Monday, November 16, 2009

Of the 633 books, chapbooks,
songs, films, magazines, websites, exhibits,
“and other cultural phenomena”
cited in this year’s Attention Span survey,
just 78 were mentioned
by more than one of the
60 contributors.

Barbara Guest, Anne Boyer,
Yedda Morrisson & I
had more than one book
mentioned more than once.*

Works most often mentioned
included Jennifer Moxley’s Clampdown,
Rachel Loden’s Dick of the Dead,
Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip,

Mel Nichols’ Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon
& the magazine Try!

Steve Evans
has now conducted this survey
for seven straight years,
proving each time
the incredible diversity
of contemporary verse.


*Rob Fitterman’s
collaboration with Vanessa Place,
Notes on Conceptualisms,
was multiply mentioned,
as was Rob the Plagiarist.

The other collaboration
cited more than once

Clark Coolidge & Bernadette Mayer’s
The Cave

was likewise cross-gender.