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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

William Allegrezza, Filament Sense, Ypolita Press, San Francisco 2007

Walter Bargen, West of West, Timberline, Fulton MO 2007

Claire Becker, Untoward, Lame House Press, Saginaw & Brooklyn 2007

Emily Borenstein, Night of the Broken Glass and Transformations, Timberline, Fulton MO 2007

Stephen Cramer, Tongue & Groove, University of Illinois Press, Urbana & Chicago 2007

Jack Crimmins, Time has Razors, Earthworm Press & Projects, San Francisco 2007

Alan Davies, Book 6, House Press, no location give, 2008

Norman Dubie, The Insomniac Liar of Topo, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend 2007

Greg Fuchs, Metropolitan Transit, Isabel Lettres, Brooklyn 2007

Adam Getty, Repose: Poems, Nightwood Editions, Gibsons Landing, BC 2008

Albert Goldbarth, The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems 1972 – 2007, Graywolf Press, St. Paul 2007

Phil Hall, White Porcupine, BookThug, Toronto 2007

Sam Hamill, Measured by Stone, Curbstone Press, Willamantic CT 2007

Anthony Hawley, Forget Reading, Shearsman, Exeter 2008

Jeanne Heuving, Transducer, Chax Press, Tucson 2008

Fady Joudah, The Earth in the Attic, foreword by Louise Glück, Yale Series of Younger Poets, Yale University Press, New Haven 2008

James Longenbach, Draft of a Letter, University of Chicago Press, Chicago 2007

Dorothea Lasky, Tourmaline, Transmission Press, San Francisco 2008

Andrew Lundwall & Adam Fieled, Funtime, Funtime Press, no location given 2007

Camille Martin, Codes of Public Sleep, BookThug, Toronto 2007

David Mason, Ludlow: A Verse Novel, Red Hen Press, Granada Hills, CA 2007

Colleen J. McElroy, Sleeping with the Moon, University of Illinois, Urbana & Chicago 2007

Sandra McPherson, Expectation Days, University of Illinois, Urbana & Chicago 2007

Andrew Mister, Hotels, Fewer & Further Press, Wendell MA 2007

Karla K. Morton, Wee Cowrin’ Timorous Beastie: A Scottish Epic Story Written in Rhyme, music by Howard Baer, Lagniappe Publishing, Denton, TX 2007

Ariana Reines, Coeur de Lion, Mal-o-Mar, Brooklyn 2007

Kyle Schlesinger, Hello Helicopter, BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo 2007

Ron Smith, Moon Road: Poems 1986 – 2005, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge 2007

Carole Stone, Traveling with the Dead, The Backwaters Press, Omaha 2007

John Tritica, Sound Remains, Chax Press, Tucson 2008

Lewis Turco, Fearful Pleasures: The Complete Poems 1959 – 2007, Starcloud Press, Scottsdale 2007

Chris Vitiello, Irresponsibility, Ahsahta Press, Boise 2008

Laura Walker, Rimertown: An Atlas, UC Press, Berkeley 2008

Tom White, Joke Book: The Goodbyes Remixed, self-published, Cardiff, South Wales, no date iven

Meg Withers, A Communion of Saints, TinFish Press, Kāne’ohe, HI 2008

Cecilia Woloch, Narcissus, Tupelo Press, Dorset, VT 2008


Books (Other)

Tisa Bryant, Unexplained Presence, Leon Works, no location given, 2007

Bob Grumman, From Haiku to Lyriku: A Participant’s Impressions of a Portion of Post-2000 North American Kernular Poetry, Runaway Spoon Press, Port Charlotte, FL 2007



Action Poetique, no. 191-192, February 2008, Ivry-sur-Siene, France. Florence Passottu, Michel Deguy, Mohamed Ouagrar, El Mehdi Iazzi, Christine Lavant, Mai Cheng, Jidi Majia, Lisa Robertson, Paul Rodenko, Nathalie Quintane, Fabienne Vallin, Patrick Laffont, more.

Cannot Exist, no. 1, February 2008, Madison, WI. Includes Rob Halpern, Rick Burkhardt, Laura Sims, Arielle Guy, Lisa Jarnot, Rodrigo Toscano, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson.

Court Green, no. 5, 2008, Chicago. Includes Jan Beatty, Susan Briante, Chelsey Minnis, Brian Young, Daneen Wardrop, Ron Koertge, Grace Ocasio, Noah Eli Gordon, Jack Anderson, Jordan Davis, Denise Duhamel, Roberto Harrison, Stephanie Strickland, Nancy Kuhl, Sarah Vap, Pat Nolan, Alice Notley, Amy Gertsler, Tim Dlugos, Baron Wormser, Rachel Loden, Ivy Alvarez, Amy Newman, Sarah Murphjy, Wayne Koestenbaum, Muriel Rukeyser, Jean Valentine, Diane Di Prima, Lee Ann Brown, Sylvia Plath, Mary Jo Bang, Susie Timmons, more.

The Ixnay Reader, vol. 3, 2007, Philadelphia. Includes Christophe Casamassima, Stan Mir, Susana Gardner, Noah Eli Gordon, Jules Boykoff, Jen Hofer, Mark Wallace, Divya Victor, Harold Abramowitz & Graham Foust.

Model Homes, no. 2, Winter 2008, Detroit. Includes Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Lawrence Griffin, Tan Lin, Judith Goldman, Kit Robinson, Robert Fitterman, Carla Harryman, Jennifer Scappettone, Tao Lin, Louis Cabri, Seth Landman, Nancy Shaw & Catriona Strang.

Room to Move, no. 1, no location given 2008. Includes Steve Collis, Derek Beaulieu, Joanne Arnott, Hugh Thomas, Nikki Reimer, Ron Silliman, Gary Barwin, Gregory Betts, more.


Other Media & Formats

Tuesday; An Art Project, vol. 1, no. 2, Fall 2007, Waltham MA. Includes Jilly Dybka, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Joan Houlihan, Ravi Shankar, Rosmarie Waldrop, more. Postcards in a folded cover.


Still catching up on all items received
since January 11.


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