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Books (Poetry)

Sherman Alexie, Face, Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn 2009

Eric Baus, Tuned Droves, Octopus Books, Brooklyn / Portland 2008

Cal Bedient, Days of Unwilling, Saturnalia Books, Philadelphia, PA 2008

Bill Berkson, Portrait and Dream: New and Selected Poems, Coffee House Press, Minneapolis 2009

Jessica Bozek, The Bodyfeel Lexicon, Switchback Books, Chicago 2009

Ruxandra Cesereanu & Andrei Codrescu, Forgiven Submarine, Black Widow, Boston 2008

Brian Clements, And How to End It, Quale Press, Conway, MA 2008

Alicia Cohen, Debts and Obligations, O Books, Oakland 2008

James Cummins, Speaking Off Centre, Dusie & Livestock Editions, Cork, Ireland, Portland, OR, Wallisellen, Switzerland, 2009

Joseph Donohue, Terra Lucida, Talisman House, Jersey City, 2009

Thom Donovan, Our Insalvageable, Vigilance Society, no location given, 1917 (but more likely 2009)

Lisa Fishman, Lining, Boxwood Editions, Chicago 2009

Peter Ganick, Hyperspace Cantatas, Xeoxial Editions, West Lima, WI 2008

Janet Holmes, THE MS OF M  Y KIN, Shearsman, Exeter 2009

Marilyn Kallet, Packing Light: New & Selected Poems, Black Widow, Boston 2008

al-Husayn ibn Ahmad ibn Khālawayh, Names of the Lion, translated by David Larsen, Atticus Finch, Buffalo 2009

David Lau, Virgil and the Mountain Cat, University of California, Berkeley 2009

M. Mara-Ann, Containment Scenario: DisIoInter MedTextId entCation: Horse Medicine, O Books, Oakland 2009

Joseph Massey, Areas of Fog, Shearsman, Exeter 2009

Adrian Matejka, Mixology, Penguin, London & New York, 2009

Linnea Ogden, Another Limit, Projective Industries, Chicago 2009

Gregory Orr, How Beautiful the Beloved, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2009

Seth Parker, Beethoven of Smells, Invisible Ear Chapbooks, Northampton, MA 2009

Sina Queyras, Expressway, Coach House Press, Toronto, 2009

Lawrence Raab, The History of Forgetting, Penguin, London & New York, 2009

Lisa Robertson, Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip, Coach House Press, Toronto, 2009

Jennifer Scappettone, From Dame Quickly, Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2009

James Shea, Star in the Eye, Fence, Albany, NY 2008

Sabine Sicaud, To Speak, to Tell You? With introduction & notes by Odile Ayral-Clause, translated by Norman R. Shapiro, Black Widow, Boston 2009

Brian Teare, Sight Map, University of California, Berkeley 2009

Aaron Tieger, The Collected Typos of Aaron Tieger, Editions Louis Wain, no location given, 2008

Keith Waldrop, Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy, University of California, Berkeley 2009

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