Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Photo courtesy of Jacket

A staged reading of
Bob Perelman's The Alps
produced by
Sarah Arkebauer & Michelle Taransky
will be performed today,
6:00 PM in the Arts Café
@ Kelly Writers House, Philadelphia


Jacket 39’s Bob Perelman feature
edited by Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher:

Bob Perelman:
Biographical Note

Rae Armantrout:
Bob Perelman’s Grammatology

Charles Bernstein:
The Importance of Being Bob

Louis Cabri:

Al Filreis:
The President of This Sentence:
Bob Perelman’s History

Kristen Gallagher:
Teaching Bob Perelman’s “The Story of My Life”

Alan Golding:
“Time to translate modernism into a contemporary idiom”:
Pedagogy, Poetics, and Bob Perelman’s Pound

Nada Gordon:
To the Reader (On Bob Perelman’s To the Reader)

Rob Halpern:
Restoring ‘China’

Lyn Hejinian:
Dreaming Something Else

Andrew Klobucar:
Bad Dreams:
Sense as Censorship in Bob Perelman’s The Future of Memory

Michael Magee:
‘Nearer to us Than the Present’:
Bob Perelman in the 90s, then and now

Nicole Markotić:
Three poems

Peter Middleton:
After Marginalization

Kit Robinson:
“Before Water,” After Years:
Bob Perelman and the Turn to History

Joshua Schuster:
For Bob Perelman:
An Ordinary Day in the Philadelphia of the Mind

Tim Shaner:
‘My Summer with Bob’:
A Paratactic Essay (in Co-production w/ Bob Perelman)

Susan Stewart:
Playing Bodies, a work in paintings and poetry
by Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman

Chris Stroffolino:
Fear Of Money…

Marjorie Welish:
For Best Results, Try…

Bob Perelman in conversation with Chris Alexander:
“Flat Motion”

Bob Perelman in conversation with Bruce Andrews:
New York, September 10, 2009

Bob Perelman in conversation with Peter Nicholls

Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman
in conversation with
Kristen Gallagher and Chris Alexander

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