Monday, May 10, 2010


Andrea Brady:
Is there a Cambridge School?
[& Robert Archambeau replies]
(scroll down)

Talking with Lynn Behrendt

Diann Blakely
offers an in-depth look
at the state of southern poetry
(preface) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
(just for Tennessee)

Talking with Michelle Taransky

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project:
Out of Silence

Laura Moriarty on post-moot

Heriberto Yepez on Rae Armantrout
& the Pulitzer Prize
(in Spanish)

Libbie Rifkin on
Theory of the Avant-Garde

Catriona Strang’s Low Fancy

Jessica Smith’s roster of
contemporary female poets

Sandra Doller: “Like Sugar Like”

The Némirovsky paradox

Marianne Moore & her mother

H.D.’s desk

Talking with Celia Gilbert

Speaking with Rusty Morrison & Ken Keegan

The real title of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Talking with CAConrad

Is blogging dead?
(A: Not if you’re reading this)

Neil Gaiman:
Connect, don’t network

Aaron Lowinger’s
The House at 24 Huntington Ave

The new Galatea Resurrects
has at least 40 reviews
of more than 50 books!!

Samuel Greenberg & grammatic truth

Samuel Greenberg: American Poet

Robert Creeley on prosody & pacing

The future is uncertain
for Serendipity Books

An afternoon in hell:
contemporary writers on the classics

Retyping On the Road

Talking with Thomas Fink

Robert Grenier:
2 autobiographical interviews

Ashbery vs. Ashbery

Geof Huth on Paul Siegell

Patti Smith & Jonathan Lethem at
the PEN World Voices Festival

Retro-surrealism of the 21st century

Poetry & age

May 11, San Francisco:
Norman Fischer & Charles Bernstein
Radical Poetics & Secular Jewish Thought

May 12 in New York,
Ray DiPalma & Michael Lally

May 16 in Oakland,
Julian T. Brolaski & kathryn l. pringle

November in Arlington:
Computational Models of Narrative

Lemony Snicket on Jimmy Schuyler

Bill Murray
dwells in possibility

Larry King & e.e. cummings

William Burroughs
shooting Shakespeare

Howard Junker’s
Top Ten Poets Reading

Sentences about a favorite sentence

Ron Padgett in Scandanavia

Ten Walks / Two Talks by Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch

A reading by Jon Cotner
with Alex Karpovsky reading for Andy Fitch

Preparing for Charles Olson’s centennial in Gloucester

Esiaba Irobi in London

Edward Hirsch in Mumbai
without leaving home

Redefining Indian Writing in English

Edward P. Jones makes it to Oprah’s book club

Robert Hass & Kay Ryan

Robert Hass on Walt Whitman

Harriet goes tweet

A festival in Ashville
as though Black Mountain never happened

Honoring the dead at Potter’s Field

More books for the blind

a journal that seeks
“to blow the field wide open”

Writing vs. Composition

Larry Fagin in Austria in the 1950s

A two-part essay on the work of Zukofsky

Carlos Reyes on Rafael Jesús González

Yvette Neisser Moreno on González

David Mitchell by David Mitchell

David Biespiel:
Why aren’t poets more politically active?

Except when they are

How do you miss Silliman?”

Read free books online

LA Public Library is facing 15% cuts

Talking with a library custodian

2 mutually exclusive literary festivals
in Jerusalem

2 New Jersey writers
win a free trip to NY

The tweets of William Styron

Everyone’s a critic

Another review scam on Amazon

Ted Hughes, back in favor?

The two Raymond Carvers

John Latta
on some micropoetics

An old Bush speechwriter gets with the iPad

The “best sellers” on Kindle are all freebies

“the Hunter Thompson of Silicon Valley

Talking with Bill U’Ren

Frank Kermode: Eliot & the shudder

Getting around to not reading Ralph Ellison

Daniel Nester
on the necessity of leaving New York

Nester: how not to promote your book

Talking with Jake Berry

Getting books across borders

SMU closes down its press

A profile of Hugo Gernsback

Matthew Falk on Justin Marks

A life lived elsewhere

A history of Globish

Attempting to untangle Chinglish

Fragrant and hot Marxism

Doubting (R.S.) Thomas

A form of Japanese poety called Shaigin

Some examples

Poetry therapy can improve emotional health

Shaped verse from Rory Gates

Why are comic book movies so bad?

Kristen Stewart On the Road

Allen Ginsberg’s photography @ the National Gallery
(A podcast about the show)

Art since 1950

All of Donald Judd’s books

Kevin Killian on Brent Green

Green at Andrew Edlin in NY

Barry Schwabsky on Christian Købke

Daniel Silliman’s “It Sounds Weird”

Rockin’ in the Ph.D. world

Bruce Springsteen on Robert Pinsky

Dana Gioia: “To hell with period instruments!”

Charles Bernstein & Brian Ferneyhough’s Shadowtime
is now in iTunes

Franklin Bruno on Fela!
(subscription required)

Miles Davis passed out here

The house that Wittgenstein built
in Vienna
(now the Bulgarian embassy)

Who draws the borders of culture?

Paul Berman turns his ongoing narratives
of liberal betrayal
from the USSR & the CP to the Middle East

Heidegger the Nazi

Twitter’s contribution to history

Berlin after WW2

Fukuyama’s Nietzsche

The coming meltdown in higher education

Joshua Slocum:
Sailing Alone Around the World

The Language Fairies

Library scientists

Is this anything?


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