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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Sandy Baldwin, I Did the Weird Motor Drive: Emissions, BlazeVOX, Buffalo 2008

Dawn-Michelle Baude, The Flying House, West Lafayette, IN 2008

Jeffrey Beam, The Beautiful Tendons: Uncollected Queer Poems, 1969 – 2007, White Crane Books, Brooklyn 2008

Robert Bense, Readings in Ordinary Time, The Backwaters Press, Omaha 2007

Gregory Betts, with Matt Donovan & Hallie Siegel, Haikube, BookThug, Toronto 2006

Gregory Betts, If Language, BookThug, Toronto 2005

Gregory Betts, The Curse of Canada, above/ground press, Maxville, Ontario 2008

Gregory Betts, The Others Raisd in Me, Trainwreck Press, St. John’s, NL 2008

Cid Corman, The Next One Thousand Years, Longhouse, Guilford, VT 2008

Jen Currin, Hagiography, Coach House Press, Toronto 2008

Mark DeCarteret, (If This Is the) New World, March Street Press, Greensboro, NC 2007

Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Collected Poems, Shearsman, Exeter UK 2008

Geoffrey Gatza, Not So Fast Robespierre, Menendez Publishing, Bloomington, IL 2008

C.S. Giscombe, Prairie Style, Dalkey Archive, Champaign & London 2008

Kenneth Goldsmith, Sports, Make Now, Los Angeles 2008

Noah Eli Gordon, A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow, New Issues, Kalamazoo 2007

Ted Greenwald, 3, Cuneiform, Brooklyn 2008

Lars Gustafsson, A Time in Xanadu, translated from the Swedish by John Irons, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend, WA 2008

Michael S. Hennessey, Last Days in the Bomb Shelter (17 Narrower Poems), Satellite 7 Press, no location given, 2008

Yang Lian, Riding Pisces: Poems from Five Collections, translated from the Chinese by Brian Holton, Shearsman, Exeter, UK 2008

Tao Lin, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Melville House, Brooklyn 2008

Peter Manson, Between Cup and Lip, Miami University Press, Oxford, OH 2008

D.S. Marriott, Hoodoo Voodoo, Shearsman Books, Exeter UK 2008

John Martone, Box Turtle, Dogwood & Honeysuckle, Charleston, IL 2008

John Martone, Embryology, Dogwood & Honeysuckle, Charleston, IL 2001

Rebecca McClanahan, Deep Light: New and Selected Poems 1987 – 2007, Iris Press, Oak Ridge, TN 2007

Jonathan Williams, A Hornet’s Nest, compiled by Jeffrey Beam, Jargon Society & Green Finch Press, Highlands & Hillsborough, NC 2008

Robert Mittenthal, Value Unmapped, Nomados, Vancouver 2007

Pablo Neruda, The Hands of Day, translated from the Spanish by William O’Daly, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, WA 2008

Alison Pelegrin, Big Muddy River of Stars, University of Akron Press, Akron, OH 2007

Donald Revell, A Thief of Strings, Alice James Books, Farmington, ME 2007

Christine Rhein, Wild Flight, Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock 2008

Howard W. Robertson, The Bricolage of Kotegaeshi, The Backwaters Press, Omaha 2007

Fiona Robyn, Small Stones: A Year of Moments, Lulu, Hampshire UK 2008

Leonard Schwartz, The Library of Seven Readings, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn 2008

Jordan Scott, blert, Coach House Press, Toronto 2008

Ruth Stone, What Love Comes To: New & Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, WA 2008

Mark Svenvold, Empire Burlesque, Ohio State University Press, Columbus 2007

R.M. Vaughan, Troubled, Coach House Press, Toronto 2008

Jay Wright, The Guide Signs: Book One and Book Two, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge 2007


Books (Other)

Malcolm Boyd, A Prophet in His Own Land: A Malcolm Boyd Reader: Selected Writings, 1950-2007, White Crane Books, Brooklyn 2008



6x6, no. 15, Brooklyn, Spring 2008. Includes Lawrence Giffin, David Goldstein, Anne Heide, Will Hubbard, Mikhail Lermontov, Emma Rossi.

antennae 9, Riverwoods, IL, October 2007. Includes Tenney Nathanson, Carla Harryman, Patrick Durgin &Jen Hofer, Travis Just, David Pavelich, John Tipton, Barrett Watten, Donna Stonecipher, Carol Genetti

Bird Dog, no. 9, Seattle, Winter 2008. Includes Kate Eichorn, John Olson, Jordan Davis, Sandra Simmonds, Michelle Detorie, Eileen Tabios, Brian Henry, Robert Mittenhal, Stephanie Strickland, Shira Dentz, more.

Bombay Gin 34, Boulder, Spring 2008. Includes Andrew Zawacki, Laura Wetherington, Donald Revell, Laird Hunt, Eileen Myles, Johanna Drucker, Teresa Carmody, Ken McCullough, William S. Burroughs, more.

filling Station, 40, Calgary 2008. Includes Tom Wayman, Karen Mac Cormack, Kate Eichorn, George Bowering, Sina Queyras, Daisy Fried, Kate Greenstreet, Laura Sims, Carol Mirakove, Jena Osman, Nada Gordon, more.

filling Station, 41, Calgary 2008. Includes George Bowering, Michael Coolidge, Peter Jaeger, Andrew Klobucar, rob mclennan, Wanda O’Connor, Spencer Selby, Natalie Simpson.

Mimeo Mimeo, no. 1, Brooklyn, Spring 2008. Includes interview with Alastair Johnston, Kyle Schlesinger, Stephen Vincent, Jed Birmingham, Christopher Harter.

PRECIPICe, vol. 15, no. 1, St. Catherines, Ontario 2008. Includes Ahniko, D.A. Feinfield, Erin McKnight, Margaret Christakos, Nathalie Stephens, rob mclennan, bill bissett, more.

PRECIPICe, vol. 15, no. 2, St. Catherines, Ontario 2008. Includes Jay MillAr, Angela Long, Kate Eichorn, derek beaulieu, Camille Martin, Keith Inman, Wanda O’Connor, Richard Kostelanetz, more.

Primary Writing 41, Washington, DC, April 2008 “the FINAL ISSUE.” Includes P. Inman, Mel Nichols, Jessica Grim, Marcella Durand, Miles Champion.

Versal 6, Amsterdam, 2008. Includes Wiljan van der Akker, Shifa Ali, Laura Andrusyshyn, Jenny Arnold, Tom Bass, Logan Chace, Selfa Chew, Lakey Comess, Francisco Cunha, Joris Diks, Magdolene Dykstra, Dana Gentile, Ericka Ghersi, Marilyn Hacker, David Hart, Rozalie Hirs, Toshiya Kamei, Nabil Kashyap, Ko Kooman, Jane Monk, Mace Murakishi, Emelie Ostergren, Amy Purifoy Piazza, Paul Sohar, Xiao Kaiyu, many more.

Work, no. 4, no location given (Oakland?), 2008. Includes Erica Lewis, Geof Huth, Jeremy James Thompson, Chad Lietz, with artwork by Mark Stephn Finein.


Other Media & Formats

Kenneth Goldsmith, A Week of Blogs for the Poetry Foundation, no publisher, location or date listed, single sheet “12-page” brochure

Hassle no. 4, Cornwall UK, 2008. “featuring Joseph Massey.” Single sheet (A4 paper) folded into quarters containing seven poems by the bard of the California northcoast.

John Martone, Untitled, no data given (including author’s name), but apparently 13 poems (depending on how one counts what might be division marks) from Dogwood & Honeysuckle, Charleston, IL 2008. Single sheet of 3.25x5.5” paper folded into quarters and placed in a seed envelope.


Still catching up on all items received
since January 11.


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