Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Robert Grenier,
reading outside the box

Helen Lopez,
thinking with the box

New poems by Cara Benson

Steve Fama on Mairéad Byrne

The new online issue of l’Ulisse
includes an Italian translation of my essay,
“The New Sentence”

Talking with Charles Bernstein

Why bookstores are dying:
The Powell’s Pain Index is up

Milkweed, SPD, 92Y
& many others
receive Amazon grants

Rethinking poetics

All hail the Found Poem

Louis Bury on conceptual poetry

taking poetry seriously at all was exciting

Joseph Massey talks to Rae Armantrout

Rae Armantrout, Pat Metheny & Culture Lust

May 4, San Francisco,
After Spicer

Josh Hafner on Ken Irby

Irby reading

John Latta on Irby


“Am I respecting the voice of the poet?
Do I need to respect it?”

Talking with Carol Sklenicka
about her bio of Raymond Carver

How to win at Millions Poets

Stephen Burt on Terrance Hayes,
Connie Wanek, Lisa Robertson,
& Jimmy Schuyler

Jordan Davis on Terese Svoboda & Poets Theater

Shakespeare in bed

Chicago appears to have survived
the day of Da Bard

The First Asemic Exhibit in Russia

The visual poetry of Ed Baker

Jorge Luis Borges, talking

Oh, do read to me Argentina

Translating “Donal Og

Why poets flock to Arlington, Vermont

Clive James on why Les Murray
deserves the Nobel

Talking with Carrie Olivia Adams

Hiromi Itō’s Killing Kanoko

U.S. writers on the Orange shortlist

The sins of Orlando Figes

An Australian obit for Peter Porter

Porter tributes pour in

A recent poem by Porter

Talking with Brian Clements

Jonathan Lethem takes David Foster Wallace’s
old job

5 questions for C.K. Williams

C.K. Williams’ Whitman

A desk to stand behind

How to sort books

While you are at the library,
get the groceries

How to pronounce author’s names
(SILL-ә-mәn & it’s Italian)

Twain’s travel with the “savages”

Lions & tigers & haiku, oh my

Capturing a moment in 3 lines

Festival takes off,
tho some writers don’t

The volcano & the book fair

Thursday, April 29,
Susan Howe in Minneapolis with David Grubbs

Paris, May 4:
Anne Waldman, Edith Azam

Friday, May 14,
a celebration of Midwestern writing
in Minneapolis

Who was Irène Némirovsky, really?

Will Molly Ivins or the Tree Lady stop
Abert Huffstickler Park?

Feminist poetry from 1871

Divine Right’s Trip

Ten best literary visions of hell

& then there’s Derision Points

Maxine Kumin in Cambridge

Where is the real hoax
in the Rimbaud photo?

Martin Amis – “saviour of modern lit?”

Andrew Joron’s
“Spine to Spin, Spoke to Speak”

Dead Poets Day?

Talking with Kathleen Spivak

Translating Gombrowicz

Kurt Vonnegut & the “no asshole rule”

Cal Poly poets aren’t identical

Alan Sillitoe has died

Angry young man dead at 82

E.L. Doctorow’s “Edgemont Drive”

Dick Tillinghast on
An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry

Peter Carey: Marshan chronicles

Being a Tolkien, wanting to write

Walcott’s Egrets –
an Eliot for our time

PEN awards to
Edward P. Jones, Nam Le

Piquancies & attributes
in Seamus Heaney’s verse

Styron’s heirs
gain some digital rights

Print isn’t dead, says Dave Eggers

Nook is outselling Kindle

Amazon’s “Poetry Community
has over 10,000 contributors

Roberts’ rules of writing

2Up, April 30 in Brooklyn:
poster, poems, artwork, party

Kafka done creepy

Talking Howl


A motion picture based on the poetry
of Gerald Stern

Talking with Walter Salles

Casting for On the Road

Following the Beats in Mexico City

Don Draper eats a Naked Lunch

Emily D, the musical

Toumani Diabate’s “Fantasy”

“The communication of emotion & ideas
(& other beings)
through sound”

Compose your own music

The revolution will not be novelized

Joni Mitchell then, now & in your mind

Joni accuses Bobby of being a fake

Leonard Cohen is coming to Sligo

I remember you well
in the Chelsea Hotel

Ghost of a Dog

This Sunday, May 2nd,
Zoe Strauss’ final I-95 show
(the annual event that made
photography in Philly famous)

Happy Birthday, Elsa Dorfman!

Some hot auctions at Sotheby’s

A new Russian revolution in visual arts


SFO as a museum

putting back the there there

Purvis Young has died

Barry Schwabsky on the Whitney Biennial

Nudes for the blind

Artists Books Online

The gay kid joining Archie & Veronica?
It’s Kevin K!

Kevin Killian on American Cinema

Market Day – the image speaks

Merging Bill T. Jones with the Dance Theater Workshop

May 4 in Brooklyn,
Ronald K. Brown with Sonia Sanchez

Dancer has her hip replaced
& keeps the bone

Arts admins forced to sleep under bridges

Sarcasm is not science

May 1, 1970

4 dead in Ohio

Noam Chomsky on the new far right

The button

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