Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jacket 39’s feature on Moi!
Edited by John Tranter

Ron Silliman:
Poems from Crow

Manuel Brito:
Questioning the limits of language:
The New Sentence in Ron Silliman’s poetry and poetics

Jordan Davis:

Andrew Epstein:
“Pay More Attention”:
Silliman’s BART and Contemporary “Everyday Life Projects”

Andy Gricevich:
The Residual Work:
Tjanting and the Poetics of Experience

Ian Keenan:
No Content Left:
Silliman’s Transit

T. C. Marshall:
From Practice, to Reading

Lytle Shaw:
The Labor of Repetition:
Silliman’s “Quips” and the Politics of Intertextuality

Dale Smith:
Close Readers

William Watkin:
Projective Recursion:
The Structure of Ron Silliman’s Tjanting

Timothy Yu:
Ron Silliman and the Ethnicization of the Avant-Garde