Tuesday, March 16, 2010


L-R: Stephanie Young, Taylor Brady, Samantha Giles & Lasana M. Sekou
Lasana M. Sekou
at Mills & Small Press Traffic
Sekou’s collections of short stories
The Flashpoint David Jones issue is awesome!
Curtis Faville:
Editing Eigner’s Collected
(Part 1) (Part 2)
A gathering of responses to Larry Eigner
Steve Fama on the issue of margins
Melville at the margins
Barry Schwabsky on the Selected Poems of Samuel Beckett
Vincent Katz: Editing Vanitas
Talking with Tina Chang

Kay Ryan at Stanford
Carol Ann Duffy works with teens
Bob Arnold: “Hiking Down From a Hillside Sky”
Talking with Bob Arnold
A crowd-sourced online biography of Gregory Corso
Closing your eyes to “The Red Wheelbarrow
One critic who picked
the NBCC award for poetry right
was Raquel Laneri at Forbes
The writer at the Guardian
appears to have actually looked at Armantrout’s book
The Wall Street Journal notes Armantrout’s surprise
& that half the winners came from the UK
All hail
from Wesleyan University as well as UCSD
PennSound is happy (scroll to March 12)
Pam Brown:
Rewriting Australia,

with Michael Farrell, David Brooks, Justin Clemens,
Duncan Hose, Banjo Paterson, John Tranter & David Prater
Lara Glenum & Joseph Horáček:
Meat Out of the Eater
Amazon plays hardball over Colorado taxes
The winner for poetry is
Elaina Fanalova’s The Russian Version,
translated by Stephanie Sandler & Genya Turovskya
A benefit reading in LA
for Al Mutanabbi Street
Eliot Weinberger’s Oranges & Peanuts for Sale
Talking with Gary Snyder
Snyder in Action to accept the Creeley Prize
Pantano’s Collected Trakl
will be over 1,000 pages
“If only Lowell kept his trousers on”
Lynn Levin’s Fair Creatures of an Hour
Iliad bookshop’s impressive odyssey
David Foster Wallace
doodles on Cormac McCarthy’s face
The David Foster Wallace audio project
119 words
WGN staffers
are not permitted to use on-air
Kyle Schlesinger:
“Bad Words to the Radio”
Harry E Northup, baseball poet
The house that Al Purdy built
Ed Markowski’s A Chinese Box
Burma Shave poetics reaches the PMLA
Luc Sante on David Shields’ Reality Hunger: A Manifesto
Stephen Mills on Juliana Spahr,
C.D. Wright, Tony Hoagland & Martha Collins
Is sci-fi humanism
a contradiction in terms?
Talking with Sharon Dolin
A curious tale,
none of which appears to be fact-based
Extending the book (a.k.a. “Grangerizing”)
Paula Cisewski, Brenda Ijima, Sandy Florian, Lara Glenum,
Johannes Göransson, Dawn Lundy Martin, Laura Moriarty,
Abe Smith & Stacy Szymaszek
will be featured readers at this year’s
AWP Off-Site Reading
Saturday, April 8, in Denver
A webinar on Emily D,
with Al Filreis & Jessica Lowenthal
Sal Paradise & a tale of two cities
Allen Ginsberg @ 43
as viewed by Time
Poems from the 4 finalists
of the 2009 Omnidawn Book Prize
Tony Hoagland’s Unincorporated Persons
in the Late Honda Dynasty
Bookstore turns publisher
to help save print
A shocking plan to destroy publishing forever:
read the books you already have!
Amazon.com removes “buy buttons”
from some comic publishers
Canadian bookstores organize
to keep Amazon out
ebooks in libraries is a problem
sez Macmillan CEO
Is Penguin’s new ebook a book?
Is your reading suffering
from multimedia overload?
Academic publishers
see strong ebook growth
Here comes the Samsung E60
The best & worst of times for publishing
Publishers are “only innovative when desperate
Don DeLillo’s Point Omega
Kenneth Dover has died
A competition for young poets
Dave Eggers, “America’s Conscience”
Mark Twain, character assassin
100+ literary festivals in the UK
of which the London Word is one
Louis Menand’s Marketplace of Ideas
Jim Harrison:
“The last word in lonesome is me”
What writers can learn from Gawker
Good faith in publishing
Henri Cole’s Pierce the Skin
Everyone knows
that Kent Johnson wrote Shakespeare
Jewish Narnia is call Marvel Comics
What is that butterfly
in the New Yorker?
The Waterboys do Yeats
Constantine Cavafy singing Van Morrison
Barry Schwabsky on the Black Atlantic
SFMoMA as seen from Brooklyn:
“the best show I’ve ever seen”
Talking with Leonard Lopate
NYRB & Daniel Mendelsohn
finally get to Avatar
Tony Judt on “edge people”
Tom Clark: Playing possum

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