Monday, May 31, 2010


Leslie Scalapino & Tom White, Valentine’s Day 2010

Leslie Scalapino: “Disbelief”

Michael Cross on Leslie Scalapino

Floats Horse-Floats or Horse-Flows:
“brilliant, confusing, occasionally maddening, tour-de-force”

How2 special feature on Leslie Scalapino
coordinated by Laura Hinton

Scalapino reading at the University of Chicago, 2008
(download video) (download audio)

Scalapino reading at University Press Books, Berkeley
earlier this year

Pablo Lopez, introducing Leslie at UPB

Leslie Scalapino: “Secret Occurrence”

As: All Occurrence in Structure, Unseen – (Deer Night)

From The Forest is in the Euphrates River

walking person who has sky flowing – by one who beside is as if

Scalapino reading at The Drawing Center, Tucson, 2008

Correspondence: Leslie Scalapino & Judith Goldman

Sarah Rosenthal talking with Leslie Scalapino

Google Books preview of
Dahlia’s Iris: Secret Autobiography + Fiction

Google Books preview of
Zither & Autobiography

Leslie Scalapino reading Way

Scalapino as Buddhist

Though now / time / has passed since that

Naropa Workshop, 1989

Reading with Clark Coolidge & Bernadette Mayer,
July 1989

1991 class on poetic composition

Laura Moriarty on Leslie Scalapino

Tenney Nathanson: “The Poetics of Non-Experience:
Repetition, Simulation, and Anxiety
in Leslie Scalapino’s Trilogy

Ted Burke on Scalapino

Burke on Leslie’s passing

she spoke like she wrote

David Lehman on Scalapino

June 19 & 20 @ Poet’s House in New York,
Flow, Winged Crocodile
directed by Fiona Templeton

June 21 will see a memorial reading for Leslie
at the Poetry Project

Scalapino’s works at Small Press Distribution

Books distributed by the University Press of New England

Leslie Scalapino Facebook Group (#1)

Leslie Scalapino Facebook Group (#2)

Leslie Scalapino papers at UC San Diego

Leslie was a founder & director of Poets in Need


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