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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Pamela Alexander, Slow Fire, Ausable Press, Keene, NY 2007

Jim Barnes, Visiting Picasso, University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago 2007

Bruce Beasley, The Corpse Flower: New and Selected Poems, University of Washington Press, Seattle & London 2007

Ken Belford, Seens, off-set house, Prince George, BC 2007 (no. 30 of 50 copies)

Maxianne Berger, Dismantled Secrets, Wolsak and Wynn, Toronto 2008

Stephen Bluestone, The Flagrant Dead, Mercer University Press, Macon, GA 2007

Coral Bracho, Firefly Under the Tongue, translated with an introduction by Forrest Gander, New Directions, New York 2008

Domenico Capilongo, I Thought Elvis Was Italian, Wolsak and Wynn, Toronto 2008

Catherine Daly, Chanteuse / Cantatrice, Factory School, Brooklyn NY 2007

Gregory Djanikian, So I Will Till the Ground, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh 2007

Emily Galvin, Do the Math: Forms, Tupelo Press, Dorset VT 2008

Margaret Gibson, One Body, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge 2007

Anselm Hollo, Guests of Space, Coffee House Press, Minneapolis 2007

Tung-Hui Hu, Mine, Ausable Press, Keene, NY 2007

Brenda Iijima, Animate / Inanimate Aims, Litmus Press, Brooklyn 2007

Zoë Landale, Once a Murderer, Wolsak and Wynn, Toronto 2008

Cate Marvin, Fragment of the Head of a Queen, Sarabande Books, Louisville 2007

Stanley Noyes, Alles Kaputt: Poems of World War II, Timberline Press, Fulton, MO 2007

Judith Rechter, Wild West, Raw Art Press, Pittsburg, CA 2007

Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Frame by Frame, Muse-Pie Press, Passaic NJ 2007

Matthew Rohrer, Rise Up, Wave Books, Seattle & New York 2007

Kyle Schlesinger, The Pink, Kenning Editions, Chicago 2008

Prageeta Sharma, Infamous Landscapes, Fence Books, Albany, NY 2007

Tracy K. Smith, Duende, Graywolf Press, Saint Paul, MN 2007

Rawdon Tomlinson, Geronimo After Kas-ki-yeh, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge 2007

Paul Violi, Overnight, Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn 2007


Books (Other)

Charles Bernstein & Ben Yarmolinsky, Blind Witness: Three American Operas, Factory School, Quuens 2008

Aaron Shurin, King of Shadows, City Lights, San Francisco 2008



if p then q, spring 2008, Manchester, UK, 2008. Includes Tom Jenks, Tony Trehy, Ceri Buck, Andrew Shelley, James Davies. Unbound pages (A4 paper) in an envelope, with a CD containing readings by Buck & Jenks.


Other Media & Formats

David Buuck, Paranoia Agent, OMG press, no date or location limited, but 2007, no. 99 of 100, small chapbook with paper (rather than stock) cover inside a baggie.

George Oppen, The Poem, broadside, no publisher listed, Buffalo 2008, “Printed for George Oppen: A Centenary Conversation (Buffalo, NY: 4.23.08 – 4.25.08)

George Oppen: A Centenary Conversation (three-panel “book style” brochure listing speakers with a three-panel zigzag insert listing schedule, the former glossy, the latter matte finish), Poetics Program, SUNY Buffalo 2008

Dana Ward, For Paris in Prison, OMG press, no date or location limited, but 2007, no. 35 of 100, image by Matthew Hughes Boyko, 2-page poem saddle stapled into miniature booklet inside a baggie. (Website indicates the book is sold out.)


Still catching up on all items received
since January 11.


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