Friday, May 14, 2010


Rae Armantrout’s
“uniquely broken heart”

Who is Rae Armantrout?”

Armantrout’s questions

“But what about the nipples?”
Blake Butler, Roxane Gay, Kate Zambreno & Amy King
on gender, publishing & more
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

A conversation with Kathy Acker
(reg. req.)

Brontë Sister Power Doll Action Figures

When you’re lost in the rain in Juárez

Sina Queyras unleashed

Talking with Marguerite Abouet

Smothering your mother with treacle

Marjorie Evasco’s Skin of Water

Charles Bernstein in Banff
(part 1) (part 2)

Rob Wilson on C.S. Perez

Official Catalog
of the Library of Potential Literature

Unrealized futures

Theory, literature, hoax
(Yes, this appeared in the NY Times in 2010!)

10 questions on poets & technology:
Amy King

Notes on 8 years of book blogging

Talking C. Max Magee

Google makes you stupid

Does Google’s book deal violate treaties?

Amazon to drop freebies
from Kindle “best seller” list

Talking with Saadi Youssef

Poets under 30 go MIA
(In fairness, the group reading of Ashbery’s “Europe”
& a reading by Kate Durbin & Cara Benson
were at the same time, no??)

Why are university presses so good for poetry?

Harriet’s move from blog
to aggregation
is a mistake

Ted Enslin’s I, Benjamin

Troy Jollimore on Gary Snyder

The Berks County Boys

100,000 rare books lost
in Oregon bookstore fire

Willits loses Leaves of Grass

The specialty bookshops of Cambridge, MA

The 2010 UCLA Campbell
Book Collecting Award

Chairs & poetry

Don Share & Paul Vangelisti
on the “uneven distribution of the future”

Does poetry matter?”

Jimmy Schuyler on Frank O’Hara

Jennifer Karmin’s “Aaaaaaaaaaalice”

A writers-in-residence program
that actually matters
& a journal to go with it

rob mclennan: “Alberta, Redux”

Norman Finkelstein on Burt Kimmelman

The Franz Wright critique of the MFA generations

Ralph Ellison’s Three Days After the Shooting

Marilyn Hacker’s “A Braid of Garlic”

A call to end Canada’s barrier to imported books

“A patch for your novel is ready to download”

Howard Junker, wandering poet,
making like Li Po (sort of)

What is Canadian literature?

Fence manifesto:
Please write poetry

Interrupture, a “word band”

Amelia Roselli’s The Dragonfly

Tagore at 150

Yeats & Arnold

R.S. Thomas & the Welsh

Simon Jarvis’
Wordsworth’s Philophic Song
(reg. req.)

On Samuel R. Delany on writing

Why men don’t read books

Paul Pines podcast

T.S. Eliot is not obliged to love me

Inna Grade has died

A profile of Lynn Xu

Talking with Corey Mesler

Daniel Pritchard on Daisy Hay’s Young Romantics

The Writings of Jonathan Bayliss

Jonathan Bayliss, 1926 – 2009

The perpetual life of Philip K. Dick

The Art of American Book Covers

Revisualising Oz

My first time, or I lost it to fine binding

Rob’s Word Shop

Scott Esposito on John D’Agata

Ed Baker’s De:Sire Is

Talking with Ed Baker

May 18, Norwich, UK:
An evening with Les Murray & Andrew Motion

Infinite regret: David Foster Wallace

A profile of Wallace from 1996

Henri Cole’s Pierce the Skin

Pittsburgh’s patron saint of poetry

Did Nick Clegg doom his party
by naming Samuel Beckett as his favorite author?

Love Over 60:
An Anthology of Women’s Poems

Jack Gilbert’s The Dance Most of All

Wine & friendship in Tang Dynasty poetry

Poetry of the 19th century Northwest

Talking Alain de Botton

What brought Twain fame

Walker Percy’s weirdest book

Martin Amis’
“remarkably tedious new novel”

“such an exasperating novelist

The curse of the English novelist

2 Books on E.M. Forster

Banned books you read in high school

The Uses of the Future in Early Modern Europe
edited by Andrea Brady & Emily Butterworth
(reg. req.)

Top 10 Absurd Classics
& not a word about Daniil Kharms

Adapting books to film

No such thing as silence:
John Cage’s 4’33

Andrei Codrescu on conceptual art

What color is this?

Crichton the collector

Crichton’s Johns brings in $29M

5 questions for the author of
The $12 Million Stuffed Shark

The mystery bidder

Amy Sillman:
How many lightbulbs does it take to change a painting?

How to display a contemporary work of art

Keinholz’ Roxys

The photos of Tinker Greene

Craig Kauffman has died

Avigdor Arikha has died

Warhol film curator, Callie Angell has died

The tramp

How to treat the burglar

Maps with an agenda

Intellectuals in the age of Obama

Wittgenstein’s Notebooks 1914 – 1916

Noam takes the day off

Levi Asher responds to Harold Bloom on
“The Jewish Question”

When is anti-Zionism also anti-Semitism?

Jupiter goes without a belt

Facebook friendaholics

A writer’s guide to Microsoft Office

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