Friday, May 15, 2009



Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Sejal Chad, My Kid, no publisher listed, no location (but UK), no date

Sejal Chad, “Open” / Café Lemon, no publisher listed, no location (but UK), no date

Sejal Chad, She Has Two Kids, Kajnay, no location (but UK), 2006

Bob Cobbing, Bob Jubile: Selected Texts, 1944-1990, New River Project, London, 1990, edited with Jennifer Pike

Phil Davenport, Abóut Everything, Apple Pie Editions, Manchester, UK 2009 (no typo in the title)

hJgodwin, The Benholm Potato Growers / Pawnography, The Arthur Shilling Press, no location given (but probably London) 2009

Bill Griffiths, The Lion Man & Others, Veer Books, London, 2008

Meg Hamill, Trillions & Trillions of Heartbeats, Resonant Books, Santa Rosa, CA 2008

Geof Huth, A Book of Poems So Small I Cannot Taste Them, ntamo, Helsinki 2008

Geof Huth, Gingerbread, Cy Gist Press, no location given (but Astoria NY) 2009

Geof Huth, Longfellow Memoranda, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia 2008

Geof Huth, The texT The texT The texT / the sound, pdqb / Bury Art Gallery, Schenectady, NY & Bury UK 2009 (paginaton by John Cage)

Peter Jaeger, Rapid Eye Movement, Reality Street Editions, Sussex 2009

Tom Konyves, No Parking, Véhicule Press, Montreal 1978

Tom Konyves, OOSOOM (Out of Sight Out of Mind), BookThug, Toronto 2007

Tony Lopez, Covers, Salt, Cambridge, UK 2007

Tony Lopez, Darwin, Acts of Language, Devon, UK 2008

Estaphin (Stephen Mooney), DCLP, Veer Books, London, 2008

Wendy Mulford, The Land Between, Reality Street Editions, Sussex 2009

Gavin Selerie, Vita Graph: For Bob Dylan at Sixty, Binnacle Press, London 2001

Carol Watts, When Blue Light Falls, Oystercatcher Press, Norfolk, UK 2008

Raul Zurita, INRI, Translated by William Rowe, Marick Press, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 2009


Books (Poetry Anthologies)

Bob Cobbing & Lawrence Upton, Word Score Utterance Choreography, New River Project, London, 1998. Includes Robert Sheppard, Jeremy Adler, John Cayley, Cris Cheek, David Baptiste Chirot, Johanna Drucker, Paul Dutton, Patricia Farrell, Peter Finch, Ulli Freer, Pierre Garnier, Bill Griffiths, Bob Grumman, Sten Hanson, Åke Hodell, Dom Silvester Houédard, Peter Jaeger, Ernst Jandl, Chris Jones, Bill Keith, Myroslav Korol, Tom Leonard, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Steve McCaffery, Jackson Mac Low, Peter Manson, Franz Mon, Edwin Morgan, Lucas Mulder, Alistair Noon, Maggie O’Sullivan, Clemente Padin, Jim Rosenberg, Spencer Selby, Mykolo Soroka, Alaric Sumner, Mark Sutherland, Hiroshi Tanabu, Richard Kelly Tipping, M.J. Weller & Nicholas Zarbrugg.

Tony Trehy, editor. Text 2, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, Bury, UK 2009. Includes Tony Trehy, Phil Davenport, Hester Reeve (HRH, The), Alan Halsey, P. Inman, Allen Fisher, Caroline Bergvall, Carolyn Thompson, Judy Kendall, Tony Lopez, Scott Thurston, Stephen Miller, Jesse Glass, Joe Devlin, James Davies, Carol Watts, Carol Middleton.


Books (Other)

Jack Kerouac, Beat Generation, introduction by A.M. Homes, OneWorldClassics, Surrey 2005

Tony Trehy, The Irony of Flatness, Bury Art Gallery, Bury UK 2008 (volume says 2009 in what appears to be a misprint). Includes artwork (including visual poetry) by Marianne Eigenheer, Karin Sander, Kristian Gudmundson, Stefan Gec, Ulrich Rückriem, Alan Johnston, Robert Grenier, Rachel Goodyear, Hester Reeve.


Other Formats & Media

If p then q, Text Festival Issue, Manchester UK, 2009. Includes works by Geof Huth, Anne Charnock, Craig Dworkin, P. Inman, Tom Jenks (poster poems roughly 12x17” each, “A3,” rolled into a blue tube)

Tom Konyves, VideoPoems, vol. 1 & 2: 1978-2004, 2-DVD set of works by Konyves with Ken Norris, Alex Konyves & Step Dans Fuego Theatre Collective