Monday, April 19, 2010

The gun runner?
Allegedly Rimbaud in Aden
(a machine translation into English)

Pierre Joris says this is a hoax

Jimmy Schuyler’s Other Flowers

On the poems of J.H. Prynne

Rae Armantrout, “as strong as a sonnet”

Watching Armantrout scumble

The two factions of langpo

Vanessa Place on the “masculinist lyric”

Vanessa Place’s La Medusa

Place: Why conceptualism
is better than flarf
(hint: no. 15 is wrong)

Sina Queyras on the fear of difficulty

Is Hissa Hilal’s poetry any good?

Maghreb viewers react to Hilal

Cairo writes, Beirut publishes, Baghdad reads

Jordan Davis on Mahmoud Darwish

Al-Mutanabbi Street on the radio

Barbara Jane Reyes on Indivisible:
An Anthology of Contemporary
South Asian
American Poetry

Arundhati Roy investigated
over “ties” to Maoist rebels

Infinite Difference:
Other Poetries by UK Women Poets

Remembering Reginald Shepherd

PennSound recordings from A.L. Nielsen’s archives

Poetry in honor of Senghor & Cesaire

A poetry festival in Lagos

Rita Dove, reading

Talking with Marcella Durand

Remembering Lucille Clifton

Roberto Bolaño:
“Prefiguration of Lalo Cura”

Robert Duncan’s HD Book,
“the first volume of the collected writings,”
is coming this fall!

The 2nd part of Rachel Berchten’s
video preview of UC Press books
(good focus on Richard O. Moore here)

Allen Ginsberg’s tugboat ride

It’s been 5 years since Robert Creeley died

“My present purpose is to attack estrangement

The gardeners of Gloucester

The nominations are in & you can vote
from among 22 candidates
for the 2010 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere
(voting ends April 29 at midnight)

764,448 “non-traditional” works
published in 2009

Tim Griffion on
Charles Bernstein’s All the Whiskey in Heaven
(reg. req.)

Talking with Eliot Weinberger

Ana Božičević:
5 poets who changed my life

Lambda Literary’s 5 Poets archive

Why National Poetry Month
is like
the Gay Male S&M Activists Leather Night


Craig Santos Perez:
“white hybrid aesthetics
is the rejection of being Ransom,
being Goldsmith, or being Silliman”

Josh Corey,
AWP, moment by moment

Laura Moriarty at AWP

An “AWP virgin” speaks up
They are all Brand New, baby chicks just hatching”

Henry Gould: “A Dissociated Writing Program”

Things to do at AWP

AWP: the fashionistas!

K. Silem Mohammad’s intro
to the AWP panel on conceptual & flarf poetics

Mathew Timmons on the same flarf panel

Flarf, Arf, Arf, Arf
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Flarf, Flarfier, Flarfiest
(Flarf flick film fest)

Correcting conceptual art

Martin Earl on documentary poetry

Talking rare books with Yoko Ono

Emily Dickinson & the crazies

Emily & the maid

Such Tweet Sorrow

Rigoberto González: non-events

Harryette Mullen & the Jackson Poetry Prize

Harryette Mullen: “We are not responsible”

John Updike reading Frank O’Hara

Joseph Massey’s Mock Orange

“The poems haven’t survived.
The marriage overtook the poems” –
Ted & Sylvia talk about their courtship

Conrad DiDiodato on Michael Mirolla

Emily Warn:
Tone is the glue for nerdy poets

Anne Boyer’s The 2000s:
A history of the future in advance of itself

Raymond Federman’s The Carcasses

Mark Wallace is “Against Unity”
(part one) (part two)

Charming Hostess & Ammiel Alcalay
at Small Press Traffic

From Alcalay’s “Local Politics:
The Background as Foreward”

Samuel Menashe at the Big NYPL

Mark Doty on the down low

The rest of the Granta sex issue

Tina Chang reading

with Anselm Berrigan, Jim Behrle,
Eileen Myles & CA Conrad

Larry Goodell:
a little history of the poetry scene
in Albuquerque

When The Paris Review was at its best

& its humiliating present

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:
“Goodbye! Goodbye! / Beached at last…”

Dickens had a dark side

Who needs critics?

Do we need professional critics?

How develop critics
with no “minor leagues”?

Paul Muldoon:
“I try to be trashy”

Muldoon giving
a possibly more serious
reading & talk

Simon Armitage & Paul Morley
deconstruct The Smiths

Paul Hoover on
the poetry of forgetting

Amy Sackville’s favorite book,
Virginia Woolf’s The Waves

David Biespiel on Anne Bradstreet

Camille Dungy: “I grew up in the academy”

Poetry Society at 100

The smell of literature

Open air publishing

Paul Harding’s Tinkers

How a tiny press published the Pulitzer novel

Tide of affection for Harding’s Tinkers

Stephen Burt on Allison Benis White

First book for EU prez “Haiku Herman

Shelly Taylor’s Black-Eyed Heifer

This month, adopt a poet

Eleanor Ross Taylor receives the Ruth Lilly Prize

$100,000 to a nonagenarian

Keeping a notebook

a chapbook anthology

Mary Oliver in Cleveland

Diane Wakoski’s The Diamond Dog

Poetry & social movements

A Poetry Book Giveaway for National Poetry Month

April 21, “Edit: Performing Networked Publishing
@ Writers House, Philadelphia

April 22 – 25th,
Post-Moot Convocation:
poetry + performance,
Oxford, Ohio

April 23, Stephen Rodefer in Boise

April 24, near Chapel Hill, NC:
Haiku Holiday

Phil Hall on Laurie Duggan

Dan Torop’s “TC-Compose-Verify, 2009

A lot of poetry is boring

The American Bookshelf:
democracy or oligarchy

Mary Robinson:
Sappho as a Romantic

Talking with Susan Rich

Poetry in Person:
25 Years of Conversations
with America’s
[mostly Quietist] Poets

Canada gives it away once again

Everett Community College
rescues Poetry Northwest

Doing time?
PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee
has done 50 years

The authors are in eternity:
3 quietists cope with the presence
of Old Ez & the possum

Jorie Graham’s “Sundown”

Rosanna Warren at Hofstra

Talking with Heather Cousins

Tibetan Monks Ride the Escalator

4 cities claim the home of Li Bai

The role of poetry

Alice’s Adventures Underground,
the original manuscript

Talking with Amber Tamblyn

Tyne Daly reads Auden

Charles Bukowski, family guy

Henry Miller, the secret of life

Walker Percy in a deranged world

Lathbury’s Salinger

Loving’s Twain

Twain & Philadelphia

Non-nutritive reading

Norris Church Amiably

Norris Church is not
just Mrs. Mailer

Big novels

Jane’s Fame:
How Jane Austen Conquered the World

Pamuk’s Museum

Liberty Hill honors Walter Mosley

A big Hoohah
over racism & freedom of speech

in Gainesville, FL

Matthea Harvey reading

How to write about Africa

Feminist Press turns 40

Nina Bourne has died

Alfred Kazin
on William & Henry James

The International IMPAC Dublin award shortlist

On first looking into
The Chronicle of Higher Medication’s
National Poetry Month competition

iPad censoring “sperm” in Moby-Dick

Moby-Dick: NPR’s bookclub discussion

Digital reading spaces:
how expert readers handle book, the web,
& electronic paper

The Kindle already looks and feels outdated”

A more substantial review of the Kindle as a reader

Publishing attorney &/or literary agent
in the age of digital reproduction

Scribd adds print-on-demand options

Cpedia is unCuil

Looking for a bookstore in Queens

One more college town
with no indie bookstore

Copperfield’s CEO on the future of books

Vooks = Book 2.0

Betting on community as the key to
bookstore success

The return of radical bookshops

Ousting a bookstore
to open a bookstore

Women & Children First,
the bookstore

Poets House
aims to boost
poetry in libraries

Libraries are a lifeline

Library of Congress
to archive all tweets since ‘06

Boston Public Library needs help

Which books are most often challenged
by wanna-be library censors?

Why buy a newspaper?

Digitally raising a dead journal

LRB at 30 – not dead yet

Searching for “Frances Farmer is My Sister

Donated book earns Oxfam £37k

Salon partners with McSweeney’s

Joy Ladin’s Transmigration

Talking with Louise Glück

Seamus Heaney:
The Power of T.S. Eliot

Scariett’s Po-Biz Hot 100
with a love note from Franz Wright

Billy Collins at Wells Fargo

Poets pay attention

Talking with Mary Karr

Acquiring Emma for $500K

Ander Monson:
turning the banality of nonfiction inside out

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Top 50 Twitter feeds for the arts

The Philadelphia Wireman

The best presentation of his work
is on a great book of poetry
(not to be confused
with a volume we are eagerly awaiting)

The book as sculpture

Political art in Venezuela

Dennis Hopper:
Art is life

Using Wikipedia to save public art

The poetry of Luann

When the audience transgresses back

Asya Reznikov @ Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC

Save the Watts Towers!!

Chihuly vs. Desolation Row

Can the Whitney afford to split?

The Getty received a record number of photos in 2009

The photographs of Miroslav Tichý

Exit through the Gift Shop

Andy Warhol:
Good for the Jews?

Is the art market ready to rebound?

Peter Schjeldahl: Revision Quest

Schjeldahl on Cartier-Bresson

Art collecting &/or real estate development

The market for vintage R.Crumb

Simpsons solve the Gardner heist

Talking to Lawrence Weschler
about Robert Irwin & David Hockney

Slogging through Rothko

Ryan McGinley:
nude in New York

Griffy’s Top 40 list
on how to write comix

The muralist’s loft

The Seagram Murals at the Tate

John Cleese:
from Oslo to Brussels by taxi

Death by Balanchine
blunt-force trauma

Meredith Monk weaves a spell

Mental machine music

Reviving the poetry of Wladyslaw Szlengel

The godfather of hip-hop,
Gil Scott-Heron

Wagner: not a Nazi

Capitalism & its Other at Coachella

Remembering Malcolm McLaren

Starting with the lyrics

A literary tour for Natalie Merchant

Vermont lures top SF arts administrator

Playing chess with Stanley Kubrick

7 unprotected screenplays
by “famous intellectuals”

Werner Herzog making 3D doc
on Chauvet cave art

The books of filmmaker Guy Maddin

Love, sex, math, Mishima

Who killed Laura Palmer?

Fredric Jameson’s Pre-Eminence

Seeing the State:
Transparency as Metaphor

(reg. req.)

Did language kill the president of Poland?

Russia’s role
in Kyrgyzstan’s “revolution”

Perry Anderson:
his positions have changed,
his certainty has not

George Lakoff:
the poll Democrats need to know about

Joseph Epstein:
Do as I say…

A neurolinguistic approach
to perfomativity in economics

(reg. req.)

The FBI is onsite at Naropa

Changing Christopher Walken’s diaper

The weight of my beard