Monday, March 22, 2010

Hissa Hilal defies death threats,
reaches finals of Million’s Poets
Robin Tremblay-McGaw
on The Truth About Ted
A blog for Marianne Moore
Cathy Park Hong’s Dance Dance Revolution
Talking with Charles Bernstein
Mahmoud Darwish: “To a Young Poet”
March 27 @ the Bowery Poetry Club:
Lynn Behrendt & Vanessa Place
Larry Eigner: “One of a Series”
John Taggart’s Pyramid Canon

The poetry shortlist
for the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association awards
is breathtakingly good
Selected Prose of Heinrich von Kleist
Wendell Berry’s Imagination in Place
Talking with Lisa Robertson
“Lost” Shakespeare play Double Falsehood published
Talking with Nino Ricci
Lori Anderson Moseman: from Lintel / Gunwale
Talking with Sandra Doller
Siri Hustvedt’s Shaking Woman
Boulder’s experiment with microdistribution
Talking with Ed Baker
A profile of Sotère Torregian
HIV-positive author
attacks China ban
Talking with Carol Loeb Schloss
who took on Joyce’s heirs over fair use
21 volumes on William Wordsworth
Todd Swift on who is (or is not) British
The other Russia
including the national poet of
Christine Wertheim: Litteral poetics
Is “true translation” possible?
David Baptiste Chirot on Poems from Guantanamo
Dear Sir/Madam” is sexist
Daisy Fried on anal sex at the Western Wall
Joyce Carol Oates on Charyn’s Dickinson
Margaret Atwood on the Homer of the ants
Carol Ann Duffy
bemoans Beckham’s achilles tendon
Kafka without the 401K
Novelists with day jobs
When Paddy Kavanagh sued for libel
Talking with Gillian Conoley
What was Ruskin thinking?
John Olson:
Ruskin liked rust
A profile of t. kilgore splake
Kwame Anthony Appiah
re-elected president of PEN
Rescuing Rushdie (& us all)
from digital decay
Barnes & Noble promotes
head of its web site to CEO
The “e-book war” gets nasty
Amazon, Apple & e-books
Amazon threatens publishers
What happens to book sales
if digital versions are given away?
Apple iPad will read books out loud
& support “free e-books”
An IPO for Lulu
How librarians & cybrarians can save us all
Talking with Judith Butler
Witchcraft bookstore
rises from the dead
Teaching kids to translate
from languages they do not read
Becoming post-avant
If Odysseus had GPS
Over 400 authors
at the LA Times Festival of Books
April 24 & 25 @ UCLA
What makes a bad book bad?
Talking with David Pearson
Pearson’s Cormac McCarthy
Virmicular Dither
(on Zweig)
Talking with Dave Margoshes
Who knew Jane Austen?
David Mikics on “Ozymandias
Hemingway’s home in Key West
now is a landmark
A ballad from Anon
Barry Miles on William Burroughs
& on the Beatles not getting photographed
with a naked Allen Ginsberg
Talking with Lily Brown
Walcott’s Egrets
Blogging in the 18th centure
Alberto Manguel’s A Reader on Reading
Kiki Petrosino’s Fort Red Border
Maeve Binchy & Joanna Trollope
receive “lifetimes achievement awards”
The secret history of science fiction
The collector who gave it all away
Atonement: the opera
The Orange Prize longlist
Van Gogh’s letters
H.M. Koutoukas has died
The Human War
is looking for some late-stage funding
Talking with Kenneth Anger
Flight from reality
Poetry v. progress
in American film
Elliott Carter’s 16 Compositions
Seth Rogovy’s Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet
Cunningham for beginners
Francie Shaw at A.I.R. in Brooklyn
March 31 to April 25
Putting a stamp on the war in Ira q
Peter Schjeldahl on Otto Dix
Images from Bauhaus
Other things to do with books
More people sent me this link
last week
than I’ve received for any piece
in the past year

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