Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Books Received



David Buuck, The Shunt, Palm Press, Long Beach, CA 2009

Chris Cheek, part: short life housing, The Gig, Toronto 2009

Camelia Elias, Eight Senses Plus Two, Eye Corner Press, Roskilde, Denmark 2009

James Galvin, As Is, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2009

Michael Gizzi, New Depths of Deadpan, Burning Deck, Providence 2009

Scott Glassman & Sheila E. Murphy, Quaternity, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia 2009

Albert Goldbarth, To Be Read in 500 Years: All New Poems, Graywolf, St. Paul 2009

James Guida, Marbles, Turtle Point Press, New York 2009

Rae Desmond Jones, Blow Out, Island Press, Summer Hill, Australia 2009

Rachel Loden, Dick of the Dead, Ahsahta Press, Boise 2009

James Maughn, Kata, BlazeVOX, Buffalo 2009

Sarah Menefee, In Your Fish Helmet, Transmission Press 2009

Paul Naylor, Jammed Transmission, Tinfish, Kāne’ohe, HI 2009

Frank Parker, zig-zag journeys,, no location (but look in Tucson), 2009

Lawrence Raab, The History of Forgetting, Penguin, New York & London, 2009

Joanna Rawson, Unrest, Graywolf Press, St. Paul 2009

Betsy Sholl, Rough Cradle, Alice James Books, Farmington, ME 2009

Paul Siegell, Jambandbootleg, A-head Publishing, Nicasio, CA 2009

Laura Sims, Stranger, Fence, Albany, NY 2009

Michael Slosek, Interdiction, Transmission Press, San Francisco 2008

Robert Sward, Heavenly Sex, Palm Poets Series (Black Moss Press), Windsor, Ontario 2002

Robert Sward, The Collected Poems: 1957-2004, Black Moss Press, Windsor, Ontario 2004

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass: 1860: The 150th Anniversary Facsimile Edition, edited by Jason Stacy, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City 2009

Elizabeth Marie Young, Aim Straight at the Fountain and Press Vaporize, Fence, Albany NY 2009


Poetry Anthologies

Dennis Barone & James Finnegan, Visiting Wallace: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Wallace Stevens, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City 2009. Includes John Ashbery, Paul Auster, John Berryman, Robert Bly, William Bronk, Robert Creeley, W.S. Di Piero, Annie Finch, Forrest Gander, Dana Gioia, Peter Gizzi, Edward Hirsch, Richard Howard, Susan Howe, Donald Justice, Ann Lauterbach, Robert Lowell, Paul Mariani, James Merrill, Marianne Moore, Adrienne Rich, Theodore Roethke, David St. John, Carl Sandburg, Ravi Shankar, Mark Strand, William Carlos Williams, Charles Wright & many more.

No editor listed, The Book of Practical Pussies, drawings by Michelle Rollman, texts by D-L Alvarez, Dodie Bellamy, Lee Ann Brown, Bob Glück, Kevin Killian, Scott MacLeod, Yedda Morrison, Camille Roy, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Krupskaya / Tender Buttons, San Francisco / New York 2009

Judith Goldman & Leslie Scalapino, War and Peace: Vision and Text, vol. 4, O Books, Oakland 2009. Includes Petah Coyne, Kiki Smith & Leslie Scalapino, Abigail Child, Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein, Amy Evans McClure & Michael McClure, Marjorie Welish & Judith Goldman, Len Hejinian, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, E. Tracy Grinnell, Simon Fattal, Michael Cross, Denise newman, Gigi Janchang, Thom Donovan, Etal Adnan, Fanny Howe, John Beer, Patrick Gurgin, Jen Scappettone, Jenny Boully & Lauren Shufran, Liz Willis, Brenda Iijima, Alan Halsey, Stephen Ratcliffe, Kim Rosenfield & Cheryl Donegan

Cole Swensen & David St. John, American Hybrid: A Norton Anthology of New Poetry, Norton, New York 2009. Includes Etal Adnan, Ralph Angel, Rae Armantrout, John Ashbery, Mary Jo Bang, Joshua Beckman, Cal Bedient, Molly Bendall, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Michael Burkhard, Killarney Clary, Norma Cole, Gillian Conoley, Martin Corless-Smith, Stacy Doris, Norman Dubie, Lynnn Emanuel, Kathleen Fraser, Alice Fulton, James Galvin, Forrest Gander, C.S. Giscombe, Peter Gizzi, Albert Goldbarth, Jorie Graham, Barbara Guest, Robert Hass, Lyn Hejinian, Brenda Hillman, Paul Hoover, Fanny Howe, Susan Howe, Andrew Joron, Claudia Keelan, Ann Lauterbach, Mark Levine, Nathaniel Mackey, Stefanie Marlis, Mark McMorris, Jane Miller, Laura Moriarty, Jennifer Moxley, Harreytte Mullen, Laura Mullen, Michael Palmer, D.A. Powell, Bin Ramke, Claudia Rankine, Stephen Ratcliffe, Donald Revell, Elizabeth Robinson, Martha Ronk, Mary Ruefle, Eleni Sikelianos, Rod Smith, Carol Snow, Juliana Spahr, Susan Stewart, John Taggart, Arthur Vogelsang, Anne Waldman, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, Marjorie Welish, Susan Wheeler, Dara Wier, Elizabeth Willis, C.D. Wright, Charles Wright, John Yau, Dean Young



Summer Brenner, I-5: A Novel of Crime, Transport, and Sex, PM Press, Oakland 2009

Devin Johnston, Creaturely and Other Essays, Turtle Point Press, New York 2009

Ishmael Reed, The Plays, Dalkey Archive, Champaign, IL 2009

Timothy Yu, Race and the Avant-Garde, Stanford, Palo Alto 2009



Celery Flute: The Kenneth Patchen Newsletter, no. 4 (vol. 2, no. 1), Buffalo 2009. Includes Chris Covics, Ayesgul Tözeren, Bree, Karl Kempton, Reeve Stone, Douglas Manson, T.L. Kryss, Douglas Paisely, Brent Cunningham & Markk.

Meridian, no. 23, May 2009, Charlottesville, VA. Includes Katherine Anne Porter, Tao Lin, , Jane Mead, Kenneth Goldsmith, Nahal Suzanne Jamir, Aby Kaupang, Alyssa Knickerbocker, Alice Notley, Sam Witt, more.

Process: Prolegomena to the Study of Any Future, no. 2, Gloucester, MA 2009. Includes Gerrit Lansing, Robert Kelly, Clayton Eshleman, Donald Wellman, James Cook, Ben Tripp, Bill Corbett & Lisa Rich.


Other Formats

. Pew Fellowships in the Arts, The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia, 2009. What used to be an annual catalog is now an irregularly shaped brochure containing a DVD with 12 short films about the 2008 winners: Charles Burwell, J. Rufus Caleb, Matthew Cox, Russell Davis, Katherine Clark Gray, Nan Korantema Ayeboafo, Felix “Pupi” Legarreta, Vera Nakonechny, Venissa Santí, Anne Seidman, Edgar J. Shockley III & Mauro Zamora.

Tuesday: An Art Project, fifth issue, Spring 2009, Arlington, MA. Stack of 5”x7” cards wrapped in a cover of 18”x12” construction paper. Contributors include Joshua Beckman, Jarita Davis, Christopher DeWeese, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Karen Lee, David Lehman, Bernard Noël, Eléna Rivera, Mary Ruefle, Evie Schockley, more.



Many more books
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