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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Caroline Bergvall, Alyson Singes, Belladonna Books, Brooklyn 2008

Daniel ƒ. Bradley, T=i=d=y Language, Outlands, Toronto, 2008

Robert Desnos, Essential Poems & Writings of Robert Desnos, translated by Mary Ann Caws, Terry Hale, Martin Sorrell, Bill Zavatsky, Joanathan Eburne, Katharine Conley, Patricia Terry, Timothy Ades, Kenneth Rexroth, Paul Auster & Stephen Romer, edited with an introduction & essay by Mary Ann Caws, Boston 2007

Marcella Durand, Area, Belladonna Books, Brooklyn 2008

Paul Eluard, Capital of Pain, translated by Mary Ann Caws, Patricia Terry & Nancy Kline with an introduction & essay Mary Ann Caws, Black Widow, Boston 2006

Carol Guess, Tinderbox Lawn, Rose Metal Press, Brookline, MA 2008

Barbara Guest, The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest, edited by Hadley Haden Guest, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CA 2008

Olav H. Hauge, The Dream We Carry: Selected and Last Poems, translated by Robert Bly & Robert Hedin, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2008

Peter Jaeger, Eckhart Cars, Salt Publishing, Cambridge UK 2004

Peter Jaeger, Prop, Salt Publishing, Cambridge UK 2007

Andrew Joron, The Sound Mirror, Flood Editions, Chicago 2008

John Kinsella, Divine Comedy: Journeys Through a Regional Geography: Three New Works, W.W. Norton, New York & London 2008

Sarah Lindsey, Twigs & Knucklebones, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2008

Valery Larbaud, The Poems of A. O. Barnabooth, translated by Ron Padgett & Bill Zavatsky, Black Widow Press, Boston 2008

John Olson, Backscatter: New and Selected Poems, Black Widow, Boston 2008

Richard Owens, Delaware Memoranda, BlazeVOX, Buffalo 2008

Raymond Queneau, Eyeseas (Les Zioux), translated with an introduction by Daniela Hurezanu & Stephen Kessler

Michael Schiavo, The Mad Song, foreword by Douglas Crase, The Shires Press, Manchester NH 2008

Sandra Simonds, Warsaw Bikini, Bloof Books, Central New Jersey, 2009

Jack Spicer, My Vocabulary Did This to Me: The Collected Poetry, edited by Peter Gizzi & Kevin Killian, Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT 2008


Books (Poetry Anthologies)

Open Text: Canadian Poetry in the 21st Century, edited by Roger Farr, Capilano University Editions, North Vancouver 2008. Includes Oana Avasilichioaei, George Bowering, Louis Cabri, Jeff Derksen, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Maxine Gold, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Donato Mancini, Darren Wershler, Rita Wong, more.

Sidebrow 01, edited by Jason Snyder, John Cleary & Kristine Leja, Sidebrow, San Francisco 2008. Includes A.K. Arkadin, Andrea Baker, Julia Bloch, Jimmy Chen, Steve Dalachinsky, Catherine Daly, Brett Evans, Noah Eli Gordon, rob mclennan, Kristin Prevallet, Stephen Ratcliffe, Elizabeth Robinson, Ed Skoog, Chris Stroffolino, Cole Swensen, Chris Tysh, Nico Vassilakis, James Wagner, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, more.


Books (Other)

Peter Jaeger, ABC of Reading TRG, Talon, Vancouver, 1999



Action Poetique, no. 193, Ivry-sur-Siene, France, September 2008. Hahhah Höch feature (includes Isabelle Garron, Kurt Schwitters, Ursula Krechel, Henri DeLuy, Til Brugman, more), Jacques Roubaud, Tom Raworth, more.

Crayon 5, “On Beauty,” Milwaukee & New York, 2008. Includes Andrew Levy, Beverly Dahlen, Kristen Gallagher, Joe Amato, Cecilia Vicuña, Nicole Brossard, Rob Halpern, Carolee Schneeman, Julie Patton, Sawako Nakayasu, Kristin Prevallet, Brenda Iijima, Steve Benson, Laynie Browne, Diane Ward, Thom Donovan, Alan Davies, Roberto Harrison, Lisa Robertson, P. Inaman, Andrew Klobucar, Linh Dinh, John Shoptaw, Laura Sims, Pat Reed, Judith Goldman, more.

Tight, no. 3, Manchester Center, VT, 2008. Includes Andrew Mister, Ryan Murphy, Lisa Jarnot, James Meetze, Gabriel Gudding, Arlo Quint, Daniel Nester, Sandra Simonds, Shanna Compton, John Koethe, Buck Downs, Aaron Belz, Nora Almeida, Jess Mynes, Charles Wright, Matt Hart, Robert Kelly, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Joseph Massey, more.


Other Forms & Media

Or, issue one, Los Angeles, 2008. Include Adonis, Amiri Baraka, Ahmed Barakat, Guy Bennett, Neeli Cherkovski, Gillian Conoley, Ray DiPalma, Gary Gach, Marco Giovenale, Owen Hill, Ken McCullough, Douglas Messerli, Laura Moriarty, Nick Piombino, Martha Ronk, Standard Schaefer, Toni Simon, Adriano Satola, Paul Vangelisti, more. Oversized tabloid.

The Blue Letter, Brooklyn, November 2008. Marie Buck, Brad Flis, Lisa Robertson and Dara Wier. In the form of a 16-page letter, duplex printed, on (naturally) yellow paper.


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