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Is this what you call the Jewish avant-garde?

Bernstein’s writing is intoxicating

Rae Armantrout: “Paragraph,”
Soft Money,” “Outage

Talking with Bruce Andrews

A video of Hissa Hilal

A profile of Hilal

A bright light for women’s rights

With + Stand 4: The Lisa Robertson Issue

Gary Sullivan on Lynn Behrendt,
Nada Gordon on Vanessa Place

A recording of Lynn Behrendt & Vanessa Place
at the Bowery Poetry Club

Geof Huth on Behrendt & Place

Harryette Mullen wins the Jackson Prize

Fanny Howe reading at the Bowery Poetry Club,
April 3

Ben Friedlander, also reading at the BPC on April 3

Talking with Alan Halsey


The magical awkwardness of Joe Ceravolo

Women in Letters & Literary Arts

Talking with Erin Belieu & Cate Marvin

A gender breakdown of
literary editors’
2009 “bests” lists

On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Due dates vs. deadlines

Stephen Burt on the poetics of motherhood

Swede Dreams:
Daniel Burnbaum on OEI

Alice Jones’ “Vault,” “Idyll

On Lucille Clifton:
Evie Shockley, Sharon Mesmer,
Mairéad Byrne, Mendi Lewis Obadike,
Theresa Senato Edwards, Julie Phillips Brown,
Cara Benson, Tara Betts, Kazim Ali,
Shanna Compton, Deborah Poe,
Naomi Shihab Nye, Aimee Nezhukumatathil,
GE Patterson & Alicia Ostriker

Clifton’s Voices

Luce Irigaray:
This Sex Which is Not One

Peter O’Leary on Robert Duncan’s
The Origin of Old Son

Flarf is snooty

Thom Donovan on CA Conrad

Philly’s next “flash reading”
is of the work of George Oppen,
April 11

Nominate the 2010
Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere!

Inspiration is key for Bill Corbett!

Craig Morgan Teicher on Bin Ramke’s
Theory of Mind: New & Selected Poems

First 100 days, best 100 days?

Downloadable walking tours
focused on poetry
for Chicago & DC

Cathy Park Hong:
Ballad in A,” “Our Jim

Source Material: A Journal of Appropriated Text
(a big zip file of a PDF that is not made much smaller
for having been compressed)

Margaret Atwood on Twitter

Ed Sanders in the Wall Street Journal
(neither a typo nor an hallucination)

James Wagner’s one-paragraph reviews:
Ange Mlinko’s Shoulder Season
Sarah O’Brien’s Catch Light

Ange Mlinko’s “Squill”

Talking with Eiríkur Örn Norđdahl

Michael McClure’s
Mysteriosos, and Other Poems

2 books by Dan Beachy-Quick

The “most representative poets”
of the 20th & 21st centuries:
Gregory Corso & Barbara Guest

7 Philadelphia-area poets to savor

14 poems read by these 7 poets

Daisy Fried
heads up Litapalooza
at Penn State Brandywine,
April 6

Another big AWP reading this Friday

Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, Eileen Myles
Friday night @ CUNY

Talking with Paul Siegell

The most widely spoken language in the world:

You could vote for
Neil Gaiman, Patti Smith, Banksy, Mary Karr or Dave Eggers
for Time magazine’s list of the “100 most influential people of 2010”
or you could just be flat out appalled
at the 200 “finalists” you are given to chose from…

Dusie Pussipo Stonecoast Femiganza
in Denver, April 7

This year’s edible books

One more reason I do not drink

How Portsmouth became a literary haven

Against the memoir

May 3 & 4 @ CUNY,
The Annual Chapbook Festival

Devin Johnston:
Static,” ‘Thin Place

Joel Oppenheimer’s “The Dancer,”
illustrated by Robert Rauschenberg,
published by Jonathan Williams

Andrew Joron, Rachel Loden, C.S. Giscombe
at the de Young in SF, April 23

George Quasha:
Preverbs & axial poetics

Mendelsohn’s Cafavy

Literary Tees

The poetry of Black Bart

Jail not Yale

What’s on your bedside table?

Beltway Poetry Quarterly’s new issue
celebrates DC’s many literary organizations

Matthew Dickman’s “Fire”

Donald Revell:
“Homage to John Frederick Peto

Timothy Green’s American Fractal

Amérique, une révolution poétique,
with Olivier Brossard, Yves Di Manno,
Auxeméry & Christophe Lamiot Enos,
Saturday, April 10, Paris

The poetry & poetics of Kitasono Katue

Simone White’s House Envy of All the World

Talking with January Gill O’Neill

O’Neill’s Underlife


A Woodstock of the mind”

Emily Warn: “The Word”

Talking with Marcela Sulak

C.J. Laity on Gurlesque

On the Squirrelesque

No Boundaries: Prose Poems by 24 American Poets

Norris Church Mailer:
A Ticket to the Circus

Siri Hustvedt is The Shaking Woman

4 books by Bay Area poets

5 collections by major Quietists

21 poets recommend recent favorites

Strangest Robert Creeley reference
that I’ve seen in some time

Ron Padgett into French

Matvei Yankelevich’s Boris by the Sea

Mark Haddon talking with Paul Farley

A profile of Mark Haddon

Jim Murdoch’s “Lonely City”

Talking with Shelley Puhak

A longer Puhak interview

Heretical Texts fest in Philly, April 10
with Allison Cobb, Kate Schapira,
Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Simone White,
CA Conrad & Franks

Talking with Ned Balbo

Gary Snyder in action in Acton

A profile of Charles Plymell

The man who hoards

The Best Canadian Poetry
(in English)

11 ways to celebrate National Poultry Month

A 12th way would be to peruse a month’s worth
of tattoed poets on Tatoosday
with accompanying poems on
Bill Cohen’s BillyBlog

Your quintessential “national poetry month” article

Another that focuses on the poet laureate program

A day that poetry mattered

Penn’s book store is also doing
a poem a day online this month

April is also
International Pwoermd Writing Month,
devoted of course to writing
“words” that are themselves poems,
e.g. Mark Young’s fruitful

William Blake
hiding in the tangerines

Taking with T.J. Beitelman

Writing novels – it’s all in the planning

Talking with Kate Durbin

Durbin’s The Ravenous Audience

Talking with Marie Ponsot & Ed Hirsch

Edward Hirsch is ripe

Jonathan Galassi on Jenny Holzer

Elizabeth Bishop & The New Yorker

Talking with Louise Glück

Talking with Kimiko Hahn

David Foster Wallace:
“Updike…has never had an unpublished thought”

Roth’s fake interviews

Arguments for the Lost Man Booker Prize

Literary ladies of the Beijing subway

Spencer Reece, “Gilgamesh”

Talking with Robert Fanning

Fanning’s American Prophet

Talking with David Rigsbee

Tina Chang doesn’t do lofty

Poetry as a science

Criticism is always dying

The Herb Vandecker story

Paper Before Print:
The History and Impact of Paper
in the Islamic World

Some prize-winning book designs

Multiple futures of the book

E-book pricing model is changing
in fits & starts

Amazon, B&N surrender control of pricing

Brit publishers howl over Amazon demand
that no website be allowed to undersell them

Why does Congress
want me to shun my local bookstore
& shop online instead?

Bookstore décor made from old books

The death of a bookstore
that opened with great backing
less than one year ago

R.I.P. Big Jar Books

Boston Library opens the kimono on branch use

Does Wikipedia suck?

How green is an iPad? Or a book?

E-readers & eye strain (duh)

E-book royalties are the next battle line

From free books to e-books:
publishers struggle with going digital

Self-censorship hurts communications research

Harpers Studio closes up shop

The Great West Coast Newspaper War

Talking with Anna Halprin

Politics of the soundtrack

the first guitar hero

Chinese nix Dylan tour

Chris Smither
has the Global Financial Crisis blues
(but it don’t say if he’s playing the blue guitar)

Acoustic shadows

Farrah Field on Laura Marling

Peter Brook puts Shakespeare’s Sonnets on stage

A sculpture of Charlie Parker

Alfred Molina as Mark Rothko in Red

Rothko is back

& superb

John Gallaher on liking vs. discerning in Red

Sondheim = Shakespeare?

Thriving on the “Who wrote Shakespeare” scam

The most hated film-maker in America

Anish Kapoor’s new tower of London

Nancy Spero:
The Torture of Women

The Turbulence Project capsizes

Saatchi vs. Banksy

Jack Goldstein
& the CalArts Mafia

A bronze statue, taller than Liberty,
in the nation of Senegal

The art of the brick

Lego, already

Welcome to Marwencol

Recession forces art world to get creative

PaceWildenstein breaks apart

Art maps

A new Pompidou

Is Art History Global?

An online art book: The Mural in America

A second look at Roman Vishniac

Displaced arts journalists strike back

The Arts Desk

Don’t Piss on Me & Tell Me It’s Raining

The meaning of a “bad Koons

The Top 30 exhibitions of 2009

David Slivka has died

Ronald Clyne’s covers for Folkways Records

The AP obit on Ed Roberts

Terry Teachout tackles
“10 books that influenced my thinking” meme
(Edwin Denby, Fairfield Porter & novels
by New Critics…)

Defending the humanities

The crisis of philosophy


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