Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Remembering Merce Cunningham

American Masters

About Merce

All Things Considered

Mondays with Merce

Voices & dances

Dance at the Edge

“The day I met Merce Cunningham

A lifetime of greatness

Two clocks ticking

Why dances disappear
Can Cunningham save his dances
by killing his company?

The Modernizing of Modern Dance

“The end of an era

Fundraising needed
for troup’s “farewell tour”

Chance becomes its own order

Merce & music

A dancer’s perspective

Lin-hwai min on Cunningham

Centralia’s own

Cunningham, Cage, Rauschenberg

Cunningham at 90:
meanings pour from movement

Starting as a great dancer

a grand lightness and a superb jump”

His influence remains

how little he cared
about anything but the work”

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