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Trailer for a documentary on David Bromige by James Garrahan

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Books Received



Ed Baker, g oo d night, Moria Poetry, Chicago 2009

Elizabeth Bachinsky, Curio: Grotesques & Satires from the Electronic Age, BookThug, Toronto 2009, with an afterword by K. Silem Mohammad

Michael Boughn, 23 Skidoo / SubTractions, BookThug, Toronto 2009

Dorian Brooks, The Wren’s Cry, Ibbetson Street Press, Somerville, MA 2009

Melissa Buzzeo, Face, BookThug, Toronto, 2009

Gillian Conoley, Profane Halo, Verse Press, Amherst 2005

Joseph Cooper, Autobiography of a Stutterer, BlazeVOX (Books), Buffalo 2007

Joseph Cooper, Touch Me, BlazeVOX (Books), Buffalo 2009

Guillevic, Art Poétique, translated by Maureen Smith with Lucie Albertini Guillevic, Black Widow Press, no location given, 2009

Márton Koppány, Endgames, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia 2008

Natalie Knight, Xenia, Furniture Press, Baltimore 2009

Fred Marchant, The Looking House, Graywolf Press, St. Paul 2009

Helena Mesa, Horse Dance Underwater, Cleveland State University Poetry Center, Cleveland 2009

Brandon Scott Gorrell, During My Nervous Breakdown I Want a Biographer to be Present, Muumuu House, probably Brooklyn 2009

Evelyn Reilly, Styrofoam, Roof, New York 2009

Kit Robinson, Train I Ride, BookThug, Toronto 2009

Sophie Robinson, a, with a foreward by Caroline Bergvall & an afterword by Diane Ward, Les Figues / TrenchArt: Tracer Series, Los Angeles 2009

André Spears, Nexus of Evil: Late Fragments 1-7, First Intensity Press, Lawrence, KS 2009

Bert Stern, Steerage, Ibbetson Street Press, Somerville, MA 2009

Aaron Tieger, Secret Donut, Pressed Wafer, Boston 2009

Liz Waldner, Trust, Cleveland State University Poetry Center, Cleveland 2009

Allison Benis White, Self-Portrait with Crayon, Cleveland State University Poetry Center, Cleveland 2009

Wei Ying-wu, In Such Hard Times: The Poetry of Wei Ying-wu, translated by Red Pine (Bill Porter), Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2009

Dean Young, Primitive Mentor, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh 2008



Mark Polizzotti, Revolution of the Mind: The Life of André Breton, Black Widow Press, no location given, 2009

Adam Seelig, Talking Masks, BookThug, Toronto, 2009

Jon Thompson, After Paradise: Essays on the Fate of American Writing, Shearsman, Exeter 2009

William Logan, Our Savage Art: Poetry and the Civil Tongue, Columbia University Press, New York 2009



A String of Small Machines, no. 4, House Press, Buffalo / Chicago / New York, 2009. Includes Melissa Severin, Carrie Hunter, Daniel Borzutzky, Andrew Hughes, Gustave Morin, Raúl Zurita (trans. By Anna Deeny), Brenda Iijima & Angee Lennard.

Fact•Simile, vol. 2, no. 1, no location given (but probably Denver or Boulder), Summer 2009. Includes Kristin Prevallet, J. Townsend, Michael Leong, Anselm Parlatore, Kevin Kilroy, Andrew K. Peterson, Rosmarie Waldrop, Jefferson Navicky, Marie Larson, David Wolach, Serena Rose Chopra, Robert Roley, Donald Illich, Andrew Lundwall, Ashe Middleton, Joseph Harrington, Sara Nolan, Susan Lewis, Reed Bye, Nick Demske, & Craig Rebele

Mirage #4 / Period(ical) #156, May 2009, San Francisco. Includes Adam Fielede, Colin Herd & Chris Tysh

Ocho #24, Bloomington, IL, June 2009. Twitter poets issue. Includes @ivyalverez, @expatty, @annehaines, @chrissiemkl, @pris2000, @nancydevine,@JSvanBuskirk, @kateeevanswriter, @alexdimitrov, @velveteenrabi, @saeedjones, @stacieboschma, @raysuccre, @memali, @cherylsnell, @andrewdemcak, @poetphd, @Pamel12345, @snakypoet, @williamkenyon, @BlueGrassPoet, @AnnMarieEldon, @yoginipoet, @greenskeptic, @semaphore, @emilyabenton, @shannpalmer, @stoneymoss, @MontMaxton, @outsider_lines, @jsheeler, @Plove413, @lileagle, @ThePoetLizard, @robertleebrewer, @cleocreech & @ckrawitz

The Poker, no. 9, Arlington, MA, 2009. Includes Juliana Spahr, Trey Sager, Laynie Browne, Laura Jaramillo, Jordan Davis, Stephen Burt, George Stanley, Eléna Rivera, Charles North, Ammiel Alcaly, Alice Notley, Erica Wietzman, James Schuyler, George Oppen & Matt Gagnon.

Volt: The War Issue, Corte Madera, CA, 2007. Includes Dennis Philips, Donald Revell, Donna de la Perrière, Leslie Scalapino, Leonard Schwartz, Lida Abdul, Maxine Chernoff, Norma Cole, Standard Schaefer, D.A. Powell, Dara Wier, Landis Everson, Paul Vangelisti, Denise Newman, Sherril Jaffe, Liz Waldner, Matthew Zapruder, Rusty Morrison, James Tate, Martha Ronk, John Olson, Brian Teare, Brenda Hillman, Dan Beach-Quick, Joseph Lease, Paul Hoover, Dean Young, Robert Hass, Reginald Shepherd, Aaron Shurin, Steve Dickison, Kathleen Fraser & many more.

Volt, vol. 14, Corte Madera, CA, 2008. Includes Gerald Stern, Timothy Liu, Thaisa Frank, Gail Wronsky, Reginald Shepherd, Julie Carr, Bruce Beasley, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Bin Ramke, Carol Snow, Bruce Bond, Lance Phillips, Tomaz Salamun, Stephanie Strickland, Susan Terris, Tony Triglio, Arthur Vogelsang, G.C. Waldrop, more.


Other Formats

. Chú Dai Bi, no author or location given, Ordinary Fool, 2008. Almost certainly John Martone & Charleston, IL respectively. Single 8.5”x5.5” sheet containing 9 photos of the cover envelope and a second torn & shredded sheet (a poem?) in various forest settings. Quarto folded into 5.5”x3” manila envelope.



Many more books
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