Friday, April 23, 2010


Tom Mandel, Carla Harryman, Rae Armantrout

Carla Harryman, Steve Benson
& the Jon Raskin Quartet
@ the Poetry Project

Powell’s Poetry Pain Index

Talking with Rae Armantrout

Close reading Armantrout

Rae Armantrout sans slither

Finally, they get it

Armantrout’s “backlist”

In Oakland, May 7,
Lynn Xu, Rae Armantrout
& music from Wee Giant

Armantrout’s Pulitzer, Bernstein with FSG
what’s going on?

Charles Bernstein on the company of poetry

Bernstein’s “Dodgems”
read by his mother & his son
(RS, Pierre Joris, Frank Sherlock standing around)

More photos from Bernstein’s 60th
by Nicole Peyrafitte

Was the vote rigged in Millions Poet?

Jacquiline Larson on Sina Queyras’ Expressway

Sina Queyras on M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!
(reg. req.)

Wallace Stevens reading

The Letters of Sylvia Beach

NY Times obit for Carolyn Rodgers

LA Times / Chicago Tribune obit

“Our 40 favorite poets”

Clifton to receive Frost Medal posthumously

Jimmy Schuyler’s Other Flowers

Famous Authors” nude
(great image of me there)

Jed Birmingham on Black Mountain Review

Linh Dinh:
Dissidence as entertainment

Seth Abramson & Gene Tanta
on Linh Dinh

Leland Hickman to Todd Baron

Stephanie Strickland
& digital ecriture féminine

Michael Lally on Tom Clark

John Latta on Clark

Talking with Beau Beausoleil
about the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coaltion

Sue Sinclair on Phil Hall’s White Porcupine
(reg. req.)

The Oxford Poetry Chair
has 3 prime candidates so far:
Paula Claire, Seán Haldane & Geoffrey Hill

More significantly, the April trading card
from Fact-Simile is of Eileen Myles

Flarf is a one-trick pony

Just one more week
for the Not Blessed story contest

Dorothea Lasky’s “Me and the Otters”

Some poets born in April

Peter Handke’s Don Juan, His Own Version

Andrew Joron’s Trance Archives

Mark Nowak’s poetics of activism

Camille Martin, Songs from Sonnets

Cultures of folk poetry

The Mad Poets Society

Garrison Keillor reads Burt Kimmelman

Rachel Cusk’s The Bradshaw Variations

Poetry’s place within capitalism’s institutions

Tho the only note I can find of this on the web
is the sentence I added to his Wikipedia page,
Carl Phillips has been named
the new judge of Yale Series of Younger Poets

Bhanu Kapil’s urban dictionary

Kay Ryan’s The Best of It

A week in July devoted to the work of
T.S. Eliot @ the University of London

Daniel Nester, ever inappropriate

What if the “mad women” of fiction
were sane?

“just another graduate
of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop

Jack Spicer, Michael Snediker,
& the eternal optimism of the NY Mets

The 2 Chanas
on Dahlia Ravikovitch

Imaginary Cormac

Don Bogen’s An Algebra

An Irish poet on American literature

Michael Dirda on Poetry in Person

A profile of Susan B. Anthony Somers-Willett

Daniel Simko’s The Arrival

Rosie Alison & the Orange shortlist

Talking with Albert Goldbarth

Atlantic Monthly’s fiction issue

Augusto de Campos translating Gertrude Stein
into Portuguese

Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek
between poetry & music

Anne Waldman:
“an intense and dangerous world”

Carolyn Forché
to be commencement speaker at
the University of Scranton

Tweeting the NYPL

Dodge Fest relocates to Newark, NJ

Dodge Fest poets announced

Talking with Paul Siegell

The father of the late fee?

Truman Capote, reading
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The “true father” of all American literature?

Rudyard Kipling,
talking with Mark Twain

Twain as a critic

the first step to fighting censorship
is to document it

Consumer Watchdog:
a better idea would be to
break up Google

PEN World Voices Festival,
April 26 – May 2
150 writers in 40 countries,
50 events

Music’s Spell:
Poems About Music & Musicians

Langston Hughes:
the musical

Rockin’ Morocco

Mongolia comes to Wyoming

Aaron Copland
& the “Musical School of Quietude

Talking with Greil Marcus

Miles Archer talking with David Byrne

The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to Toronto

Charles Bernstein’s gallery walk
(NB: Amy Sillman doesn’t have a second “i” in her surname)

Talking with Gus Powell

Crossing the line between
art, life & assault

A theater group
turns up in the legal cross-hairs

Chris Tysh on Night Scales:
A Fable for Klara K.

“The greatest disinformation campaign
in history”

The sounds of silence


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