Friday, April 02, 2010


Some great photos of William Carlos Williams
in Yale’s Beinecke collection
are coming online

Robert Grenier, Charles Bernstein, Bob Perelman & Al Filreis
close reading William Carlos Williams

Larry Eigner & the news

Eigner’s sensibility

Jill Magi: Notes for Labor

Talking with Susan Howe

Poetry reviews: What’s the point?

In which I am lumped together with William Logan

Ron Silliman is definitely a nerd”

CFP: The Alphabeta symposium on the poem

Remembering Lucille Clifton

The gothic castle that is the new HQ for the Poetry Foundation

Talking with Geoffrey Gatza

Aimé Césaire’s “Mississippi”

Peter Porter’s Better than God

Philly verses the world

CA Conrad: Poetry in commotion

In Ashbery’s attic

May 1st @ St. Marks in NYC,
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror for 6 voices

The trill is gone

“The truth is that poetry gets
way more coverage

than any other art…”

Wired on Christian Bök

Bök & the Butthole Surfers

The Xenotext Experiment

Syllable sestinas

Talking with Gerard Malanga
(part two) (part three)

Gerard Malanga at Pierre Menard

Close reading a blurb

Gurlesque: What it isn’t

A Room of One’s Own
turns 35

Authors’ accessories

Why Twitter is Gertrude Stein

“Dover Beach” & Anthony Hecht

Talking with Alice Walker

Jonathan Lethem: “Crazy Friend”

Philip Whalen & the great printers

Talking with Pierre Joris

Edith Grossman: Quixotic

Olson in Worcester

& in Vancouver

Kōji Yasui, translated by Eric Selland

California Book Award nominations:
Rachel Loden & 4 quietists

Rachel Loden’s Hotel Imperium

Librarians learn by osmosis

Anthology of Russian Minimalist & Miniature Poems:
Part I, The Silver Age

Epigraphs will kick your butt

Marie Ponsot:
“70 is great, but 80 is terrific”

Cognitive theory in literature

creativity may reside
on a continuum with psychopathology”

Reciting your own poems is for supernerds,
or the worst project of my life

New Poets for Peace

Don’t loiter in paradise.

Moonstone Marathon:
14th annual Poetry Ink reading in Philadelphia, April 11
140 poets reading!

Alice Oswald wins the Ted Hughes prize

The archives of
The Joe Milford Poetry Show
is an impressive collection of audio casts

Marjorie Perloff picks Road Runner’s Scorpion Prize

Carl Adamshick has won the Walt Whitman Award

Talking with Marilyn Nelson

Canadian poets with far-away roots

More on Cyril Dabydeen

Montgomery County (PA)’s poet laureate
is Grant Clauser

Talking with Dorothea Grossman

The healing power of Jane Austen

Talking with Brad Liening

Another Poultry Month torment

Poetry Super Highway’s
6th annual
E-book Free-for-All

The influence of Lycidas

Frost & Hughes

Minding: Feeling, Form & Meaning
in the Creation of Poetic Iconicity

The prophetic Delmore Schwartz

New ebooks from
Tom Clark, Annie Finch & Jack Foley
@ the Ahadada ebook site

Nick Montfort on
the University of North Dakota Writers Conference

“It’s not your grandmother’s poetry

Your grandmother’s poetry
is exactly what you’ll find on PBS

Helen Dunmore wins National Poetry Competition

Talking with Celia Gilbert

Vonnegut library gets a home

Elsewhere in Indiana,
samplings from the Mid-East

A big Don DeLillo sale

Telling a book by its cover
when ebooks don’t have one

The Book Cover Archive

Gallimard suing Google

Apple iPad has Amazon & B&N at its mercy

Apple tells publishers how much to charge

Is Amazon a bully?

Penguin & Amazon: no deal

David Pogue on the iPad

Self-published ebooks
to make it to the iPad

What this article on the value of
print on demand vs. e-books
doesn’t tell you is how much store space
Paige M. Gutenborg takes up – it’s huge!

How it works

Fallen books


YouTube’s response to the © fight

Cecil Touchon:
vispo in Fort Worth

A history of blue

Who will save the arts in Detroit?

Pennsylvania Arts Advocacy Rally, April 26

Humanities doe make money

Looking for Nicole Peyrafitte in Trump Tower

Remembering Running Fence
(slide show)

2 views of Twyla Tharp

Henry & June

Dirk Bogarde Season

Jean-Luc Nancy on Faust

Allen Ginsberg vs. Spalding Gray

Talking with Marty Erlich

William Schuman, American muse

Talking with Laurie Anderson

Tom Clark’s Jim Carroll

Another rocker turns to poetry
(Thank you, thank you, thank you)

Bangkok is ringing

Sam Sadigursky on The Words Project

Derrida: “Waging war against myself”

E.M. Cioran & the blessings of insomnia

The Meaning of Meaning

Gay men in history,
day by day


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