Monday, April 12, 2010

A video on the aftermath of the bombing of Iraq’s literary marketplace
& the responses to it (mostly in Farsi)

Madhubuti forced out at Chicago State

The finalists in Million Poets

Hissa Hilal finishes third in Million Poets competition,
comes away with just $817,000

Person of the Week: Hissa Hilal

Not everyone is impressed with Hissa Hilal

One-word lines in the work of Larry Eigner

Talking with Amish Trivedi

Why poets should find jobs outside the academy

Bob Perelman:
“For Emma Bernstein”

Bernstein takes his place
in the mainstream of American poetry

An open letter to poets who hate the MFA

Documenting the AWP

“Why have such a hate parade against the Language Poets?”

Christian Bök:
Marginalizing Canada at the AWP

Barbara Jane Reyes:
“this line between poetry and the world”

Rigoberto González:
30 years ago in Denver

Patricia Smith’s “Bull Bits”

Alan Gilbert:
an anti-AWP event at White Columns in NYC
with Dodie Bellamy, Tim Griffin & Kevin Killian

CA Conrad & Frank Sherlock’s
The City Real & Imagined

April 17 & 18:
The Philadelphia Free Library Festival

Tom Devaney, Susan Stewart & Elaine Terranova
on WHYY’s Radio Times

A podcast (with texts) of Tajiki poet Frazaneh Khojandi

Albuquerque’s poets’ skills are “nationally feared

Close reading Creeley’s “Sky”

Albert Huffstickler Memorial Park

Writers house slated for Gloucester

Jack Kerouac in Florida

Kerouac’s jacket

Laura Elrick & Rodrigo Toscano
on performing Hannah Weiner

In search of lost languages

Andrew Joron’s Trance Archive

Meeting Emily D

Rope horses, punch cows, write poetry

An 8-part series on
Poems for the Millennium 3
on KPFA radio in Berkeley

Lost literature: the ultimate neglectorinos

a gorgeous beast of a thing

At the ♥ of contemporary poetics

Margaret Christakos:
Latches & hyphens & dashes, oh my

The danger of reading Frank O’Hara
on an 88-degree April 7, 2010
in New York City

Anselm Berrigan:
“I totally dig irrelevance”

R.S. Gwynn & The New Criterion
have hopes for the future of Dorothy Parker’s poetry
since all it would require is
“a wholesale rejection of modernism”

Manic D Press changes the world

32 poets on the process of reviewing
(I’m among them)

Protesting Glenn Beck one haiku at a time

Zombie haiku

Poets of dementia

April 13 @ University Press Books in Berkeley,
Richard O. Moore in conversation with
Brenda Hillman

(scroll down)

Also Tuesday, April 13 @ Yale,
Lyn Hejinian

April 16th through 18th in Bellingham, WA,
the Bellingham Reportory Dance Co.
will do Phrasings: in Words & Dance,
including Nico Vassilakis’ Vowelist
(viz this snippet read by Nico & John Olson)

April 17: Putting Creeley to music
in Kalamazoo

Sunday, April 18 in Brooklyn,
David Shapiro & Joanna Fuhrman

Lyn Hejinian again,
Monday, April 19 in Knoxville

April 19 @ St Marks,
a celebration of Miron Bialoszewski
& launch of Aufgabe 9

On modernist networks:
23 seminars scheduled for Victoria, BC in November

Talking with Camille Dungy

Hopkins’ control

Ed Baker on a full moon

A profile of Michael Tregebov,
novelist & translator

Eileen Tabios’ Thorn Rosary

Entrepreneur’s estate endows
The Gary Snyder Endowed Chair
in Science & Humanities

Harold Morton Landon Translation Award
goes to Stephen Kessler

Emma Trelles has won the
Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize

Stan Persky wins 2010 Lieutenant-Governor’s Award

You can vote
for the Spinetingler Awards

Ken Tucker reviews 4 books of poetry for
Entertainment Weekly

Kamikazi death poems

Book spine poems

Kenny Goldsmith:
The textual ecosystem

& on a writing of least resistance

Ron Slate on books by
Terese Svoboda & Mark Nowak
& one dedicated to Tom McGrath

A.E. Stallings on “The Explosion”

Lifting a paw against “major” reviews

Does LOA mean lol?

The Griffin Poetry shortlists

Upping the prize @ the Griffin

How would P.K. Page spend it,
given that she’s dead?

Somebody stole $450,000 from Naropa

Drafts of Whitman’s
“Come, said my soul”

Talking with Audrey Keiffer

Brenda Cárdenas,
Milwaukee’s poet laureate

At the bottom of Powell’s poetry page
is a tool with a number of
specialized poetry searches

Why The Four Quartets
was the biggest piece of kitsch
of the 20th century

Why memorizing poetry
is inherently right wing

The Lego Review of Books

How the paperback novel changed literature

The private life of books

Bob Brown in the NY Times

Talking with Gerald Locklin

Bringing poetry into the office

Rooms of one’s own
the schematic

A room of one’s own
in Manhattan on a budget

Glyn Maxwell:
Preferring Leonard Bernstein to Auden

Starting a press in Kentucky

The arguments against Shakespeare’s authorship
of his own plays always comes back
to an argument about class

Hanging out with David Lehman

Five quietists

3-word sonnets, poems shaped like bears

Noise in the library

The selling of the James Copley library

Talking with the “happy librarian

Homeless poet rubs

Discovering John Fante

Giving up on romance

Which holocaust art is legit?

Moira Roth:
Through the Eyes of Rachel Marker

“Yugoslavian poet Charles Simic

Poetry in Person transcribed

Rereading Trout Fishing in America

Betraying Salinger

But not the FBI

David Foster Wallace’s
earliest writing

The inner life of Penelope Fitzgerald

A Ticket to the Circus

Being Norman Mailer’s wife

Believing in Flannery O’Connor

Twain’s example

Good writers, bad men – does it matter?

Videos of the brothers Dickman

Attila the stockbroker

Does the best art arise from democracy or dissent?

Terry Eagleton
on the problem of monsters

50 best book people
to follow on Twitter

Samuel Beckett: Nothing