Friday, April 16, 2010


Rae Armantrout,
California poet, national recognition

California poet “stunned

“…and then boom, she gets a phone call…”

Not on my radar

Little thought-bombs

the ability / to revise / what I’m waiting for

Armantrout quoted on All Things Considered
(about 2:20 into this 3-minute clip)

Quintessentially female

“I was expecting Armantrout’s poetry
to be very inaccessible…”

It’s a Pulitzer for Armantout

Big win” for UCSD’s Armantrout

Who is Rae Armantrout?

16 minutes of Versed
from the 92nd Street Y

A good day for poetry

American haiku

Rae’s St. Marks’ playlist

A translation into Turkish

Women & the Pulitzer: the odds

Lucia Perillo was a poetry finalist

The Letters, Drama & Music jurors
for the 2010 Pulitzer Prizes

Much drama over the drama prize

Pulitzer drama award “blew it”

Did Pulitzer committee “sell out?”

How the drama vote went down

Bellevue Hospital
publishes Pulitzer novel

A tale of Paul Harding’s Tinkers

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