes

Greil Marcus on turning points

Dickens in love

Martin Amis:
“The British literati’s very own Princess Di”

Stephen Crane:
“When a Man Falls, a Crowd Gathers”

The work of journalism
in an age without compensation

A Lume Spento

Ezra Pound:
The ABC of Reading

What is bad writing good for?

Robert P. Baird on Latta’s Bernstein

Ron Loewinsohn:
Home Again, Home Again

Celebrate the anniversary of Larkin’s demise
with giant fibreglass toads
or something like that

The Great Mormon Novel

Forster’s sexuality

What is forensic linguistics?

I’ma stay with the youngsters

More FAQs on Style

The way into Orwell is through the letters

Anne Valley-Fox’s How Shadows are Bundled

A short history of the SarcMark

Stephen Burt: art vs. laundry

Moira Egan’s The Silk of the Tie

Katherine Hastings’s Updraft

40 NEA fellowships for creative writing in 2009
& C. Dale Young & Aimee Nezhukumatathil
were the closest the NEA got to a post-avant

Book bombs in Baltimore

North Carolina:
Dead poets
stops in Fountain

Dead Poets of North Carolina

Stephen Bett’s Extreme Positions

Poets in transition

Talking with John McNally:
After the Workshop

Talking with Gary B. Fitzgerald

Bloomberg slashes NYC art spending

John Cage on the weather


Sonny Rollins & the future

Lower limit speech,
upper limit Steve Timms

Return to Main Street

Patti Smith on Bob Dylan

Brian Eno’s Brighton

Hey, CAConrad,
are you sure this is what
Kenneth Rexroth had in mind
when he read his poetry to jazz?

Noisenarcheology: Harry Partch

The World of Harry Partch

Robert Christgau on Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington & race in America

Nina noir

Handel & Hendrix: together again

Appalachian Blues

The Prussian blues

The age of curation

Film Socialism

Talking with John Waters

Design Now: function over form

The Poetics of Code
at the Streaming Museum

John Rosenthal’s photos of the Ninth Ward

Kevin Killian on Morris Graves

Alex Katz at the National Portrait Gallery

Deborah Remington has died

NY Times obit of Craig Kauffman

The Mannerheim Line

The coy art of the “mystery bidder

The “most enigmatic” Renaissance master

Is the Turner Prize relevant?

SF MoMA a youthful 75

Wanda Phipps on Delirious Dances

Talking with Edisa Weeks

25 years of Helgi Tomasson

Some interesting talks come up at
London’s ICA

What is a philosopher?

Andreas Huyssen:
After the Great Divide:
Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism

A general theory of individuality

Critical Theories of the State
(reg. req.)

Noam Chomsky denied entry into Israel

Norman Fischer on Jewish identity

A sphere of light

A salute to James Wagner
for the 19th of May

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