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Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Heather C. Ackerberg, Dwelling, Burning Deck, Providence 2008

Ed Baker, What’s a Phantasy, Red Ochre Press, Takoma Park, MD 2008

Jan Beatty, Red Sugar, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh 2008

Stephen Berg, Cuckoo’s Blood: Versions of Zen Masters, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend 2008

Edmund Berrigan, Glad Stone Children, Farfalla Press / McMillan & Parrish, New York & Brooklyn 2008

Joe Bonomo, Installations, Penguin, New York & London 2008

Daniel Borzutzky, Failure in the Imagination, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

John Crouse & Jim Leftwitch, Acts 4675 to 4689, dbqp, Schenectady 2008

Caroline Dubois, You Are the Business, translated by Cole Swensen, Burning Deck, Providence 2008

Michael Farrell, A Raiders Guide: New Poems, Giramondo, Artarmon, Australia 2008

Joel Felix, Regional Noir, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney, That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness, Otoliths, Rockhampton, Australia 2008

Henry Gould, In RI, translated from the English by Anny Ballardini, no publisher listed, Providence 2008

Stephanie Gray, Heart Stoner Bingo, Straw Gate Books, Philadelphia 2008

Ariana Hamidi, Dear Cyclops, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

Tom Hibbard, Critique of North American Space, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

Mitch Highfill, Rebis, Openmouth Press, no location given 2008

Richard Howard, Without Saying, Turtle Point Press, New York 2008

Devon Johnston, Sources, Turtle Point Press, New York 2008

Lester, Be Somebody, channeled by Patrick Herron, Effing Press, Austin 2008

Didi Menendez, When I Said Goodbye, with an introduction by Jack Anders, BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo 2008

Philip Metres, To See the Earth, Cleveland State University Poetry Center Imagination Series, Cleveland 2008.

W. S. Merwin, The Shadow of Sirius, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2008

Stephen Paul Miller, Being With A Bullet, Talisman House, Jersey City 2008

K. Silem Mohammad, Breathalyzer, Edge Books, Washington, DC 2008

Aleš Mustar, C(o)urt Interpretations, translated from the Slovenian by Manja Maksimovič, foreword by Robert Simonišek, Blatt Books, Prague 2008

George Oppen, Discrete Series, Mother / Asphodel, Cleveland 1966

Danielle Pafunda, My Zorba, Bloof Books, Central New Jersey 2008

G.E. Patterson, To and From, Ahsahta Press, Boise 2008

Chris Pusateri, Anon, BlazeVOX, Buffalo 2008

Matt Rader, Living Things, Nightwood Editions, Gibsons Landing, BC 2008

Mary Ruefle, The Most of It, Wave Books, Seattle / New York 2008

Jennifer Scappettone, Err-Residence, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

Leonard Schwartz, A Message Back and Other Furors, Chax Press, Tucson 2008

Rod Smith, Deed, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City 2008

Chuck Stebelton, Flags and Banners, Bronze Skull Press, Milwaukee 2007

Gary Sullivan, PPL in a Depot, Roof, New York 2008

Anne Tardos, I Am You, Salt, Cambridge UK 2008

Nico Vassilakis, Holefont, dbqp, Schenectady 2008

Alan Wearne, The Australian Popular Songbook, Giramondo, Artarmon Australia 2008

C.D. Wright, Rising, Falling, Hovering, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2008


Books (Anthologies)

Dennis O’Driscoll, Quote Poet Unquote: Contemporary Quotations on Poets and Poetry, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2008

Jason Shinder, The Poem I Turn To: Actors & Directors Present Poetry That Inspires Them, with an introduction by Billy Collins & afterword by John Lithgow. Sourcebooks, Naperville, IL 2008. Includes CD. Includes Alan Arkin, Steve Buscemi, Daryl Hannah, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Lithgow, Mary-Louise Parker, Kyra Segewick, Stanley Tucci, Dianne Wiest, Alfre Woodard, more.


Books (Other)

Lord Berners, Dresden, Turtle Point Press, New York 2008

Kreg Hasegawa, The New Crustacean, Green Zone, Brooklyn 2008

Michael Heller, Speaking the Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen, Salt, Cambridge UK 2008

Jay Parini, Why Poetry Matters, Yale University Press, New Haven & London 2008

Joe Ashby Porter, All Aboard: Stories, Turtle Point Press, New York 2008

James Wright, Wild Perfection: The Selected Letters of James Wright, edited by Anne Wright & Saundra Rose Maley, Wesleyan, Middletown CT 2008



Come Hither: The Winter/Thaw Issue (aka no. 2), Paris & Austin, 2008. Includes Alice Notley, Dale Smith, Jennifer K. Dick, John Beer, Hoa Nguyen, Zack Tuck, Denise Szymczak

Spell, no. 4, Chicago, IL, March 2008. Includes Alan May / Tom Wegrzynowski, Michael Slosek, Andrew Hughes, Nico Vassilakis, Sarah Menefee, Jessica Wickens, Jesse Ferguson, Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff, Aaron Lowinger, Catherine Daly, Michael Carr.

Work, no. 2, no date given, includes K. Silem Mohammad, Jorge Boehringer, CA Conrad & Juliana Spahr

Work, no. 3, Oakland 2008. Includes Demosthenes Agrafiotis (trans. by John & Angeles Sakkis), Jeffrey Schrader, Chuck Stebelton, Rusty Morrison, J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden, Erik King


Other Formats

Karri Kokko, list’n / h’ear, dbqp, Schenectady 2008, one-page book




Just a few more of the items received since January 11
-- to be continued


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