Tuesday, March 02, 2010

An image of Keats
Michael Davidson:
“Missing Larry:
The Poetics of Disability
in Larry Eigner
Is this article on appropriation
The NY Times’ first mention of
Nostalgia & Robert Grenier

Barbara Henning:
Thinking about Tucson,
talking with
Charles Alexander & Tenney Nathanson
Martine Bellen on Barbara Henning
Lives Like Loaded Guns:
Emily Dickinson and Her Family’s Feuds
“a seething Peyton Place of adultery”
Emily D & the Three Sopranos
Abstracts for next week’s
Ashbery in Paris conference
A portfolio of responses
to Ashbery from Rain Taxi
David Alpaugh
is the latest to look at
poetry’s numbers & freak
singing the same song

7 years ago in the Houston Review
John Gallaher responds
As does Josh Corey
Graduate school in the humanities is a trap.
It is designed that way.”
Celebrating kari edwards
Erín Moure reading
& talking with Charles Bernstein
Charles Bernstein talking on his own behalf
A new, more detailed bio note for
Charles Bernstein
March 4th:
One-day strike & day of action
to defend public education
in California
Joseph Ceravolo’s great
“Ho Ho Ho Caribou”
Using Ceravolo as a measure
to read some recent poetry
6,500 authors opt out
of the Google book deal
Publishing’s secret agents
In Japan,
publishers band together
to fight off Kindle
The avant-garde is dead
No dust jackets required
March 6th in Tucson,
remembering Gustaf Sobin
2 books by Sawako Nakayasu
Julio Cortázar’s Unexpected Writings
Bonnie McCandless’
Chinese Poetry
Coming to University Press Books in Berkeley:
Bob Hass on Walt Whitman
& a reading by Leslie Scalapino
Kevin Killian’s sex is unpretty”
Branding the iPad
Performance poetry at the Olympics
David Antin:
“Rethinking Freud –
Taking Freud out of Psychoanalysis”
Louis Menand:
Can psychiatry be a science?
in Henri Michaux & Gunnar Ekelök”
(part 1) (part 2)
This June,
James Joyce in Prague
Was the first rightwing talk-show host
Ezra Pound?
Michael McClure in Seattle
March 12 & 13
Gung Hay Fat Choy,
Larry Ferlinghetti
More books from Robert Creeley’s library
Brian Kim Stefans
at the iotaCenter
With Oni Buchanan
@ the Walker Art Center
for Rain Taxi
& @ Macramé
in Mexico City
(in Spanish & English)
Notes from the
David Foster Wallace conference
The Christian Bök trading card
2 poems by Juliet Cook
Juliet Cook’s brain:
before & after
The poetry of Mohan Rana
in both Hindi & English
Bertolt Brecht: “Burn me!”
Jack Foley:
Reconfiguring romanticism
4 new poems from Clayton Eshleman
Hoa Nguyen in Buffalo
Annotating Tan Lin’s Heath
Your face as a typeface
Next January in Quintana Roo
the Third Annual
US Poets in Mexico symposium
In London,
the UK’s only LGBT bookshop
is struggling
& Watkins Books
off Charing Cross Road
has closed
after 113 years
In Miami,
La Moderna Poesia
has closed
B&N moving rapidly into e-sales
In Seattle,
Fête du Flâneur
@ $45 a head
Itoh Hiromi’s Killing Kanoko
3 poems by Claire Donato
Five Dials no. 11
includes an excerpt from
Roberto Bolaño’s last interview
& a list of unused book titles
from Raymond Chandler, including
Uncle Watson Wants to Think
Check out the archive
Titles to avoid
Talking with Mark Doty
(& part 2)
Super Mario, meet Mark Twain
No video games for Kerouac?
But a big birthday bash
for his 88th in Lowell
Identifty this
literary mystery spot
Reading in March & April
@ Seattle’s Open Books
Electric Literature’s
latest flicker of an idea:
Twitter fiction
Dot Devota’s “Insurgency”
One minute with Thomas Lynch
Stuart Krimko’s
The Sweetness of Herbert
Finding Rose Drachler
Halvard Johnson’s
The Perfection of Mozart’s Third Eye
& Other Sonnets
(reg. req.)
Gerald Stern
still fighting
the war in Vietnam
Will folks start posting
papers from
the Louisville Conference?
Just 3 weeks to re-imagine
the poet-critic
David Shields’
Reality Hunger: A Manifesto
Rules for writing fiction
(and part 2)
Joel Chace’s
Scripts Too Scaffold
(reg. req.)
Wayne Koestenbaum
is his own category
Joey Comeau
reading at Pilot Books in Seattle
where most readings
take place between
6:00 & 6:15
The Hingham Poetry Study Group
reaches its 60th year
Robinson’s The Lucky Strike
Peter Davis: 6 poems
Library of America’s
20th Century-African American Authors set
Poetry as self-medication
There’s an app for that
Winners of the Crashaw Prize
No regrets for Walcott’s White Egrets
Is this book cover racist?
TC Boyle’s Wild Child
Thomas Jefferson’s state
cancels the humanities
Trey Moore’s
Some Will Play the Cello
No “culture of poetry” in India?
Henry Gould’s “ur-poetics”
with Kathleen Rooney
From 1001 Stories by Richard Kostelanetz
Talking with Jono Tosch
3 new poems from Kyle Schlesinger
Why there are so few negative reviews
as sick, as pathologically creepy
a novel
as one is ever likely to read”
Al Filreis:
Planning to Stay
Talking with Dorianne Laux
Listening with Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Jason Shiga’s book with
3,856 endings
AS Byatt:
why Alice is different
This isn’t Disney’s Alice
Harold Bloom recites Wallace Stevens
Lyric poetry remains useless”
Camille Dungy’s anthology of
black nature poetry
made the kind of poems we need”
Who wrote
The Three Musketeers
A new film reignites
an old debate
& then there is the problem
of Dumas’ race
(or perhaps Depardieu’s)
Aphra Ben’s
“Letter to a Brother of the Pen
in Tribulation”
Hitchens on Vidal:
“the pot calling the kettle black?”
Simic on
Heimrad Bäcker’s transcript
The Real Life of Anthony Burgess
James Frey’s latest scam
John McPhee’s new subject:
Acmeism & Plumbline poetics
Whatever happened to cultural discourse?
A half-hour interview with Ed Hirsch
One more Martin Amis feud
Barry Schwabsky
on books about Beckett & van Velde,
Arshile Gorky & Zak Smith’s
We Did Porn: Memoir & Drawings
Is Frederick Seidel an “exquisite mysogynist”?
Is chick-lit porn “ground breaking”?
The Question of (e)quality:
Art in the age of Facebook
Chicago Tribune review of GirlDrive
Vanessa Place on Rachel Khedoori
Britain’s new wave of
political playwrights
Johannes Göransson’s
own Private Idaho:
suspicious of community
A Joseph Brodsky biopic
Over the Edge:
the panel
Homage to Ballard
@ Gagosian London
Luc Sante’s
Folk Photography
William Eggleston
& the invention of color
What is a photograph?
Homes & other spaces
Ion Barladeanu & his collages
Barry Schwabsky on Dorothea Tanning
Jessica Hines’
My Brother’s War
The Whitney Biennial:
an anthem to the awful
attendance up, revenues down
Howard Junker
blogs SF MoMA’s 75th birthday
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
(part 4) (part 5)
The sculpture of Ron Mueck
Renoir & son at LACMA
Jazz history is in its infancy
& Terry Teachout’s Pops is proof
Amy Tan’s disco protégé
Edward Said’s
Representations of the Intellectual
(reg. req.)
Lawrence Lessig’s Remix
(reg. req.)
Too Buffalo for words:
ice maze world record
Talking with Gail Collins
A web comic one of my sons
thought I needed to read
Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s
Phenomenology of Perception
(reg. req.)
“the honey-heavy dew
of slumber
BBC demotes Prince Harry
in obit shake-up
Whose freedom of speech,
whose right to privacy?
“This era’s ‘Hiroshima’
Lessons from the memos
Bruce Sterling:
Futurity now!
The Virtue of Forgetting
in the Digital Age
Linh Dinh:
Casino time
This link is just for my buddy, Franz

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