Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Talking with Rae Armantrout
(check the audio!)

Armantrout on PBS Newshour’s “Artbeat”

Radio Rae Armantrout: On Point

A critique of Tom Ashbrook’s
On Point interview of Armantrout

A more charitable reaction to the same interview

John Gallaher on Chiasson’s Armantrout

Chiasson’s Lydia Davis

Christopher Reiner on Armantrout’s Pulitzer

B&N’s bookclub blog on Armantrout

An Armantrout resource guide for writers

Armantrout is just one
of the poets announced
for the 2011 US Poets in Mexico confab

Jeet Thayil’s “landmark anthology”
60 Indian Poets

Deaf American Poetry: An Athology

Endi Bogue Hartigan:
new poems

Marcella Durand, Jessica Lowenthal,
Jennifer Scappettone & Al Filreis
read Howe’s Dickinson

Albert Huffstickler: the way of art

Clayton Eshleman’s Anticline

Ron Silliman Rocks
(the real story is here)

Jonathan Lethem’s
farewell to Chronic City

How to destroy literature
without hardly trying

One obvious consequence

So here comes the bookless library

Poets for Living Waters

The Vilcek Prize
for persons born outside the US
but now practicing here

Poets & Writers’ funding for events
in select locations

The Vincent Ferrini / Charles Olson Writers Center
needs just $15K to become real
– you can donate here!!

Louis Zukofsky
& the Transformation of a Modern American Poetics

Why some poetry readings “do not suck”

Social Security head is a new formalist

A Google translation of Edoardo Sanguineti’s
quite detailed Italian Wikipedia entry

Andrew Duncan on groups & boundaries:
the field of poetry around 1995

Erica Kaufman on the work of
Macgregor Card & Karen Weiser
is the lead piece in
Boog City 63

Cross-examining a poem by D.A. Powell

Jonathan Franzen’s “Agreeable”

Dick Tillinghast’s Selected Poems

Yeats on stage in Cleveland

Yeats hates Keats

K. Silem Mohammad: The Front

Christian Bök:
Flarf: Arf Arf Afr


Rimbaud’s Voyelle
as interpreted by Bök

Paradise Lost: the performance

PennSound’s archive
of Segue readings
includes such recent readers as
Rob Fitterman, John Yau,
Alicia Cohen & Alice Notley

VoiceWorks’ web site has now gone live

A great roster of podcasts
from the SF Jewish Community Center

The Ticker Text Project

Oh tweet most fair…

Christian Peet on Vanessa Place’s
The Guilt Project

Traveling through America
by way of indie bookshops

Another indie bookseller
decides to launch press

Rare book dealers
about to get more rare

Talking with Gina Frangello

Objectivism’s children

Andrew Joron’s “brilliant obsession”

This year’s honorary degrees

A summer reading stack

A second summer reading list

Kay Ryan’s exit interview

The autobiography of Mark Twain

Kerouac in Orlando

Brautigan: the documentary

Talking with David Meltzer & Michael Rothenberg

Emily Dickinson:
her dire grammar
and her violent abuse
of prepositions, verbs
and apparently hanging subjects”
(this time with the proper URL)

The David Foster Wallace road trip

The 7 references to Sidney Peterson’s The Cage
in DFW’s Infinite Jest

a day we write is completely different
than a day that we don’t write”

a.rawlings & Jonathan Wilcke

Lech Walesa & artificial intelligence

David Shields,
somewhere between the New Sentence,
Acker’s appropriations
& Markson’s index cards,
but getting a lot more PR

Literary siblings

Mary Stegner has died

The afterlife of Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson’s achievement

“An authentic phenomenon

still a book’s biggest problem

Alternative values in small press culture

The irrelevance of the New York Times Book Review

ComiXology & the problems of ebook pricing
($9.99 = `1 ebook vs.
$8.99 = unlimited streaming
movies @ Netflix for one month)

Ebooks rewrite bookselling

Cory Doctorow:
stop charging for books

1 million iPads, but
only 1.5 million ebooks on them

When did Kindle become a baby seal?

The last typist is booted from The Writer’s Room

Should publishers “like”
Facebook’s new privacy grab

A book conference you can attend
in your bathrobe

The “continuity problem”
of Philip K. Dick

American prose & the King James Bible

How to write literary mashups

Michael Leong on Will Alexander’s
“complex sentence machine”

Is the Harvard Library the next to go?

Stephen Burt on A.R. Ammons

The late flowering of Derek Mahon

There’s an app for it

The Indie bookstore poetry best-seller list
is every bit as bad as B&N

Bruce Snider: not dead yet

Is a tattoo speech?

Norman Fischer & Charles Bernstein on
Radical Poetics & Secular Jewish Culture

Robin Tremblay-McGaw on
Norman Fischer & Charles Bernstein

June 7 in Brooklyn,
Fischer & Bernstein continue the conversation

June 8 on the Lower East Side
Bernstein, Kenny Goldsmith & Jamie Saft:
Jewish Art for the New Millennium

May 26 @ the Poetry Project,
Rob Fitterman & Matvei Yankelevich

May 28 @ the Union League in Philly
Nikki Giovanni receives
the Lifetime Achievement Award
at Philadelphia’s 26th annual
Celebration of Black Writing

June 19 & 20,
Flow, Winged Crocodile,
a play by Leslie Scalapino
@ Poets House in NYC

June 21 @ the Poetry Project,
Leslie Scalapino

Craig Santos Perez on
Christian Peet’s Big American Trip

Amazon tackles translation

When you meet the poet
on your refrigerator door

Cussin’ index

Reading Irish poetry in Shanghai

The new typography

Packaging books like smokes

‘Twas Robert Creeley’s birthday last week

Maya Angelou is 82

A sentence by Raymond Chandler

Who was Charles Dickens?

Elaine Showalter on Muriel Spark

Halvard Johnson’s
The Perfection of Mozart’s Third Eye

Junot Diaz named to Pulitzer board

John Latta focuses on Michael Palmer

Tolkien the Younger

Matt Harvey,
Wimbledon’s poet-in-residence

Could you do better as Wimbledon laureate?

Hazel Smith, Joanna Still, Roger Dean:
Clay Conversations

The Lost Man Booker goes to J.G. Farrell

Talking with Sharon Olds

Alan Brownjohn:
Writing in & of rectangular frames

Henry Roth: An American Type

A Confederacy of Dunces
& its impact over time on LSU Press

Reading Joan Didion

University of California
gets William Saroyan archives

A gritty magazine

5 acts of quietism

Talking with C.K. Williams

Charles Simic,
suburban flaneur

11 candidates in race
for Oxford Poetry Chair

How to campaign:
Facebook & booze

Cory Doctorow:
“Impossible to monetize obscurity”

& yet B&N adds a self-publishing service

Using e-works as teasers for novels

American facticity

An evening with Bern Porter

Philly’s new monument
to ignorance & avarice

Arthur C. Danto:
Sitting with Marina

Zoe Strauss solo show
@ the Wexner in Columbus, OH

Inside the cabinet

The Birth of Impressionism

The Life of Leo Castelli

Leo & His Circle, chapter 1

A slide show of photos
of Castelli’s life

Curating Dennis Hopper

“the best photobook of the past 25 years?”

Philippe Halsman: Jump

Addiction and Art

The French Job:
5 masterworks in a Paris heist

Awarding the Pritzker Prize on Ellis Island

Baryshnikov: Ballet is a “dead art”

Do pop lyrics have literary merit?

Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle”
& the challenge to postmodern poetry

“A lesser-known version of …
Loving Cup’ …
seems to me
the best thing the Stones ever did

Exile on Villa Nellcôte

Eric Hobsbawm, jazz reporter

Stephen Cope’s latest
Conference of the Birds

Iran urged to free Jafar Panahi

The next Philip K. Dick movie

The wrap-up at Cannes

Palme d’Or goes to film by
Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Mad Men as critique of the family

What was Ayn Rand?

“Blow up the philosophy departments

Slavoj Žižek to host SNL?

Cal State system cuts 18% of lecturers

The teachers’ unions’ last stand

In Spring & All, William Carlos Williams
characterizes poetry as
the “perfection of new form
as additions to nature” –
here Craig Venter
tries to go one step further

Not happy
about this latest venture
with ties to BP

Where is Spinoza
now that we need him?

Martin Gardner has died

The hand of Mateo Prunes

The sentimentalist

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