Thursday, April 08, 2010


Jacket 39’s feature,
A Multitude of One: Celebrating Nathaniel Tarn
edited by Shamoon Zamir

Nathaniel Tarn:

Nathaniel Tarn:
Extracts from the Sarawak (Borneo) Field Journal
(photos by Nathaniel Tarn)

Joseph Donahue reviews
Ins and Outs of the Forest Rivers, by Nathaniel Tarn

Doris Sommer:
America as Desire(d):
Nathaniel Tarn’s Poetry of the Outsider as Insider

Janet Rodney, portfolio 1

Lisa Raphals:
Reading Nathaniel Tarn’s House of Leaves

Ruark Lewis portfolio

Peter O’Leary reviews
Selected Poems 1950–2000 by Nathaniel Tarn

Joseph Donahue reviews
The Architextures, by Nathaniel Tarn

George Economou reviews
Nathaniel Tarn: At the Western Gates, 1985; and
Nathaniel Tarn: The Desert Mothers, 1984

Richard Deming:
Speaking Places:
Nathaniel Tarn and the Poetics of Voicing Culture

Carolee Campbell, A Postcard for Nathaniel Tarn

Nathaniel Tarn in conversation with Daniel Bouchard

Janet Rodney, portfolio 2

Shamoon Zamir:
Scandals in the House of Anthropology:
notes towards a reading of Nathaniel Tarn

Eliot Weinberger:
Oranges & Peanuts for Sale, reviewed by Nathaniel Tarn

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