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Recently Received

Books (Poetry)

Heimrad Bäcker,Transcript, translated by Patrick Greaney & Vincent Kling, edited & with an afterword by Friedrich Achleitner, Dalkey Archive Press, Champaign, 2010

Steve Carey, The Selected Poems of Steve Carey, edited by Edmund Berrigan, Subpress, no location given, 2009

kari edwards, Bharat jiva, Litmus Press / Belladonna Books, Brooklyn 2009

Thomas Fink, Yinglish Strophes 1 – 19, Truck Books, New York, 2009

Barbara Claire Freeman, Incivilities, Counterpath Press, Denver 2010

Jennica Harper, What It Feels Like for a Girl, Anvil Press, Vancouver 2008

Jen Hofer, One, Palm Press, Long Beach, 2009

Christine Hume, Shot, Counterpath Press, Denver 2010

Robert Kelly, Fire Exit, Black Widow Press, Boston, 2009

Nick Lantz, We Don’t Know We Don’t Know, Graywolf Press, Minneapolis 2010

Lauren Levin, Not Time, Boxwood Editions, Chicago 2009

Catherine Owen, Frenzy, Anvil Press, Vancouver 2009

Marguerite Pigeon, Inventory, Anvil Press, Vancouver 2009

Catie Rosemurgy, The Stranger Manual, Graywolf Press, Minneapolis 2010

Mari-Lou Rowley, Suicide Psalms, Anvil Press, Vancouver 2008

Carol Snow, Placed: Karesansui Poems, Counterpath Press, Denver 2008

Eileen R. Tabios, Roman Holiday, Naissance, Kingston, PA, 2009


Books (Other)

Urs Allemann, Babyfucker, translated with an introduction by Peter Smith, afterword by Vanessa Place, Les Figues, Los Angeles, 2009

Julian Brolaski, erica kaufman & E. Tracy Grinnell, editors, No Gender:Reflections on the Life & Work of kari edwards, Litmus Press / Belladonna Books, Brooklyn 2009. Includes Cara Benson, Frances Blau, Mark Brasuell, Julian T. Brolaski, Reed Bye, Marcus Civin, CAConrad, Donna de la Perrière, E. Tracy Grinnell, Rob Halpern, Jen Hofer, Brenda Iijima, Lisa Jarnot, erica kaufman, Kevin Killian, Wendy Kramer, Joseph Lease, Rachel Levitsky, Joan MacDonald, Bill Marsh, Chris Martin, Yedda Morrison, Eileen Myles, Akilah Oliver, Tim Peterson, Ellen Redbird, Leslie Scalapino, Michael Smoler, Sherman Souther, Eleni Stecopoulos, and Anne Waldman

Amanda Cushman, translator, (Original editor unknown), Zarma Folktales of Niger, Quale Press, Williamsburg, MA

Zachary German, Eat When You Feel Sad, Melville House, Brooklyn 2009

Stephen Ratcliffe, Reading the Unseen: (Offstage) Hamlet, Counterpath Press, Denver 2010

Paul Vermeersch, editor, The Al Purdy A-Frame Anthology, with an introduction by Dennis Lee, Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC 2009. Includes Eurithe Purdy, F.R. Scott, George Galt, Joe Rosenblatt, Margaret Atwood, George Bowering, D.G Jones, Sid Marty, Steven Heighton, Howard White, David McFadden, David Helwig, Janet Lunn, Michael Ondaatje, more.

Christine Wertheim, Feminaissance , Les Figues, Los Angeles 2010. Includes Dodie Bellamy, Caroline Bergvall, Meiling Cheng,Wanda Coleman, Bhanu Kapil, Chris Kraus, Susan McCabe, Tracie Morris, Eileen Myles, Maggie Nelson, Juliana Spahr, Vanessa Place, Christine Wertheim, Stephanie Young & Lidia Yuknavitch



Chicago Review 55:1, Chicago, Winter 2010. Includes 7 poets from Berlin edited by Christian Hawkey, Daniel Falb, Monika Rinck, Hendrik Jackson, Uljana Wolf, Steffen Popp, Sabine Scho, and Ron Winkler with translations by Christian Hawkey, Nicholas Grindell, Nicholas Perrin, Catherine Hales, Susan Bernofsky, J.D. Schneider and Andrea Scott. Also includes Deb Olin Unferth, Jorge Edwards, Jorge Edwards & Patrick Iber, Jeffrey Yang, J.H. Prynne, Matthias Regan, Sam Eccleston, Michael Baltasi, Dustin Simpson, John Wilkinson, Dodie Bellamy and David Grubbs

Mimeo Mimeo, no. 3, Brooklyn, Autumn 2009. Whole issue devoted to Daniel Scott Snelson’s “Simultaneously Agitated in All Directions,” with “The Infernal Method” by Aaron Cohick, a letterpress-printed (and hand-painted) newsprint pamphlet tipped in.

Sugar House Review, vol. 1, Salt Lake City, Fall / Winter 2009. Includes Jeffrey C. Alfier, Rane Arroyo, Ruth Bavetta , Candace Black,. Kenneth Brewer, Teresa Cader, Rob Carney, Star Coulbrooke, Tobi Cogswell, Brock Dethier, Cat Dixon, Gary Dop, William Doreski, Justin Evans, Howie Good, Dustin M. Hoffman, Natasha Kessler, Robin Linn, Grant Loveys, Matt Mason, Michael McLane, Paul Muldoon, J.R. Pearson, Nanette Rayman Rivera, Richard Robbins, Jerome Rothenberg, Sam Ruddick, Ki Russell, Natahsa Sajé, M.E. Silverman, David Starkey, Joanna Straughn, Billy Swift, Jacqueline West & Shari Zollinger  


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