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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Kristin Bock, Cloisters, Tupelo Press, Dorset, VT 2008

Rob Budde, Indices, Wink Books, Prince George, BC 2008

Rob Budde, Poem’s Poem, Wink Books, Prince George, BC 2007

Mary Burger, A Partial Handbook for Navigators, Interbirth Books, Dallas 2008

Joel Chace, Scaffold, Country Valley Press, Gardnerville, NV 2008

Del Ray Cross, Lub Luffly, Pressed Wafer, Boston 2006

Jessica Dessner, Wit’s End with Bric-a-Brac, Green Zone, Brooklyn 2006

Jennifer Firestone, Holiday, Shearsman Books, Exeter 2008

Tiziano Fratus, A Room in Jerusalem, translated by Gail McDowell, Farfalla Press / McMiellan & Parrish, New York 2008

C.S. Giscombe, Prairie Style, Dalkey Archive, Urbana-Champaign, IL 2008

Sylvia Gorelick, Seven Poems for Bill Berkson, Kostro Editions, New York 2009

Barbara Hanby, All-Night Lingo Tango, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh 2009

Roberto Harrison, Reflector, House Press, Buffalo / Chicago / New York / San Francisco , 2008

David Hadbawnik, Ovid in Exile, Interbirth Books, Dallas 2008

Paul Hegedus, In Stereo, BookThug, Toronto 2008

Franck André Jamme, New Exercises, translated by Charles Borkhuis, Wave Books, Seattle / New York 2008

Erica Kaufman, Censory Impulse, Farfalla Press / McMiellan & Parrish, New York 2008

Matthew Klane, B______ Meditations, Stockport Flats, Equinunk, PA 2008

David Lau, Virgil and the Mountain Cat, University of California Press, Berkeley 2009.

Pascalle Monnier, Bayart, translated by Cole Swensen, Black Square Editions, New York 2002

Idra Novey, The Next Country, Alice James Books, Farmington, MA 2008

Peter Oresick, Warhol-O-Rama, Carnegie Mellon UP, Pittsburgh 2008

Eugene Ostashevsky, The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn 2008

Christopher William Purdom, Corporate Geese, Volume V, 226 Press, Philadelphia 2008

Philip Quinn, The SubWay, BookThug, Toronto 2008

Pierre Reverdy, Haunted House, translated by John Ashbery, Brooklyn Rail / Black Square, New York 2007

Pierre Reverdy, Prose Poems, translated by Ron Padgett, Brooklyn Rail / Black Square, New York 2007

Carey Salerno, Shelter, Alice James Books, Farmington, MA 2009

Steve D. Schroeder, Torched Verse Ends, BlazeVOX, Buffalo 2009

Barry Schwabsky, Book Left Open in the Rain, Brooklyn Rail / Black Square, New York 2008

Michael Slosek, A Sequence for Cinematic History, House Press, Buffalo / Chicago / New York / San Francisco , 2008

Nomi Stone, Stranger’s Notebook, Triquarterly Books / Northwestern, Evanston, IL 2008

Eileen R. Tabios, Nota Bene Eiswein, Ahadada, Tokyo / Toronto 2009

William Wroth, All Worlds in One, Coyote’s Journal, Brunswick, ME 2008 (PDF available here)


Books (Poetry Anthologies)

C. Cleo Creech, Outside the Green Zone: Poets Respond to the GLBT Cleansing of Iraq, no publisher listed (but quite possibly Green Zone), no location (but possibly Brooklyn), 2006. Includes Franklin Abbott, Lisa Allender, Theresa Davis, Collin Kelley, Steven Reigns, call to action, letter to Condoleezza Rice.


Books (Other)

Amina Cain, I Go To Some Hollow, introduction by Bhanu Kapil, Les Figues Press, Los Angeles 2009

Renee Gladman, To After That (Toaf), Atelos, Berkeley 2008

Carla Harryman, Adorno’s Noise, Essay Press, Ithaca, N&Y 2008

Rodrigo Toscano, Collapsible Poetics Theater, Fence Books, Albany NY 2008

John Yau, A Thing Among Things: The Art of Jasper Johns, Distributed Art Publishers, New York 2008



Action Poétique, no. 194, Ivry-sur-Sienne, France, December 2008. Includes Laura Elrick, Robert Fitterman, Rachel Levitsky, Jill Magi, Rodrigo Toscano, Sanxing Wang, Joseph Mouton, Bruno Cany, Roger Lahu, Sabine Macher, Katy Rémy, more.

Court Green, no. 6, Chicago, 2009. Includes Kate Green Street, Rachel Conrad, Ron Padgett, Vincent Katz, Aaron Belz, Jack Anderson, Dodie Bellamy, R. Zamora Linmark, Charles Jensen, Bill Berkson, Cedar Sigo, G.C. Waldrep, Tony Barnstone, Richard Lehnert, Kimiko Hahn, Jordan Stempleman, Rachel Loden, Alice Notley, Ted Berrigan, Sean Cole, James Schuyler, Tim Dlugos, Allen Ginsberg, Albert Goldbarth, Sharon Dolin, Carry Etter, Lynn Xu, Michael Lally, Anne Sexton, more.

Versal 4, Amsterdam, 2006. Includes Claudia Daventry, Randall Horton, Aleida Rodriguez, Joel H. Vega, Heidi Hellmuth, Alvaro Ojeda, Margo Solod, Joseph Radke, Rob Williams Lauro Palomba, Fleur Bradley, Robert Glick, more.

With + Stand, no. 2, no location given, Fall 2008. Includes Bill Friend, Noah Eli Gordon, Barry Schwabsky, Jen Hofer, Anne Boyer, Vivek Narayanan, more.


Other Formats, Other Media

Kaia Sand, Remember to Wave: A Poetry Walk, possibly Tangent Press, North Portland, OR 2008. 8.5” x 14” piece of paper folded into quarters, most of the text on one side, with directions from the Amtrak & Greyhound Stations, questions, address & credits on the other. Documents neo-Situationist dérive of the Japanese community of Portland destroyed by WW2.

Tuesday: an Art Project, 2:2 – third issue, Arlington, MA, Fall 2008. 5”x7” cards in a deep purple, 17” x 12” cardstock cover that folds into an envelope. Includes Billie Collins, Ron Koertge, Phil cordelli, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Ben Mazer, Lisa Lewis, CM Burroughs, Mary Girard, more. 



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